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when you've got funny cat videos SEO is a breeze but when your content is a bit more serious building your online presence is a lot harder because if you want views you need backlinks and if you want backlinks you've got to identify the right influencers get in touch follow up and hopefully maybe cut a deal to promote your content oh and you have to do that every day for every piece of content you produce talk about commitment SEO buddy makes it easy to organize your outreach so you can build press relationships and grow your online presence you know how bored you get with the whole SEO chore with SEO buddy it's actually kind of fun once you have a piece of content a blog post infographic ebook just add it to your list on SEO buddy then hunt for opportunities online or through our database of influencers report those leads to SEO buddy and we'll help you hone your relationships with clear fun goals that turn SEO into a daily game as you close more deals you can monitor your backlink campaigns from your dashboard so you can see which relationships are helping and which are hurting everything is focused and neatly organized enabling you to drive your SEO strategy forward without boring yourself to death start your free trial today and get your team on SEO buddy or have our specialists use it for you SEO buddy

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