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Harvard professor Shoshana Zubov is sometimes called Karl Marx of our time Her voluminous book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, exposed the dubious mechanisms of our digital economy According to Zubov our personal and private experiences have been hijacked by Silicon Valley and used as raw materials Very profitable Digital products The term surveillance capitalism is not an arbitrary term why? control Because it must be operations Eng. Basem Undetectable It cannot be deciphered wearing rhetoric intended to mislead Muddled and Just be honest We were all fooled the whole time Tying them up is not an evil that binds them to humanity. do not be evil Humanity humanity, it is about empowering the individual. The future is special What's really going on with your Facebook photos? Why are there hidden microphones in Google's Nest? Pokemon is exposed as a molested person in it Shoshanna Zubov's backlit episode reveals how Silicon Valley is fooling us. very well How does all this come when you play Buy a pair of shoes online Okay You know some people He will tell me But Professor Zuboff, I like those targeted ads There they are very helpful or I enjoy personal services Sometimes people will say You know, I have nothing to hide so as not to care what they take Each one of these data is profound Misconception about what is really happening? We believe that the only personal information they have about us is What we have given to them We think we can exert some control over what we give them, and thus we think we have Our swap account here is something under our control that we somehow understand What really happens is that we provide personal information, but it is the information that we provide The least important part of the information they collect about us Thanks to their search engine and navigation, Google knows where we are all the time and what we think Facebook knows our hobby preferences and our friends Because they recover a lot of information from digital traces that we inadvertently leave Spelling mistakes in your search terms What color buttons do you prefer How fast to type How fast to drive? The remaining data Way back at the start Back in 2000 2001 2002 again in those days This data was considered merely additional data.

They were considered waste and People called it things like digital exhaust or data exhaust Ultimately, this waste was understood to be so-called waste These contain rich predictive data The research information we keep we carry out for quality purposes So, for example, google spell checker, do you mean the feature that appears on google was created with? For long periods of data around you Someone issues a query and then another query modifier releases a correction after that and we learn These corrections and it actually takes more than 30 days of data to build our world-class spell corrector Companies want to say that we collect data so that we can improve our service and it is true They collect data and some of it is used to improve the service for you But more than that Analyzed to train what they call models Patterns of human behavior So once I have great training models, I can see how people with these characteristics are It usually acts over time and This allows me to fit your data into this arc and predict what you're likely to do Not just now, but soon and later This is what I call behaviorism These surplus data flows are chock full of this rich predictive data for why overflow Because from the start this data was more than was required Improving products and services Once you get the behavioral surplus, comprehensive behavioral data for hundreds of millions of people You can start anticipating preferences for specific groups Think common shoes of mail managers or favorite restaurants of a group of people sharing the same zip code Maybe they're making a prediction of where to eat dinner tonight.

Well how can I imagine what they will expect of me? Well, you know on the most basic level They might expect The type of food you want right now And then Sell ​​that prediction The auction predicted by its customers in the restaurant business in which restaurant will do it? We're sending you a super quick ad we know you're in the mood for for a delicious bowl of pasta tonight We can invite you to our restaurant. Here is a discount coupon There are some people who say very well It is very unlikely That these targeted ads can accomplish something because people have their own will and they will not Buy some shoes just because there is a net in front of them You know, I think nobody One of the wrong concepts It's really important to walk away from that Surveillance capitalism is just a thing It appears in our lives when we are on the Internet Or somehow it is just limited to targeted online ads It's easy for us to say oh these things don't affect me.

The truth is Take place in a layer that is not Within our reach We have no idea what today's algorithms could predict about us or the behavioral data they used to do so Something as simple as buying a specific brand of shampoo can reveal basic information about us? For example, the New York Times reported the case of a supermarket chain The new girl was pregnant even before she did and is ready to share the news Market algorithms discovered that the girl switched from aromatic shampoos to more neutral olfactory products As the olfactory senses of pregnant women get stronger, the market algorithm assumes that this girl must be pregnant The father didn't even know Special offers for baby products were sent out frequently Thanks to analyzing trillions of terabytes of behavioral data that we inadvertently leave behind on the digital realm Big tech sometimes knows us better than we know ourselves They can predict things like our character Our emotions Sexual orientation, our political orientation a A whole bunch of things that we never wanted to reveal The predictive value that big technology can get from residual data is huge family photos We publish on our Facebook pages containing residual data from which large amounts of valuable knowledge can be extracted Let's say I put my own Children's birthday party photo album on the web on Facebook pages What we do not understand is that the most important thing is that there are no images per se They are predictive signals These companies can upload images.

Not just my face But it is Allow them to have a face so that they can analyze Hundreds of muscles in my face Uploading innocent screenshots to your Facebook page can be unexpected The consequences of our faces for example are used to train algorithms to recognize facial features and We have absolutely no idea about that Facial recognition software is used for all of these data streams while feeding these rich predictive cues In the new factories are arithmetic factories I analyzed for Predictions of human behavior and Then these prospects are sold Who are they who sold to them and not to us? We are not clients.

They are sold to businesses Business clients who want to Maximize our Value for their business, whatever it is They use the information on our faces That we have provided Billions and billions of photos on Facebook To train facial recognition models Some of these models are then sold to military operations in China and These Chinese operations do many things including Prison of Uyghurs, a sub-group of Uyghur Muslims in China in what is It is rightly considered an open prison Where they don't actually have to have people behind bars because they are constantly tracking and following them through facial recognition.

The knowledge obtained from our remaining data can be sold to anyone Facial recognition software, for example, might be sold to a Chinese company that supports the crackdown on Uyghurs in China Or to help track down the advocates of democracy in Hong Kong This way our precious family photos can be used by Facebook to facilitate authoritarian regimes and Our privacy is guaranteed Because it is not our faces that are being sold are the remaining data that have been written off It's very hard to have an understanding of this for a very good reason Not because we are stupid Because these processes were disguised They work in stealth It was designed to be It cannot be decoded Creating ignorance in a wide range of us all call them users Our ignorance is their bliss There are a few things that have broken through the public opinion that we know about it, let's talk about Facebook Extensive infection experiences and this is where Facebook is I tried camouflaged signals Planted in its Facebook pages That will actually affect it Offline online The real world Behavior and emotions to see if they can make people feel happy or sad The use of subliminal signals for language manipulation, word manipulation, etc.

Okay When Experimenters wrote this work in the most prestigious scientific journals that were published The results of these experiments They emphasize two main consequences number one We now know we can manipulate Subliminal signals in on the Internet Context To change Real world behavior or Emotion in the real world. We know we can succeed in doing this Second, we can practice these techniques with that force With user awareness transcending A large group of Pokemon Go players held a meeting in Leeuwarden to roam around town to catch him As many Pokemon as they can. The Netherlands already has around 1.3 million players. so interesting Experiment It takes place under the guise of an augmented reality game called Pokemon Go. In the game you walk Around the real world. Pokemon are hiding in different places. You must go to these places to collect them. What we don't see when it's Pokemon Go Presented in our country It is important to understand that Pokemon go is the augmented reality game that it was It developed within Google for many years, as Google became the pioneer of the first monitor Capitalism is the inventor of surveillance capitalism Pokemon Go was invented in Google incubated there for many years and developed there Led by a man named John Hankey and John Hankey they invented A process called the keyhole that was skipped by the CIA and bought by Google and It's called Google Earth Was the CIA a startup? Yeah.

Google Earth was something called a keyhole and it was central Intelligence Agency Start investing So it's important to understand that Pokemon go wasn't Some happy little games just launched into the world via a game company or something When they are I decided to bring Pokemon to the public. They didn't want to make it a Google game They've brought it to market as Niantic Labs nobody has heard of before Just a great start with this great game So now we have this augmented reality game from Google and it turns out to be the big game Which is on top of the little game that children play is game precisely Simulates the logic of a capitalist capitalist control Even in Surveillance Capitalism in the original online version Expect click-through rate We sell the clickthrough rate to the advertiser Who pays for clicks on their website? By finally clicking on the Buy button. This is what they hope for Now in the real world Commercial sector customers Pay Niantic Labs Pokemon Go Corporation Paid Niantic Labs Not for clickable, but for the so called true click equivalent linear To get real bodies with real feet Into real commercial establishments So that their feet go The fall of the fall the fall of the tap the tap the tap across This store or across the restaurant or across the bar for Buy Something so I can order from Niantic Labs Pokemon in the ice cream parlor is an example of all these establishments.

They buy what is called. Here's the term Temptation, decoy, taste Units Units like a gym attract people to you Not that they will come and be happy but they will come and spend money in your store or in your restaurant Starbucks Everyone was making money Everybody was making money Niantic Labs was making money and all these companies were making money The People playing the game had no idea so use rewards and punishment in the game To hear you Across town To the places that were paying for your body This was a game Pokemon Go This game was the real Shadow Game reach you In a place where we thought you would be So our expectations are more valuable if you are my guarantee In fact, there would be my expectations that there would be much more than that Labor economics is how I guarantee this Pokemon was a go Extensive experience World-wide experience in business economics Means the use of a remote control to automate the behavior Engineer's behavior to achieve other business purposes while You are having a great time You're meant to be in a sense of service You're supposed to be bursting with comfort so that you and you won't notice it He will not complain All this shadow process will remain Hidden because you won't be asking questions Because you are too busy with entertainment So it is no longer sufficient to have what you do online, you are browsing that you are sending messages that you send emails We want to know about your walk in the park.

We want to know what you are doing with your car We want to know about your home and what you do in your home What if home security was different? What if it looks different? Well, it's a nice system Some people with a bright engineering orientation Discover that the nest security system he have microphone Built-in it The microphone is not shown in any schematic When you buy a security system and it has a piece of paper that you uncover and schematic or go online To recognize it and there is a schematic that a microphone does not display Does not discuss a microphone Now, why do you have a microphone in there? Well remember what we do? Our business Relies on Behavioral surplus extraction Scale Scope and work So what is the best device to extract? Behavioral excess, especially new forms Conversations What are you watching on TV what are you listening to? Who gets in and out of your house? Whether you're yelling at each other at the breakfast table All of this has enormous predictive value Sounds are what everyone is looking for just as they are after faces So now this year there became hey google What's up with this? A microphone in your safety system.

What does google say sorry? very sorry. Oh we didn't even know there was a microphone. Oh Sorry, sorry why someone put that microphone in there, but we never intended to use it This is their job For blackout To the error in routing To engineering our ignorance Mechanisms and methods are undetectable and cannot be deciphered and if you encounter them They deny, they deny it as long as possible until they get used to if There is an element that fails to get used to that then creates the adaptation Okay. We'll make sure all of these are microphones In a way or another You know shutting down so you can't use it Then wait a minute and nobody is when no one is looking Forward it. So there will be a microphone in something else. There will be a microphone in Know it in your home device or music player or whatever. It may be he will be back What if the measure of this business was that you never had to think about it There are two legal scholars out there at the University of London and he said They analyzed the privacy policy, how do we give our consent to these devices, right? So they analyzed these documents for a single nest thermostat What happens is the thermostat? It collects data on it It sends this data to third parties and those third parties send the data to third parties Infinite decline or your data going well knows where and No company is responsible What third parties do you send your data to? You might do with your data Nest will say if you don't want us to take your data and don't want us to send it to third parties It's okay, however Be careful that Without your data we will stop Support the functions of your thermostat.

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We will stop upgrading the program Be careful that The smoke detector might not work anymore Be aware that pipes in your home may freeze. Until now The functionality of the device is subject to your agreement to the privacy contract and They say by the way Even if she agrees We maintain or transmit the job to these other third parties and They will use it the way they choose and we are not responsible for what they do with it Okay So these two researchers are now doing one analysis of the Nest and What they concluded is that by looking at these arrangements Which The consumer respects himself Anyone who is a little wary about their habit of consuming them Must be reviewed Minimum of 1,000 privacy contracts For only one nest thermostat installed in your home You have three minutes to get out What if it gave you time And what you really need from home security is a sense of security So they start extracting data on a large scale Firstly, everything you do online and then soon, they will need more data But then they found out, too We need different types of data.

Not only is the size but a different type of data The mobility problems will be similar to what we have seen online with smartphones You pay with your privacy without your knowledge. Because the car knows exactly what it's doing, where you're going And any modern car has at least 15 cameras And even if you only have access to 1% of all cars, you know what's happening around the world. If the data will be more valuable than driving a car Who knows, you might be offered a free car. You pay your privacy The same way you pay privately for all the free services you get from Google Surveillance capitalism has penetrated well into Silicon Valley 2002, three and four changed the investment bar Now you have Google earning money based on what I call monitoring earnings What would a venture capitalist want to invest in a company? This is what you know, just create an app When she can invest in a company that creates an app plus watch profits.

So what happened right away? Was the investment beginning to flow to people who were making more money and that? Most of the revenue came from monitoring and now that's the structure It flows through the whole economy Why bother to put so much effort into engineers, factories, and science? To make a car that works without carbon when all we need is to sell data from darn vehicles We got watched profits and all these investors will come to us and give us this kind The market capitalization that prominent surveillance capitalists have is our new decade in life This is our way forward into the twentieth century The data is worth the lot that everyone demands. This is why Google wants to get their products in the car not because you can make a lot of money through the auto trade. You can use the car like a Trojan horse to collect all that data.

So far we see it completely returning to the birthplace of mass production at Ford Motor Company Where the CEO of Ford Motor says now, you know, we want market capitalization like Facebook and Google How do we get it? Well instead of figuring out how to make a car that works carbon free What we're going to do is reuse our cars as surveillance vehicles, and we'll stream the data from 100,000 people drive around in Ford cars We'll combine that with the data we have from Ford Credit where he says, We already know everything about you and These datasets will put us on a par with the likes of big watch The capitalists and who would not want to invest in Ford Motor under these conditions? The basic economy that we consider is a basic economy that builds a nice car, grows some nice food, builds a house Zilch in this economy means stalking.

So this started with Android Once Google gains the ability to make an Android phone A lot of people on Google have said oh this cool Now we have a phone like Apple and we can sell a phone and we can make a big margin on this phone and This margin will finance our profits and that will make us really rich But the wisest bosses of Google have already prevailed They understand surveillance capitalism and they say just the opposite We want the phone and everything associated with it to be the cheapest possible In fact, if we can get the price to zero, that is even better We want everyone to have a phone because the more they own the phone and the more time they spend on the phone The more data we get from them, the more behavioral surplus flows into our supply chains So if we can give it up, we will give it away Google's free Android mobile operating system means Google holds the key to nearly 90% of the world's smartphones In order to get the maximum amount of data from all these Google cell phones I tried network balloons in those parts of the world where mobile internet is not available Facebook cannot be bypassed Flew Network flew through the growing market and offered free internet with the Facebook app And connecting it represents one of the greatest opportunities available to humanity today Hi Mark, Why are you showing so much interest in India, the answer to honesty? Our mission is Give everyone in the world the power to share what is important to them and to connect everyone in the world Realizing the potential dangers of US data theft, India politely turned down the offer and may Don Zuckerberg generosity In other parts of the world, Facebook's true intentions are becoming more evident every day, but we need to report it Facebook is happy to take our data but is not ready to share information on how the company is operating This is a document that executives wrote on Facebook Australia and what they said to their business clients there A lot of data Around 6.6 Million As a result, we can expect Australian youth and teens to have mood shifts We can predict when they feel stressed fatigued Anxious Lower horrified All of these types of feelings are very personal We can alert you The exact moment When they most likely need a confidence boost, let's say there is The young man who thinks The date of the weekend is now Thursday night and theirs The anxiety is peaking and they need a confidence boost if you send them an ad for a sexy black leather jacket Submit it now offer free delivery Tell them that you will get to their door when you wake up in the morning.

Give them a discount coupon Well you'd sell a black leather jacket doing that now we can tell you the exact moment when you are at a climax Highly susceptible this is really It happens and If you don't believe me, all you have to do is just rotate a few degrees Something happened in 2018 and what is that? This came from the other whistleblowers. His name was Chris W. Wiley Tell us about Cambridge Analytica Chris Wiley is a former employee of British Cambridge Analytica Ring the alarm about the techniques this business uses Cambridge Analytica used the Facebook data of more than eighteen million Americans to analyze the best methods Manipulating the American electorate One of the things Chris Wiley said when he broke that story with the Guardian back in 2018 Did he say we know a lot about him A lot of individuals We can understand their inner demons and We can figure out how to target those demons How to target their fear How to target their anger How to target paranoia With these goals we can launch them Those emotions and by triggering those emotions we can then manipulate them Clicking on a website Join a group Telling them what kinds of things to read and telling them what kind of people to hang out with even as they tell whom to vote for? Now that's for sure No difference From what Facebook aims to do these guys Innocent youth in Australia and their use in New Zealand To target their inner demons only the same mechanisms with the same methods Pivot only a few degrees from commercial to political outcomes Cambridge Analytica was nothing but a parasite Huge host and this host is surveillance capitalism Hi Ella, I hope you settle down well You know how to always say that everything you need is really inside of you The truth is, there's only so much that you can do on your own We all need people to get to where we are going and ask yourself who will do it Each Welcome to the f8 Today we're going to talk about building a privacy-focused social platform So I think the future is special So we're all good after that Professor Zuboff? Well in June 2019 Which happened only two months after that This is a big announcement that the future is private There is a very interesting court case that was tried before a California state judge This court case was a class action It was brought by individuals who were clamoring for Facebook They wanted to get the data that Facebook had provided To Cambridge Analytica To see if they are Targeted and manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, this has reached its peak in California court A Facebook consultant who argued this issue I stood before the judge and said that no Facebook user Gets the podium and Usually you share information with 100 or more people in their network Once you do that You have no expectation of privacy That would make you Legitimately Able to claim any Some type of privacy in a suit like this or any other kind of privacy-oriented lawsuit So here we have it Again, the general process and the shadow process What happens behind the scenes is a lawyer standing in front of a judge who says No Facebook user has any A legitimate expectation of privacy This is the next chapter for our services You'll get some Google products to use if I may ask, no, how do you survive? Totally fine if there is an occasion where I feel the absolute need to use Google then I go through different layers of encryption And reconfiguring the site to just go to Google search in principle There is a way to escape from the eyes of Google and Facebook You can use a VPN and send all your traffic through a secure server in another country, however Big tech will not lose any sleep over individuals who are resistant to surveillance capitalists.

I am You don't want anyone to get confused because if you give up Google Search then somehow you are, you know the fight Because this is a collective problem and it requires teamwork With us the Amish depend on public transportation for any distance and Domestic travel we do our slow way and I think horse and buggy slow us down It really helps the total value we are trying to create and maintain and not get carried away Normal computer with security walls, you know where you can't access porn sites and things like that right now, When our padlock shuts off, it's locked completely And you go on the Internet with this computer. No, no, definitely not The movie or movie image will not play Music or anything like that. It is not a computer that has been demolished. It was built from the ground up like this Especially for the Amish.

Yeah. Do you mind showing me your cell phone? Okay. Yeah The only thing you can do is call You can't do anything like that. It is just a mobile phone So this is where he stays but in terms of going home, no, I don't have it Keep it here. This is for work Technology is advancing so fast that it is difficult to handle We have to know What moral influence is taking place in this so that everyone can make better choices For themselves We use technology as long as we use it and it doesn't get to the point where we are using it He controls us.

That is the whole point Oddly enough, these are people you can say live in the past Maybe they live in the future. That was just a minute ago We don't have many of these tools We were fine We lived rich in a full life we He was in close contact with friends and family. So I have said that I want to realize that There is a lot that digital brings to our lives and We deserve to have all of that But we deserve to have it without paying the price for surveillance capitalism right Now We're in this kind of classic Faustian bargain Citizens of the twenty-first century should not have to choose Either basically, you know going analog or We live in a world where we have Our self-determination Privacy has been destroyed Out of mind This is the logic of the market This is not acceptable and let us also Do not be naive You get the wrong people responsible for our actions The government at any moment and they looked on their shoulders at the rich control The possibilities offered by this new system will come one time, even in the West, even in our democratic system Our societies will tend to include these societies Capabilities and their use above and against us, let's not be naive about it When we decide that She resists surveillance capitalism now while it lives in the market dynamic we too Preserving our democratic future and the kinds of checks and balances we will need to move forward In an information civilization if we want to preserve it Freedom and democracy for another generation The European Union already has legislation that US tech companies are regularly wrapping at the joints Google was fined several billion dollars for misusing its monopoly site The theory of European citizens is protected against data theft by regulations and fair competition From the General Data Protection Regulation is the General Data Protection Regulation And do you think EU data protection law is a step in a good direction or is it enough? Our privacy laws and gdpr is the furthest limits of privacy laws and We have antitrust laws The thing is that Like The task of such laws We still need more Because Unprecedented surveillance capitalism and So we will need laws and regulatory systems that respond directly For this new Unprecedented operations The GDPR talks a lot about accessibility to data ownership data and data portability These are very important if the only data we're talking about is publicly available data Operation The data we provided to the companies But as we have seen Most of the data they use To feed factories to produce forecasts This is the data that we did not give or if we provided it, we do not even know that we provided it because it came Question points Came on our walk in the park and Capture the rhythm of our voice and the bell of our voice all the rich predictive signals So no matter how much ownership of the data we claim or Accessibility or portability Most of the data is in Shadow Process and Operation Shadow never comes to us We will never get that data that they claim as The data that they have they took from our lives They took it from our own experience without our permission They analyzed the data.

They made it into products. They sold the products and made a profit illegal Profit Because they initially took it without Request without remembering our knowledge passing through our awareness Do you have a chance against Giant capitalist control, these twenty years have been a honeymoon Surveillance capitalism because it was largely twenty years old Undisturbed by law Not hindered by the law, why? Well, the most important reason is that they do things that have never been done before, so there are no laws against it Just like factories Children run Did you know that in a huge production plant? There was no such thing before and there were no laws against him and then he took us Societies for some time to wake up. We stood against Extractive companies and their violence The companies that have come to be known as the Gilded Age are the companies that we turn around and call their leaders robber barons This is not what they were called at the time when they worshiped this way, as you know Gods and genius wealthy who knew how Use the power of machines and capital if we try To stop it to reduce its ban For each of these twenty years we are totally failing Then maybe you know, put my chin in my hand and say God I'm starting to feel things can be really bad, but that's not the case.

We didn't even try to stop it a look Surveillance capitalism is 20 years old Democracy is many centuries old Bet on democracy. Thanks for watching For more information on this topic, check out the playlist. You can also watch this recommended video Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and we will update you on our documentaries.

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