Small Business Internet Marketing: Why You Should Use Article Marketing

hey everybody this is brandon with small hyphen business internet marketing com and today i want to talk a little bit about why you should be using articles to market your business online in today's marketing world the internet can either make a business or break a business the Internet has basically brought the whole world to the customers fingertips they can get prices from any business in the world basically so if you're not making some kind of presence online you're missing a huge chunk of the market one of the easiest ways to build your presence online is the posts articles related to your target market first of all you should really have a website and I'm not going to go in a whole lot of detail here but you know you want to have a good website that you can link your articles to so anyway article marketing is simple to do and it builds your presence online as a small business so why exactly should you do it well first of all link juice articles are a great source of quality backlinks as you submit your article too many directories you're also going to be placing a link at the bottom of those articles which links back to your website search engines will see that other websites are linking to your website and will will look upon this favorably the more inbound links that you have for your website the better also a lot of article directories have good page rank or PR which will be even more beneficial for your links Google and other search engines really look favorably upon that okay a second reason is you're going to be looked at as the expert as you build your repertoire of articles you'll be building your online presence in your market when people search for items within your market they'll see all of those articles that you've written over time and see that you're quite knowledgeable about your particular topic for example let's say you're a mechanic and you could probably write about an article a week about different car models maybe maybe different problems that each car model has people are going to see all of those articles that you write over time and just consider you the X in in that field okay a third reason why you should be using article marketing is that its cost efficient when you're writing when you're the one writing the articles it's going to take less time and money than it would be to use other methods of promotion just slink back to the last thing that you use as an advertising method I'm sure is pretty expensive and it probably took quite a bit of time so article marketing doesn't have to cost the penny there's ways out there that that you could spend on article marketing and and but there's also ways you can use article marketing at no cost to you and it shouldn't take you very long at all to write an article maybe an hour at most write the article and then to submit it shouldn't take very long maybe another 20 minutes if you already know the information about your target market then all you have to do is verbalize that information and write it down one last thing you can do a lot of research on topics about internet marketing and and honestly you can waste a lot of time reading and learning about about this article marketing and internet marketing in general but you won't make any money online until you actually do something so my advice for the small businesses out there is the start and article marketing campaign just set a goal for yourself maybe one article per week maybe one every two weeks maybe be ambitious and do two articles a week whatever that goal is stick to it and once you start marketing your business online you'll start to see some growth so go out there take some action and start writing some articles

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