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everyone here is very welcome to a new video on pocket man not in which advertising has really annoyed me lately, exactly this one possible So nice and easy to build up business over the internet if you come to this online seminar participants I promise you one thing guaranteed and that you 200 euros and more over the network as you want and just like me here can repeat somewhere is good, I understand, I am myself sure you know these guys too and whenever i see these advertisements I think the whole thing can't be right somehow but for you it can be the whole of finding out what kind of product is, of course, allows 5000 euros to earn on the day and what is behind it and honestly what we figured out i didn't expect we are in the process of research penetrated deeper and deeper into the matter and even have Talked to someone who lost a lot of money because he participated there but one by one that's how it all started This online channel will not be there later, it really is limited that means all you have to do is click here to go to the to go side i ultimately need that too guarantee you success if you click this button on the bottom left click click on go says I register to my newest world yes because we also had no better idea to find out what the whole thing should and if you can really earn money with the stuff we actually had nothing other option than to click on this link from the advertisements you will not just beaten that means whenever I see an advertisement I followed the red arrow to see what happened and actually always the same thing happens you get on the side of almost look exactly like the landing pages on which the type the advertising also shows up and then they promise a lot of money Earn and at the end a band where you have an e-mail address leave an appointment for a live training or 1 live webinar but what should actually be first it was noticed that the pages look very similar but not exactly the same there are already different pages of 11.8 million euros in sales and two years that I earn over 152 1460 euros without own product the big traffic lie like you with this simple trick on youtube every day 100 euros stake 1238 euros out calls my high price catch with who I'm 46 days have made 3.7 million euros and are very attentive to you I've certainly seen that when I showed you the youtube advertisement there were always other links in the advertisements with different domain names once were called business knights and once business online coaching or even satisfaction and there are many many more I have then found out later but only then did I not really know anything about it to begin but what were clear even if there are different sides and the advertisements from different providers have always been placed this one guy appears again, may i allow isar i sharif uhr himself appointed online marketing google i was wondering why this guy has so many different pages about different advertisements and how he manages the whole boiler in the end everything is there before I get my data leave behind and earn big money, I thought doing a google research Couldn't hurt and then you immediately noticed something can't be done here vote google shows a lot of results which at first seems as if they evaluate him objectively, there is even one interview with you from rtl and then there are also some pages that Marketing united dot org or coach, for example, seem so serious at first or pages of individuals who write a review like him here peter hebel that's where the questions come up to the question of online marketing genius or cheat if you read the texts of all of these once reading through you actually notice that it was almost exactly the same worded text is always this from the washer to the millionaire life story and that's all so nice is the dropout on the way to the first million already during his studies gained experience in online marketing area and increases according to own statements with a budget of 100 euros into online business 1 and in the end there is almost always one somewhere affiliate link and if you click on it you already guessed it looks like this so the operators of the sites often do this special type of There are virtually no online marketing or advertising for side chair one independent source about this person and therefore not a credible one evaluation of his course i want to know if i really do this with this course So much money can earn so we decided to do the first To be credible rating you had to register us and do this webinar to see if the product is any good after all At the very beginning it was still free, so I just got a random page Chosen my email address and leave an appointment for this made live webinar and I was wondering why it was here again it is possible to select an appointment several times a day sadjadpour about as much time in order to present something live for us free of charge by email, I then have one link that gets me to a chew and led and this countdown could I really think I'm really waiting for life coaching now If the countdown has expired then the live seminar and the is what I looked at as good as it looks online warmly like co to this really hot webinar because I want to show you now as we've managed to use every.

Within the last 18 days 100 euros we invest escalated to 1200 euros and that's that pure madness we have never done that before continuously the successful ones have shown their pure skull personally and he really takes time to live with me personally to do webinar and the whole thing for free at least this course is possible also an hour and a half and it is really user-friendly like us here on the screen very short question write me on the right side you can me hear all very very important write yes if you can hear me ok now i have this full of that on the last page you can see briefly on the right side in the chats or not is that that's all you do writes comes across to me there is a reason because i want that you kick the iron hard hour zero percent, the whole thing is maybe even not live no of course not a look at the source code shows it is just a video that I can download once [Music] [applause] o-ton everybody can hear me, yes I already write someone that sound good ok effect just a live video in which he even pretends to people would answer I think that's a bit bold but clear how can he manage to be present on all these pages at the same time of course we asked you how Unless one thinks that it will be easy and on board is their name the misunderstandings have already been noticed and they are working on that Instead of live webinars and live training, they only want to change from online seminars online training online workshops and speaking webinars We are grateful that you referred us to the earlier pages and Filz have drawn attention for this reason, we will also use the During the week all will be material and pages and reseller products adjust accordingly and each time the point live remove the code for the confusion was, according to you, that the seminars that used to be easy were no longer easy the webinars will be launched at a product launch for our customers and interested parties always presented live in advance, we test the new content arrived if the reaction is positive, the respective webinar will be called recording of the time of the advertising campaign on selected dates broadcast okay but back to the topic i already said i did I really didn't expect the whole thing to be so awesome but I can meet you now already say it will still be strength but at least I now had the video and I could see in peace what he said and how one of the promised getting money and what you have to do for it it was very honestly the webinar sounds like the advertisements on youtube just pimped up in a continuous loop and drawn out for an hour and a half, the following method guaranteed me that last 18 days at least 1250 euros more sales per day and that is at least so we'll see we managed to do it well that we have over 12,000 have upscaled euros in a single day yes okay i have it understood i can earn a lot of money in 18 days, he promises that in this webinar about 15 more times but the question is how can i This promised coal deserve honestly told the first 20 minutes again and again how much money you can earn and of course how much money the mix deserves you have to endure a lot and listen carefully to the hard facts to come that give an idea of ​​what it is like here, for example youtube traffic with youtube traffic is also something much hotter that thing works if you know exactly how to address it again you can place an advertisement again you can make a funnel then you will participate youtube traffic a lot of money for the fh so he shows me how i do youtube make advertising that he has experience with it, we know that so I'm supposed to do what he does advertise to buy visitors with it convert and then the second funnel that's really cool methods at all in page then there is a webinar this way Selling is the best way that you can really scale up and then the paragraphs since that means i'm loading us bought then they come intent is the data is collected that is that great tune in any case you can write to them by e-mail yes that is that good and you can also write to facebook with advertising okay people you also noticed after the advertisement you build your landing page remember us and on which people should then register and the seminar look first check I should do exactly that what he did to get people to do what i did I am one of those who has not converted and will not convert accordingly annoyed with e mails which I can only confirm is simple Of course, I get full emails because I didn't buy anything in the webinar So I should continue to get annoyed with it, continue to follow me baby to look at those who buy something at some point but what should I actually do buy so far everything was free that won't be a thousand euros costs today there is an exclusive special promotional price for all participants never been like this before in a few minutes you get the youtube master immediately for a little one price of 399 euro unlocked quite right if you now on the button on the right side would now activate the button people me tell you this will the thing can go away within a few minutes that means we don't have as many minutes when you say it like it click on it now 399 euro it will be free for you immediately yes yes okay now I realize what it is about so I should pay 399 euros with it he shows me how he does the whole thing here so that I can do it with other people Issued the advertisement as I build landing pages and at the end these I do webinars and all of this is very practical and that's probably the one reason why these whole pages look so similar but like the devil should i earn money with it i have no product what i do sell can take care of everything everything on the internet there is a market for it everything can be sold on the internet yes so if you say I have no idea at all i have no plan at all and you know what we have to go quickly now, I have to have money for that I what for you I have to the very last For the first time the three reseller licenses of which things I still have I never gave a reseller license before, namely the online tool box a product worth of that is before one of 99 euros complete access to all my sales-optimized templates and I want you to know that means you come with the reseller license 90 percent of the sales value of the 999 euros cost 90 that means you did everything we saw yourself advertises with his video he is building a landing page with a dead man from him so that people can watch the webinar to buy his product this product is basically only the instruction to the instruction sell and whenever someone knows about the instructions you have implemented instructions from saatchi figur buys you get commission i think too this picture from the clip impressively shows the side only the little ones people from whom money is made you are promised that you will be the big one human being on the lever to make money out of the next little people but me have to be honest it was just a suspicion as I said because I have the 399 euro on issued so finally I knew not what the cost secret tips would have expected me because of that I wanted to first ask our beloved consumer center if she know the products and have dealt with them at the consumer center they then confirmed that is again and again There were complaints from users and they have dealt with Germany but honestly, they also said that nothing is illegal about it so far so we had to find someone who did that once and can tell us about it and of course we have found someone and what he told us was really tough that 20 year old – we have now times his name changed because he doesn't want to be recognized has webinar on pressed the buy button and bought a product from cicely and how did that So it works.


Income with this system is only possible if one for example, ads posted on youtube or on facebook instagram in this ad has my way of seeing descriptions or a video lasts around five seconds and then you will also find a link to the policy of the links should art since the internet there you can register are dates from suchan time and his e-mail address and then you take other bw lahr part at this point in time and in fact just like me everything explained in the end, as a customer, you can then also use this product socially buy them once and for this investment i would then buy 90 percent get commission for it then I would have had one casinos so really did did exactly what I suspected he was, so to speak, a buyer and seller He also sent us a screenshot of the page that he was following according to the instructions created to resell the course and he already suspects it looks like this and that's no joke a page that I have already shown you that is that of – created page with its own url which I unfortunately cannot object to you because I do not want and dearly do not want him to be identified that way If these systems work, you turn from victim to perpetrator when you use the products buys and somehow has to get the money back and linus was a product really expensive significantly more expensive than what me was offered 238 euro deposit and then another 5712 euros to buy the course at the end but at least a value added tax is included you back oh yes of course the good old special offer jesus has paid 5950 euros but it will also be overriding I promised a profit and it worked the whole thing started through the short where i had i looked around to call the White metals have to do and then I have a good beat or ad in front of me come i have received the back Said that I have to do a big action so that I go into the minus can give and at the same time I said that we are the situation also gives a guarantee that you get the money and who will after four weeks get back if you are not successful or at least if you are successful ten 1773 has become a picture of him now gets back seating as an income is I have only 6000 is there registered finally another five euros for the cost of advertising to advertise the products and on the on the plus side there are 0 euros which came to the almost 6000 euros then another 500 euros for advertising the nut himself paid in the hope that he would through this advertising the people on his landing page get them watch webinars and buy the product next to it always deserves the same level but linus hadn't promised anything although a really high sum I was quoting guarantee that you will after three weeks earning at least 10,000 773 euros but let's not forget that little asterisks prerequisite that you do exactly what I show or home sets the nut has assured us that he did everything right even reported to the support and they have him with technical questions supported money but still didn't earn any we did i say naturally asked why linus did not earn any money and the answer is it does we are very sorry that the customer you mentioned has not yet been able to achieve success in order to meet him we will assign a supervisor to him We would also like to strive intensively to achieve the customer's goals We apologize to the customer for these circumstances and refund the full amount In this case, the amount back in the course will still be activated It is important to note that it naturally depends on whether and how the customer reported to support and whether he learned that Importantly understood and implemented, we stand by this guarantee 100 percent because we do everything we can to ensure that our customers are successful after all, they promised linus its almost 6000 euros to repay and I promise you and linus we will continue to pursue whether the whole thing works and keep you up to date okay but at least linus had access to the paid courses and of course we have one insight and then the circle has finally promised to be closed learned simply to recreate what you thought of step by step first become a reseller for your products 2 thirdly, create landing pages for this of course beautiful therefore all templates look similar 4 forward to the webinar what should finally move to buy and collect 5 emails if someone has not bought it yet and then it's me how dandruff has fallen from your eyes and you've probably already got it checked of course all the pages we showed you at the beginning not all of them are pure, they are created by people like linus all these pages have been shown for now by pure referee and this pages probably all created by people who bought the program and then try to resell the manual just like linus and for you again the wind blows the domains These pages all look the same but are still different are all gz fandels dot com or ibm ten point spade got there in the addresses you go to one of the templates for the So-called sales panic offers funnel and you take a quick look into it imprint you can find who exactly we have also come to this conclusion I asked and I got an answer saying that the products of referee pool usually shows itself with the establishment of an agency business with the Generate straight marketing with the customer and create one that means employing your own digital information products you can also sell your own other things with the products on offer for example offer an online course yourself but in practice that would do not always work like this the answer continues there we have the question asked how our customers can be successful without their own product but so that we still have a proof-of-concept in advance this product deals with the automated marketing processes sold speaks the advertisement is pasted the webinar converted and the product and automatically conveyed to the customer the solution was therefore to release our own products as resellers so in summary they say if you have no product for sale then sells the instructions for the products, of course, is not excluded that you also learn to sell your own products through the courses the complete opinion of the referee examiner only in the description it was really long, damn long and basically when someone is high promises profits without a lot of work then it can usually not be true and if you should be told stories from the washer to the millionaire then it is a common scam I hope you enjoyed this video if you like we'd like to leave a thumb up and like to kick me in the comments what you think of this whole scam, by the way, here you come to our last video and our colleagues from the collective met with employed a similar scam and the video is called the forbidden film network marketing here you come to the video and we see just bye forgetful to subscribe to the channel next time

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