Social Media & Digital Marketing – what results should you expect?

I reckon it's a bit of a black art that's what I first thought didn't I i thought it's all sort of smoke and mirrors it's you know it's in the ether and I'm thinking how can you measure it can you quantify it do you remember that right and you know i'm not i'm not a technophobe but I'd remember I described myself as a late adopter but meaning that i'm i'm not slow on the uptake i'm not in any way but i am i I don't like to embrace anything until I you know it until I really understand it and get it and I didn't get social media any and it still I still think it's difficult for me to measure but one thing that there is absolutely no doubt about is our levels of activity have increased our profilers increased people are talking about our company people are saying to me caught your business is doing well and I think how do you know that and it's all because they're hearing things about us they're seeing things people are talking about us where the subject of you know a lot of discussions a lot of these forums as well they talk about us a friend of mine said that they were sitting in a coffee shop in beer stood and someone was talking about this estate agent and since I'm Amir and company they've done an absolutely fantastic job and he turned around to his friend and say that's my friend they're talking about you know the fact that people are talking about us another really strong indicator of course is the peaks in activity rather like an advertising campaign that you might do online or over the telephone or maybe bye bye mail show it's very difficult to measure unless you see a real spike in activity levels and now we see that when that blog goes out there's a spike in activity when there's a youtube video there's a massive spike in activity and that spike in activity is not just social or or sort of an informal chat which in itself is probably a bit of a waste of time but this is real hard activity where people are phoning us and saying I want to invite you out for evaluation or can i register with you for properties to buy it's too coincidental for us not to be able to reconcile that with some petek social media activity and that's that's really important and then we had just one example that's by no means isolated we had a telephone call from a production company that worked for channel 4 and i believe they produce a relocation relocation relocation program and they said they've been scouring the internet to try and find an agent that they thought was a bit edgy that was a little bit different that was to use their words a little bit funky and he said of all the agents that he was looking for we stood out because our we had a very good youtube facebook twitter linkedin presence now that's all thanks to saucy horse really

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