Social Media Strategy #2 — Lena Scott: Content Marketing Strategy — . May 14, 2013

I wanna latest God Laden has been working with me around species of social media for over a year now kind of off and on but really on in the last couple months and she's doing a certificate program in search engine marketing and search engine optimization and she's put a ton of time into some some tips and some explanation around what social media strategy actually looks like so please join me in welcoming okay a couple of things before we get started um I'm not going to be able to move around too much because there's a bunch of cords here so I'm not going to be one of those like hopping around dynamic sort of individuals at this point because I will fall down if I do that I'm so I might try to move around a little bit just on my legs get up right but uh and I've got some notes to keep me focused so I'm gonna work you know be holding on to those and this PowerPoint will be uploaded to SlideShare I'm so if you have a SlideShare account you can look for it there so if you have like more extended questions or you don't get the most out of this it'll be a fairly quick presentation but if you don't leave you have more questions you can go look at it there and if you don't know I'm if you don't know what slide shows or you don't have an account with slide sure yet that I can show you how to set that up it's really easy it's free on so yeah so and it's social that's very true so okay so I'm i have started with a quote which I just love this quote as the focus of my presentation is your unique contribution to the marketplace and the value that you can offer as a small business I'm so I want you to think of content marketing is an active investment with tangible returns it's an activity with a purpose I'm and it generates messages with a purpose the purpose of these messages conversations is to share your gift and invite others to collaborate and participate in that value so it's all about what you have to offer this is a very bright picture of this next slide oh it came up really bright on this not as bright on my laptop I'm so this is this is the name of my company and this is what I do so this is just a small list orbit to help I'm building a community around your products and services and getting found on the internet once you do that so i'll go ahead and pop past this and if you guys have more questions about that or want more information i can refer to that next so step right in are you guys familiar with the term content marketing it's it's what lives on your website it's a specific messages that you send out usually in the digital environment I'm so it's a specific message as you're trying to convey and here are some of the vehicles that your content lives on that will carry your message out and they can be thought of as tools to help you create your content because some of these like a blogs for example you can go to WordPress and they'll help you create that content it's a platform and and then these messages are tailored to appeal to a specific audience I'm they should impart information which includes answers to basic questions or addresses the needs of your audience and should demonstrate how you can provide valuable service to solve a problem that may be specific to your audience so these are I'm you know blogs or something that people are very familiar with enewsletters maybe if you've ever received one of those that's I'm a Content vehicle and social media marketing is important to content marketing because you create the content and then you share it on social platforms so like Facebook and Twitter and link them and stuff like that so um does anybody have any questions so far about what that means are all right this is like my favorite picture this is what I remember when I get overwhelmed with all of the information that I could produce or M reading and in processes so it's the keep it simple sweetie rule and that's the primary rule that you probably want to follow and one way this is like strategy another probably the best strategy you can start with if your native content marketing is to share other people's content so instead of being concerned about how do i create content for all these platforms and how do i do that i don't even have time right now to do that I'm follow the top five influencers in your niche or on industry or in an area that you're you care about that may overlap with your business and then really get to know them you know sign up for their newsletter follow their blog get in there and comment on their blog post if they have direct contact emails a great way to just say hey how are you doing and I really like that you said about this and they may follow you on twitter from that so I've gotten some really good connections by just jumping in and talking to people and sharing their content and then they follow me on Twitter or Facebook or whatever but they know that I promote and share so you can curate this makes you a resource for others you can curate quality content from credible people and then other people don't have to do that research you're providing value for them and you're becoming a resource for them that way so um that's really the best way to do it and the only warning that I would have is to not ask for people to share your content once you make friends with them you know don't don't jump in and say oh I really want you to share this blog post that I wrote I think you'll really like it no people don't like that don't ask them to follow you back and don't put unrequested links to your content in the comments section of their blogs or whatever they put up I'm a little self promotion is okay and that comes in at some point I'm and it is definitely a reciprocal game so at some point you can expect them to be interested in what you're doing and ask you questions and then they'll support you and share your stuff so that is probably the most basic piece of advice I could give to you is to share first talk first comment first and then you don't have to hurt yourself trying to put together this whole content marketing program without a little bit of a soft entry I guess is would be a good point so um does anybody have experience with any of the things I'm talking about so far is anybody really thought about that yet so yeah okay so a few people all righty and have you what yeah that would be a good idea so it just maybe throw something out there is it how do you how do you go about doing that I share we have a lot of articles like social media sites i also comment articles in newsletter as well then when people close comments on other sites in the comments good yeah well and that's a super important point is if you're going to put something out there or starting you know it doing that be prepared for people to talk to you because they well it's not if if it's you know it's when and they will I mean usually very responsive right away there's a lot of enthusiasm out there so the worst thing you can do is just feel like Oh crickets in and hit put it out there don't say anything so don't be afraid to talk to people because it is a little hurdle I went through that that it it's quite doable so does anybody else you want to contribute okay I've got a site that has curated media from a variety of sources about a certain niche aha good good and is there is it a site you built yourself or is it something that lends itself to that naturally then you can share it out this is like some there's newspaper sites literally paper Lee and there's like different social platform set up to do that is it something you did built yourself or is it yes it's just good creepy so do you do that for other people to know just hacking you know the opportunity for live streaming okay alright so we know I content is important it powerfully connects your business audience and community and this is a content can be in person so I this is content you know and I'm sharing it in person it's um and there are different functions you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche whatever that may be and think specific you know don't think Oh insurance agencies and be like the expert out of all the edina be the expert on bainbridge island or you know the expert in Kitsap County I'm and then I'm you can build credibility so this this attracts if you have credible content and will attract credible people and then that also builds your trust factor so people say oh well she's got so and so as a friend and dig got that blue checkmark by their name on twitter and was she must be that what she's talking about because they will not affiliate with you unless you have something to contribute to their community so you can kind of check out other people's content and say well yeah they know what they're talking about and that's great and then you have an opportunity to build credibility for yourself in your business just by sharing what you know in an intelligent way so I'm and you can offer value content offers value can educate it can inform it can solve a problem it can make people laugh which is kind of what a lot of people enjoy they like funny funny things and they'll share that all over the place but offer kind of a variety and then content is really critical to success with search engine optimization because your content needs to be search engine friendly and we'll talk about that a little bit more in the next yeah well we'll get their thoughts that yeah that's that it's it so that search engines can find you so search engine optimization so we'll touch on that a little bit more in depth as we go along so um let's see here well also for tips to connect there was some interesting the most important one yes this is why I have my notes because i'll forget yeah is to listen so if you the most important strategy that you can have is to really just simply listen is show up you don't have to be perfectly you don't have to have a perfect message you just have to be willing to be there and listen to what people have to say I'm so these tips are opportunities for you you look for opportunities to surprise the light inform or solve a problem and it's kind of improvisational a lot of times so I'm people will say something you're listening to the conversation around your brand or topics or other people's on brands and and then you can interject your information or your thought and any one of these manners but just if you keep these four things in mind then oh there's an opportunity I can inform somebody they ask a question on it open forum you can answer them you know and then you start a conversation and then you're like oh let's follow me on Twitter let's take this to Facebook come look at my website you know anyways maybe it's a bear it's a little peon debt okay so this is my point you can do just about anything you want to do that you set out to do and people will accept you if you are friendly so I'm this is something I found to be true and the most appealing approachable people on brands exhibit behaviors based on principles of collaboration sharing transparency you know in their action and listening so nobody's trying to cheesy market to you they really are there to do something for you and and they don't mind being themselves while they do is so that's kind of a secret and it is it really is simple yet listen be friendly you know and I just like that pictures like ugly and adorable at the same time so I decided that there so keep that in my be a friendly hand it I'm and that goes along with being winsome authentic and likable I'm so here's how to create a connection so this is another approach for you to use about how to in a strategy and have conversations with empathy for your target audience so that means you want to know what's important to the specific reader that you want to connect with so you have to do your homework and know who your audience is you know have a desired audience and then find out what they want to hear about you know and then just start talking about that to them and you know understand that they have interest challenges and things in common and find out what those are and and put yourself in their shoes and then talk to them about those things and the other one is to share your passion so that really covers a lot of newbie gaffes too by the way so if you're like me and you're standing appearance the first time you don't talk to a group of people look like Mike stuck to you and you're like live streaming okay I'm really passionate about what I do so I'm going to tell you stories which convey my passion and you're going to know that I'm enthusiastic even if i say i'm a lot so i will not let that stop from sharing what's important to me and what's important to me is getting you information which you can use to build your own content marketing strategy so I'm the natural enthusiasm that you have will inspire and motivate others and do you guys have any special or particular groups of people or companies or individuals that you are already sparked about and excited about that you know that they do this and that you can kind of emulate or follow or have you you mean groups in certain industries yeah anybody that has that does this that is I do oh there's a friend of mine has started a consignment shop in silverdale he wasn't connected to yahoo has one in kingston and she just and she's only been mad at for about a month and she got a page going regions always posting the new things that have come in and making comments about him and taking pictures of people in there doing this in back and little brights thrilled if the suns come through my window and and just little stuff not just come in vibe but little things that are just happening always nice to see the new stuff that she's got things like that sometime that's my first experience seeing somebody with a page where they're actively always always got something going right not cramming their product right right right and that's exactly exactly what I'm talking about so go ahead so 11 blog i didn't need at all but i just found so enticing that i actually subscribed to it but my world it's called one dress a day and it was about this line of nothing out of job and she went through stores had a budget of I don't know one dollar two dollars or whatever that she would buy some big ugly mu mu or whatever was on sale for a and then she would alter it and she would wear it that night so you know she had these amazing restrictions and then and then the story was how what she did under those restrictions and it was just so much fun mm-hmm and eventually he know she got paid sponsorship her blog and blah blah blah but I mean it started off as just a good idea and she just needed to get something going and I think you know that one dress a day idea you could you could say all right I'm going to put out one recipe a week or I'm going to put out one how to a month or you know develop something that is fun inspiring and potentially even dependable like that so that your audience gets accustomed to but anticipating what you're going to put up against yeah because you involve a person in your creative process so year yeah good cheering captain ah fine do do that by giving them a tribute copying and pasting engineer message or do throw blanket I'm that first the most there's two really primary ways of sharing other people's content or your own for that matter you can do the same thing a link if you copy a link for example um into a Facebook post so you want to share a facebook post well maybe the share isn't working from that website that has the content that you want to share you can copy and paste the link and then Facebook will pull in the little picture of a thumbnail and it'll that'll fill out the body of that so all it needs is the link to be able to link to the content in in the facebook post so if you go in and you update your status on your timeline you can copy and paste a link into that box and it'll pull in the content that you want the link to the content and then so if you want to share that way so there's two ways to share it so that's just an example most content on the web has sure buttons so all you need to do is is click on the like button and it'll pull open your facebook post and it'll share to Facebook it'll share to twitter it'll-it'll share wherever the button sends it basically so if you ever shared content from a website you for sure yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah well you know I didn't eat for quite a while yeah you can definitely embed links in your in your other content and that's a really great way so like if you're going to write a blog post I'm or send a newsletter and you want to link to the content that's a really really good idea and that helps on depending on the situation it will help you establish credibility with google and search engines so that you're linking to and from different resources yeah i think if you want to embed something in a document that you've made use a link unless it's a video because you can embed a video too so yeah see you a question this is gonna have a what you can't do is stick it right you can't copy and paste it in more than an tribution you can't there's very useless little more complicated but you can put that's why if you did a lady Facebook populate before your debit or LinkedIn does it as well you can do that but you can't just like you like this article copies they all thanks to zones for the digger job that's okay you can have your own little blurb about that article like there's a certain amount of hoping you can do but what Karen saying is when you get past that sort of small amount of holding it becomes a situation right and you want here's a great article or about such and such you know that nigeria copy in there oh I would just it sounds like the more you're able to add your own impression of how the link you're sending feel I think or change how you look coach things yeah yeah yeahs the value yes exactly you know exactly right right so you can write an article yourself a blog post around a certain concept and say oh like so and so blah blah blah and then you put the link in its it's really actually a lot of that goes on yeah so it's really actually clever waited to produce your own content and highlight some great people so yeah you use the first bill credibility ah what if you lose credibility with Facebook can get walk um well that's a different that's between the person and Facebook so I'm I how does the person and Facebook there's something about that particularly flesh book might be wrong well that's it that's something actually you'd have to talk to them just like you would any other business say ne yo you talk to Phil they well they say sometimes daily someone a customer service well it really depends and I don't know the best answer that question frankly I'm to problem solve that for you um I would giggle it also is the soul as warning for the rest of it what was it is there an example of what later on I have no idea what went wrong with the next time i friended someone they said i did not know this person which actually in fact I just been to his wedding and I can't friend anyone anyone so they can you can friend men but I can i unblock a friend anyone because I did something wrong which I cannot discover what I did nor can i get that to answer me community works okay so yeah that's an interesting question probably one we need to dive into separately that's a really important so but yeah so definitely the credibility the credibility I'm focusing on here is your professional credibility through your content so that's a good question though so on what I would like to share most about this is to think of your messages and signals that you are sending to your desired audience as similar to Leslie said bait and then I thought about it I like nectar it's that you're prettier way of putting it which draws the be right okay you are fishing but you know you want to catch the right fish so right so so this is my analogy that I came up with I love my analogy so the being like the person this is so pretty will gain something sweet for taking the time to visit and like the beat will have a pollinating effect so the bee gains something that also takes something away to share so it's something you want to be able to to to share out that also does work for you so the whole point is that the bees doing work for you by sharing so they're doing a lot of the marketing for you so your marketing efforts are actually exponentially you know amplified that's the word I'm looking for okay so here's my next slide don't be a fake panda because we want to remember that i love is like hey baby face because I'm like now remember the best strategy and creating and sharing content and conversation is to be genuine so on people will know if you're not the real thing and they'll ding you for it you'll get called out in public and it's not fun so and it can be something as simple as you didn't reference my twitter handle and that tweet you retweeted you really should not do that okay I mean and I'll do it publicly so it's kind of like a little embarrassing but it's fun all the same so I'm going to move on to a little bit different topic which is related on have you guys heard of hubspot yeah love hubspot okay hubspot well it's complicated so it's a service provider for social media and they don't provide social media they help you track and analyze for sales purposes your content so they are extremely educational I love how the spot I love them because when I follow people that work at have spotted Twitter they follow me back so when they talk to me so they're like really accessible they're all the things that on a company I feel should be when interacting with somebody so heinous that will analyze your to this yeah and I will say things may have changed but it at least used to be very pricey so it's more anger and pride but that doesn't mean that there's not there's incredible value for all of us absolutely absolutely because you can take away processes and strategies and updates for changes in the landscape from hubspot and they're wonderful about sharing I'm gather a lot of danger yes lots and lots so I'm not a hub side I'm not affiliated with any of these I'm not a certified anything with any of these companies and I don't use this product but I love the company so I will always have them like right in my pocket when I'm thinking they didn't tub the tub spa calm so what you're saying is when you were saying gallops information read it from there yep oh no no he'll make you right away to sign up for a newsletter and say yes cuz they will offer amazing content right you can even ask me after class I've got some binders full of it you know I can point you to their links so that they get there you know they get their value out of you downloading it from them but it's amazing stuff so that's where this is free oh yeah that's scary yeah that are there at their social gift out to the world to get you know build a relationship with you like many because they're they're smart yeah ffff so I'm and this is the this really sums up content marketing on by aligning the content you publish with your customers interests you naturally attract naturally being the key word here attract inbound traffic people coming to you that you can then convert clothes and delight over time I like that delight them over time so that should be also something that you strive to do so that's okay so we're going to go here this is something I played around with this morning I'm I like it I'm and it's very red but that's okay I'm it read this not the happy color sometimes but that's alright so here's here's a little um cycle so this is the content marketing strategy cycle it's also called permission or marketing because you're not disrupting them to get your message out you're asking or inviting you're sharing and then they say yes I want to hear what you have to say I'm so this this is a really something that you can put in use so the first the first piece of course how do you attract your traffic you tracked it with with good content and other things that are attractive to people right and you want to convert those visitors to lead in your sales funnel so this really is about this is where we go more into the sales part and this is a marketing technique and then you have leads to sales so you're trying to to get you them to buy into your product the idea then mostly with information or service as a software sort of they have a subscription for the end of initial part you know the initial service like take LinkedIn for example they have an upgrade to professional your pro but you pay a certain amount of month to do that on linkedin otherwise it's free there are other higher levels that you can pay for for more service for if you're a recruiter for example or you're in HR and you want to look for hiring people so it just depends on how you use it but that's an example of turn customers and to repeat customers and it's actually not just repeat customers but customers that will pay more over time for more products or services so you want them to you know maybe they'll pick up oh I want you to design my website okay well design my own you know I want you to throw in an SEO package well that's another piece or I would like you to help me put this down there so they'll just keep coming to you for more you want to be the person that they come to for that service and then the another important part is your testing so there's really I love this about this sort of marketing approach you're allowed to make mistakes you know within a certain certain latitude you're allowed to test things out and see if they work you know and there are certain this is a little more in depth there's different ways to perform analysis and whatnot but you're analyzing people's response and then all you have to do is keep doing what they like and stop doing what they don't like and repeat what works and don't be afraid to make changes don't be fraid to break something that's not working or redo it because you're basing your work how you provide service what you're doing on the feedback that you're getting from people and when they read your content they respond to it they say you know I really can you do this I'd really like to see on you know a service that does this we'll see how I could do that I could make that happen and then be that person that's also problems on the other really key piece to that is the social peace and its share it far and wide you know like just get it out there talk about it the enthusiastic nobody's going to tell you that you're talking too much about what your favorite things are and and really that's it that's where the social media part comes in I'm and then when people start saying good things like wow I really like what you did say oh well let's post that comment you know see so it sounds happy look we made them happy and the joy to spread and it can work in the opposite direction too but we aren't going to do that so I'm can we go back to do you want to go back to the slide and well I just think this is really key so i just wanted to speak there that's important taking some time for some questions and all that there's pieces of visit you know we can't say everything that there is but because it makes sense like we need the how you convert cotta content visitor and hurt visitors to leave so here we come you'll notice right away when you join hubspot or when you get a hubspot newsletter just look at what they do you know their their processes are what you want to emulate so they'll take you to a little form and they'll say you know thanks for choosing to download our social media guide for how to turn leaves in tuesday and then they'll have a little form and you'll be filling out that form well they're capturing you as e when when they do that right right that's a good point because our points in the sales process but that are recognizable um might be helpful to like take these different examples and have someone that sells your website like Karen how this Karen convert visitors too late how does that show up on her website or someone else it has a website turning customers into repeat customers what you use certain tools website to do these things so that with this model tells us that that's part of it I'm I'm because there are analysis why don't want for lack of better term there are ways to analyze data for your website and also for like if you have a blog a wordpress blog some of those are very basic and then some of those are a lot more in depth depending on the service provider you use so it's you taking the data about your visitor and that they give you and turning that into actionable its information that you turn into an action and how you relate to them and that's the part where the repeat customer thing because then your tailoring your content to what they're showing you or where they're out in the funnel that makes sense well sort of yeah i would say i would say the targeted content is the central thing and you could almost draw a little spokes out to it because each of those things can be taken on their own I'm and I would say to go clockwise and it just kind of the sharing it actually anytime anyplace that's kind of something that floats but the attract convert sales repeat analyze that's the process go ahead and I love this life I think if you remember back to last week when I was drawing a sort of a hub-and-spoke bottle where you have the outpost with was your social media and you were driving people from the social media to your content and then from your content to your website this is really another way of looking at that right because you're starting with your content strategy in the middle you're sharing it out with those outposts those social media platforms and so you're pulling the heat up they're giving away good easier gear say hey you got some nectar over here so you know they'll come into your website to find the content you'll capture their leads and that's what this very easy that's one of things the hubspot does for their customers is they create landing pages for their customer app so that so that you're making sure you're taking advantage of that stuff and there are different ways to do that so when you convert a visitor to a lead that might mean something different for you than it means for pub spot or Karen or whatever so you could say my goal is to get 600 people that's in my newsletter to how am I going to reach them and you can have a landing page then that you know you get you offer it up so you sign up for my newsletter here and it pops up you know or it's out there on the side you know so your goal may be different on then then just getting the sale so the orkin the conversion to leeds part is really actually open to interpretation depending on how you what your business model is so you want to overlay that over your business model see where those points line up and then use this the way that you need to use it and it may not may not be presided you have examples of things that you've done that might be I oh I assistance in red I know exactly and so when I have a shotgun approach advice I sell consultant and ice tell stories and I still turning your story into the nursery so when I sell fairy tales quality and cultural diversity within secondary schools it doesn't work unless I'm tell it sure is about ourselves but if i sell story strategies and that's my target then people was fun and if I give that away for sheriff with a far away mm-hmm and just keep putting new tips up on how to do that and say ah or or or house bigger doesn't say oh that story and stay really on that point I think that's the most important we don't yet anything unless we have a target if we don't aim we don't hit it so that's the one I have to remind myself over and over so let's say you do haven't implemented your marketing strategy perfectly yet or even at all what ideas might you have that would that would impact your business in other words interpreting this for what you might be able to do you have any thoughts does this bring me any ideas to mind about how this could relate back to what you do one challenge that their can answer your question is that if you have you bring people to your page whatever page it is to keep comment and make sure that age has something on it for them to call to action because it doesn't do you any good if they all come there thursday reading and leave so whatever's on that page that you're bringing to you need add something call to action on there and it could be set up here is that it could be here's more information about topic but yet there's something else that does it count just to put a link to another page on the website just to keep them living there hey you how to get them stepping up your line or whatever whatever that is so you know you're deepening your relationship with them so the call to action is asking them to take the next step in the relationship with you and even if it's something as simple as want to find out more about this click here like you can that it'll and then that'll take you take them into another area of information or activity so yeah you don't want him to just visit that page and they'd be like oh that's nice why do I stand him see that myself don't you know maybe this is not like slap your hand and just trying to point out opportunities that exactly yep okay so anybody else have anything to know yes well I'm in the insurance industry whether think that pisses me off for the expression but you go to any insurance agent's website and they want you to fill out and I don't like this so I don't do it even their really annoys me you want you to fill up your information about you and volume right and I actually did that one day to find out what would happen oh I mean I still be inundated with emails and things from people I don't run from Seattle longer I gotta deal with the Seattle agent on their job yeah I mean that's a very good point so don't do that you know I don't be like them right yeah don't be that person yeah well you know and that's the thing that you sure ins all the insurance companies recommend that you can have on your baby your lightning right it's something that people can fill out personal information then it comes to the age close to the ages and you contact that person back mm-hmm ok so I'm going to sure don't ask me why I find that irritating but I thought I won't do it I'm not like it highly irritating this to me insurance is really one on one relationship falling so what I would say about that is the baby forgot the trust piece right yeah way to develop the trust right they didn't or they didn't earn it yeah I just yeah second that without doing that talk about that that you don't do that oh no and I really just like it yeah I'm a walk get you home yeah you can write about it thank you did I don't even know how do other people does it drive you bonkers that you get email from people because I ask your name well I don't do it because I want to meet you one that's exactly that's perfect let's take that music Caroline oh I was going to say that on my website when people sign up for the newsletter the free song that comes right up if it stated on the website it stated on the page that comes up is also stated on the email they receive that I do not share their contact information so that's something that's good yeah yeah yeah just don't do it okay yeah well you know some people move around alright this is another favorite picture because this is for me are you in now absolutely actually I think it's funny and I thought you know I was thinking kiss and I when I googled it I pulled up all this kiss stuff some kind of that appropriate said but I didn't post out of here so I was like I was like this is fun I'm gonna put this up here so this is a good reminder and it keeps levity obviously stick their jaw so you know that's disgusting but I don't have a picture of that okay so um let's see okay so here's a good thing to talk about and kind of getting quickly back and we'll kind of wrap it up here in a little bit but um has anybody you guys have heard of inbound marketing right we just talked about that a little bit with hubspot how spots hubspot is about inbound marketing oh yeah so that's a good point so let's let's get my list here um well outbound marketing is like email advertising like radio spots anything it's push marketing we're talking about pull marketing so I'm advertising things like that you have any okay your your look your enticing them to come to me right pushing your message exactly so I'm inbound marketing actually consists of two process it integrates two processes see it the content production which we've been talking about and it's really website focused or blog site focused on and then the other piece of that is sharing that content on social platforms there are social media marketing so you have to two words three terms inbound marketing social media marketing content marketing but inbound marketing is the umbrella term for the two actions that you take when you produce content this is this is how that works so when you hear that term inbound marketing especially for sending you to have spot you'll want to know what they're talking about Sienna like what it's the coconut it it's confusing I had to google all these terms when i first started so i've already done all the work for you and I'm that's why I'm telling you today so does anybody have any any questions any confusion about how that those two pieces go with that okay alright so I'm so we talked a lot about content marketing I'm just going to remind you that I'm social media marketing is different because it's short shorter post so don't get on their post your blog in a long comment on facebook if it's if it's blog length don't post it on Facebook you know write a blog and then share it on Facebook so focus is within the social networks versus the website when you talk about social media marketing it's used as a means of distribution not necessarily publishing a content so when you're doing content marketing your publishing think of yourself as a publisher and then you're sharing the through social media Leslie already mentioned funneling or linking people to their website for the main content or action steps like signing up for newsletter and that sort of thing and then there's a great place that's where conversation takes place and that reciprocal relationship is really built so here's the here's this here's social media marketing is the piece where you have conversation and you follow up and you build relationship with people who have responded to your content there's a really good way to think about that so this will be up so if you do guys need are you making notes on this or do I need to you're good all right all right so so creating lovable content you might hear that when you doesn't have spa again content lovable content is is relevant to the people who are reading it it's friendly to them so it's not hard for them to read it doesn't have a bunch of like information and links that are don't go anywhere the links works if you reference an article please make sure your link works that kind of thing so it's user-friendly it's not spammy so again it doesn't contain fluffed outlets when you write your content and you want a search engine to find you you'll put key words in your content so that when people search they can find you because Google will say AHA there's an article that says something something something so I'm going to serve that up to the searcher so you don't want to fill it with spam to trick Google into you know people won't get any value out of keywords stuffed you know say you you're an apple seller and you can write apples only so many times in here so be really specific be early specific they Rhode Island apples town and country apples Gala apples for sale at the roadside stand when I went to Port Townsend that kind of thing it's different than the apples all over the place so I'm keep your content focused on other people it's not about you it's about what you can do for others you're sharing your stories to make that clear but you know have you ever looked at a website where they're like Mimi and I can now about me andand it's like really irritating so you know and you think well that's that's awesome you're a rock star and i'll be moving along now so I'm be consistent so there's that other thing be consistent in the quality and tone of your message you know some people don't be try to be trendy you know be yourself so don't don't use jargon so when somebody says I'm a marketing ninja I'm a cowboy I'm a Jedi I'm those are all like marketing terms that people go out grab onto and include in their stuff and you can't be all those things at once which I really didn't see somebody tried to do that and I was like wow so so just be yourself and be consistent in your message make it friendly make it make it lovable and it's so it's I think I covered that so we're gonna move on initiations yeah let's talk about search engine optimization okay so I have some more specific information about that for you so search engine optimization is the part of content creation which helps ensure that Google Yahoo and Bing will recognize your content is relevant to someone who enter search terms so doing that is call it's called using keywords or key terms so when you think about the person looking for your product or service not your company name not your name because people aren't going to search for your company unless they are specifically referred to you think about what people will look for using those search terms what search terms will be entering Google when they're looking for you so if it's babe Rhode Island apples put Bainbridge Island apples in your contents in a you know it is about apples you know and make sure it's relevant and then Google Google will help return that your content where he posted that now I'm usually on your website or a blog post to the searcher so if you build your content if you write with that in mind most people will do that naturally cuz they're talking about their product or service or whatever they're doing so they're going to naturally include that but you can really get strategic about making sure that you have at least four terms you know or words usually it's a term looks better in your content and that means you don't have to do anything with the code of your website which is another part of SEO search engine optimization so you don't have to do that you can just get your content on that and then that will definitely prefer it to be in the natural content anyway right right these days they kind of ignore would well either that or they'll push you down in the rankings for spam so you have to be really careful with I hated that go ahead we say forgery words and that's an each piece of content yeah yeah and it shouldn't be that hard just just if you see a place where you can plug something in that makes sense that will help ya and when you think about the content production you can think about pages on your site too because blogs and websites have more than one page so you can optimize each page depending on where you want the person to end up what's the name of that website you can't call it say that tells you which words you can look at all the words that you're thinking that they can tell you but people searching for google help people there's a place on google yeah tell you aha yeah and I don't know with it it's in Google that's it's in Google Analytics i'm pretty sure i haven't looked at it if i don't remember the URL but it's it's in google itself you can you can get on Google's a great resource for just do what they tell you to do and you'll be fine that's okay they're just obey then they'll like you so so did that help kind of an just kind of clear clarify house search engine optimization works that kind of at a real basic level okay all right all right so we are just about done here see what comes up here okay speaking of search engine optimization this is this is something you will recognize when you look at different websites you'll see their advertising and you'll see him and he's everywhere so this is SEO Maz is a seattle-based SEO company and they are a service or not a consultancy so they have software that helps you with your own optimization meets and they do very well for smaller businesses as well and they are extremely educational and they explain complicated SEO terms and a very easy to understand way so i would i love sem laws and hubspot both of those companies are awesome so do look at their they have a 10 chapter ii book that tells you how to basically what SEO is and how it applies to your business and things like that so i just liked him you'll see him once you've seen him you'll see him all over other websites because they have advertisements that pop up that's Roger ok so here your takeaways and I made it simple I'm as fun so be a friendly panda that self explanatory sharing is caring remember that ok listen actively respond enthusiastically be relevant to read and search engines follow Roger because he's forceful ok so let your uniqueness shine you want unique content that reflects you and that's great you have a voice use it this is a great opportunity and then the keep it simple sweetie right because if you do all this and this is like my favorite kiss picture ever so yeah amazing things will happen you never have to dress like that see and I love it this is what I like about power plays I can be totally like off the wall but not as off the wall of some people right I want you to remember I want you to remember that above all so simple parts so that's why I keep drilling that in and then I'm this is all my stuff and that really that's a green green sorry but this is a wonderful at screen so anyways that's that's any questions before I say okay this is my contact information and I'll you know I'm available for hire to help if you're interested and I'd love to sit down with you okay go ahead oh how do you shop for your top five blog writers don't want to follow that's a really it's a little whelming right right right so I'm what and what are you I'm kind of an intersection between mediation dispute resolution conflict management but I want to hit the building design creative agencies okay kind of late okay that's a good question so how i did this i can't tell you who to look for but how I did it when I very first started looking for these connections a couple years ago was I went I just started ass warring and then I came across on ad age which is a you know you guys probably heard about age they have like the top I want to say it's over a thousand they keep a list of over a thousand vloggers and influencer and they compete so people's position changes i'm like i'll do 150 and then I'm like no I'm not going to follow 150 to start with I think a hundred sufficient and how i did it was I McGarrett was very male-oriented at the time still a little bit that way but you don't have to go to then you can just subscribe pick through and just pick your top you know that's how i did that i started big and narrowed it now which is kind of my style I don't know anyway and I wanted to know everything I have the time to do it so I'm like yeah I'm gonna read about social media and find out Chris Brogan and Mashable oh yeah so you will cover the top 50 in that if you want but you'd have to go to an industry relevant publication or site okay so if you know the names of people that you look up to you can start there yeah and find out if they're there and then start just start Google top ten influencers in creative marketing top ten influencers and use the word like influencers or like creatives or um what's another good one I'm from email you mentioned Mashable and yeah so we Nashville would be a good resource for you anyway just learning about social media it's not going to be your niche or influence but it's okay but it is a great way to see a lot of resources on social media it's actually pretty overwhelming yeah but yeah it is good place to know yeah but over time as you look at it and kind of pick through you'll you'll discover which ones you want to read and the other ones that you just like I'll read it later or delete it so those are the one you probably don't wanna you know get your inbox stuffed full of so I can say for instance you know I mean it's really what it treats you like you're attracted to that content and if you want to share that with your peeps chances are that's what's going to work for you and your business is well right and so shareable net is one that I love because it's kind of specific to the new sharing collaborative economy and I love being able to pull from that newsletter and create little articles in my newsletter or put them in the block or whatever and so almost every single newsletter that comes in if I don't have time to read it I drag it into a holder that says next newsletter like those are my resources for what I have to build and I don't even read it I know it's chock full of them staff and so that's you know and I have a couple features that I follow and it's you know they're your mentors think of a measure online mentors yeah so it's definitely the areas that appeal to you what on again you yes org yeah that's another one they'll be credible and then there'll be information you can share it for public spaces oh yeah okay that's one that she and I share so does that does that hell yeah it does help okay it helps amigos we all have to spend a lot of time fishing yes yes I'm right it was a really good place right go starfish right yeah exactly mmhmm yeah I'm see what see what you dragged in with your net and throw out about once find out from your colleagues what what's good to you know we all here could probably come up with some really good ones that we share in common even though each our own very specific yeah business domains okay put really cool is when you share when you're somebody well isn't that the best reciprocity thing that is kind of human nature because we're humans and we have our we have natural reciprocity expectation then there's kind of Pacific social media and you kind of need to get familiar in those schools or it doesn't feel natural in the beginning and then later oh yeah kind of like sending thank you you know when you go to some health food weekend or whatever I still laid up this is amazing thank you very much it's not a time into this prescription and it shows it really kept this is really I beulas so and Steve Stoli has been recording it for us so you'll be able to go back and see it 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