Social Media Video Marketing mit Greenscreen Studiotechnik | Folge 1

Hey, we are the YouTube checkers! We are online five days a week well sometimes also on weekends and at night. We are always looking for Things you don't know yet. On YouTube on Google, in the search engines, we do Search engine optimization, Adword advertising for many years and we just have fun finding things for you guys that you have not yet discovered in this dynamic world. Yes exactly! And since the digital world is so fast moving, we'll keep you up to date Stand. We'll show you the latest features and trends on YouTube and why are we doing this, of course so that you know what's going on on YouTube. Yes but: You can't do it all by yourself. We are 15 men at the netspirits online marketing agency and they really want to answer your questions. Write yours Comments, if you want to know something that you don't know yet that we don't here can handle, write it underneath, we will make sure that your an answer gets And who we are, maybe you will say a little something to yourself.

Yes, my name is Hendrik Unger, I'm a social media freak and a creative mind. I do Strategy planning, communication and design. I've been on board at netspirits for two years now. It's my fault that we're both here – I think! Six years ago I did netspirits founded. Not in a garage but in the basement office and yes we have really through good ideas and my passion for things Search engine optimization Enjoyment of moving images, video advertising, now a really nice little company built up and ehm we take care of cool stuff so that you can rock the net! So: Now, of course, you need butter with the fish so that your home comes on YouTube a YouTube channel There you can upload all your videos, network worldwide and present. Yes, in any case, that is an important basis, but we don't look at the basis, we want you to be at the forefront and you mistakes don't happen the other big companies happen.

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YouTube changed the channel design a few months ago, the whole thing is now called Onechannel And a lot of people who have a channel on YouTube – even big ones Companies didn't notice that. And what happened: we want to show you Doesn't look good, does it? So thumbs down for such a channel. And so that you have your channel in a perfect layout, so that you have done YouTube moderately so that you go out, we're here. And: Follow our channel subscribe to us, you get really good tips to help you make mistakes not happen and you are always one step ahead of everyone else. Because we are the YouTube checkers and check everything for you! So yes, just watch the next video, right? Bye! Take care! So and ehhh, don't forget to subscribe! .

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