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– How are everyday people
sharing their passion and life experience on YouTube, and making incredible income online? How do you start and
grow a YouTube channel that makes money and
also makes a major impact in the lives of people? You will learn how at
Grow With Video Live 2021. A new report from SignalFire
revealed that making a living as a content creator is the
fastest growing small business type right now, and that the creator economy is going to see explosive growth and
billions of dollars of revenue generated over the next decade.

But hold up, there's
some serious challenges you need to know and be aware of. You might be wondering, is it too late to start a successful YouTube channel? Is there too much competition? Maybe you've started posting
videos and you're frustrated because you're not getting views, or maybe you've hit a growth plateau, or maybe you feel overwhelmed
trying to figure out cameras and video editing, and you're wondering how you're
going to learn the newest and best strategies that are
working on YouTube right now.

It's also possible that you
simply don't believe you're smart enough, experienced enough, or good enough to be on YouTube. You're doubting that
this could be something that would actually work for you. If you feel discouraged or
burnt out, I don't blame you. We've been going through
a global pandemic, and besides the challenges
with trying to grow on YouTube, we are facing economic recession, a mental health crisis,
extreme political division, inflation, and massive
change in the job market. – It's true. – And while you may
have been knocked down, you don't have to stay down, because buried within every
crisis, is hidden opportunity. If you want to know how to
transition to making money with YouTube and take advantage
of these uncertain times, then you don't want to
miss Grow With Video Live. If we're just meeting,
my name is Sean Cannell, and over the past decade,
I've built multiple successful YouTube channels to over
2 million subscribers.

I wrote the number one
best-selling YouTube strategy book in the world, "YouTube Secrets," and built a multiple seven figure company. But I did not start there. This is, I guess the
first Sean Thinks blog. I started YouTube during the
hardest season of my life, when my wife almost died
from medical challenges, we had lost our jobs, our home, and we were in personal financial ruin, but through persistence and
learning everything I could about YouTube and online
marketing and online business, I discovered a repeatable process for generating views and
making money with YouTube, and at Grow With Video Live 2021, I'm going to be sharing
that system with you. Grow With Video Live is
a virtual two day event that you can participate in
from anywhere in the world. No plane tickets or hotel rooms needed. During this no-fluff learning experience, you'll discover the fundamentals
of starting a high profit and high impact YouTube
channel in this new decade.

The powerful and yet
little known to stand out from rising competition and
how you can grow your following right now. You will also learn the most
lucrative and proven ways to make money with YouTube, whether you want to create
some extra side income, or you want to quit your
job and be your own boss. You'll learn how to connect the dots on your own YouTube
strategy and make sense of the often weird and
confusing YouTube space.

digital marketing

We're also going to be
pulling back the curtain on the latest YouTube features, updates like YouTube shorts, and our new playbook of
strategies we've been testing at Think Media that have
generated massive views and revenue. To register and take advantage
of special ticket pricing, just go to GrowWithVideoLive.com
to secure your spot. You may not have realized that a new wave of YouTube
entrepreneurs have been emerging during these trying times. People like Mary, who only
started YouTube two years ago. From implementing the
strategies you will learn at Grow With Video Live, she started from zero and now
has over 390,000 subscribers, and she has built a lucrative
business around her channel teaching traditional cooking
from her home kitchen. Or Mike, a local business
owner that was installing epoxy countertops when he
decided to pivot online and joined the YouTube revolution. Not only has he generated
over 210 million video views, but he leveraged his YouTube
success to expand his business and create multiple revenue streams, including e-commerce, brand sponsorships, and affiliate marketing,
just to name a few. Stone coat countertops
has become a multiple seven figure media empire, but it started with
punching fear in the face, and committing to being
consistent on YouTube with the right strategies.

And then there's Nicole, a
kid's occupational therapist, and a parenting coach who
wanted to help new moms by sharing her expertise on YouTube. From applying the strategies
taught at Grow With Video Live, she has grown her channel
to over 129,000 subscribers, and built a six figure at home business that gives her flexibility
to spend time with family and work on projects that inspire her. These aren't YouTube celebrities. These are everyday people
that caught a vision, and stepped up encouraged
to create a different future by leveraging the power of YouTube.

If you're ready to get off the sidelines and get into the YouTube game, then don't miss Grow With Video Live 2021. It's not a pitch fest. It's not recycled information
you've heard before. It's not untested theories from internet gurus that
don't have real results, and the speakers are not
unrelatable celebrity influencers who are disconnected from the struggle of everyday creators and business leaders. Grow With Video Live is a
movement of small business owners and passionate purpose-driven people from around the world that
are taking their passion, work, experience, and
hobbies and turning them into profitable YouTube businesses. It's two days of high value
and actionable strategies that anyone can follow
step-by-step to win on YouTube, and we've worked hard to make
the pricing more affordable than ever with three
different ticket levels, so that you can find
the perfect fit for you.

Just go to GrowWithVideoLive.com
to secure your ticket and get the must needed
strategies, advice, and mindset training for dominating on YouTube over the next decade. We've received hundreds of stories from people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds that have
transformed their lives and personal finances with the
information they have learned and the relationships they
made at Grow With Video Live. Imagine how it's going to feel
to have the courage to show up on camera, and create your best content. Picture a day when the passive income from your YouTube channel
covers your expenses, and gives you freedom to
spend time on the things that matter most to you.

Feel the confidence that comes
from taking massive action and building a YouTube
channel that you're proud of. It all starts at Grow
With Video Live 2021. It's a new decade of new opportunities, and I want to invite you to
join the Think Media team and I for two life-changing days that will give you the
step-by-step game plan for thriving in the creator economy, and building a high profit and
high impact YouTube business. (chill upbeat music).

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