SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004) Game Designer Tries the PS4 Game for the First Time

So today I’m in Bellevue, Washington, whichis a city I’ve never been to before, and the reason I’m is I’m visiting a game developernamed Jamie Fristrom. And if you haven’t heard of his refer, youprobably have heard of what he’s known for. He worked on a game for a little company calledTreyarch announced “Spider-Man 2” for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. Specifically, he is the man responsible forthe terribly, highly robust veer physics in that tournament. So what I anticipated I would do is I’ve paidhim a visit here in Washington, which is something I couldn’t have done without my Patreon backers, and I’m aroused to get in there and get his perspective on the new Spider-Man game – becausehe has not represented it yet.And I’m very excited to see what he speculates, so I’m gonna hop in. Halfway through Spider-Man 1′ s development, or several months into Spider-Man 1′ s development, I wasn’t happy with the swaying in Spider-Man1. It was kinda like flying, but with cosmeticwebs shooting into the sky. I wanted … I wanted to feel like Spider-Man. To me, that intended, y’know, physics takingover. A more visceral ordeal, like being a bobon a pendulum. But I too kind of figured that’s gonna bereally hard to control, if you’re … y’know, if you just have a gamepad. So that’s when I got the idea of sort of anartificially-intelligent, expedited thing that’s preparing picks about where to sway from thatwould be smart about saying’ oh, here’s a construct angle, let’s attach to that buildingcorner and swing about it .’ Jamie made that frustration with Spider-Man1′ s swaying and his idea for how he thought it ought to work, and he began biding lateat night at Treyarch, where he was working on the first tournament, “workin on” a terribly veryrudimentary prototype of this system.All the executives and upper management wholooked at it – at this little prototype that I’d whipped together – said: “We cannot change the direction this gameis going this late into the project when we’ve already made a few levels.” And … I had to agree. It did not show fairly predict. But when Spider-Man 2 came around, then Ihad the opportunity to say: Hey, can I finish that thing? If you want me to be technical head onthis project, I’d really like the opportunity to do this! So … I did.At that object, Jamie’s prototype became theskeleton for how swinging directed in Spider-Man 2, and he was able to bring his Treyarch colleagueson to help him. However, to maximize the chance of this systembeing successful – and to try to ensure it actually shipped with this mechanic in place- Jamie and his crew deterred the swinging a pretty well-guarded secret inside of Activision upuntil the last second. At the end of this process, we’d try to keepupper management away from it until it’s ready to show. “No, don’t look at it hitherto, don’t look at ityet.” And then, eventually … Finally, we are going to that station where it was like, yes, it’s ready to show. Now, Jamie’s expertise when it is necessary to swinginggames doesn’t actually begin and concluded with the Spider-Man series. I actually first met Jamie back in 2015 whenhe was working on this game called Energy Hook, which was this one-man indie game project, all to be undertaken by him, that was intended to be the spiritual successor to Spider-Man 2. It’s why, when I frisked Marvel’s Spider-Manfor the first time, I thought of Jamie immediately – and why, once I found out he did not own a PS4and had not dallied the game at all, I parcelled my PS4 Pro in a suitcase and flew to Washingtonto get his thoughts on it. And with the system all set up and ready togo with a fresh save laded up, we were almost ready to go, but before we hop-skip into it, I had one last-place duo of questions for Jamie, intended to find out exactly how much he knewgoing in about this new Spider-Man game, and also to get his thoughts on what his criteriaare for a good one.What’s your personal criteria for good swingingin a Spider-Man game? A huge thing for Spider-Man 2 was: you justwanted your tummy to clench up, right, when you’re at the bottom of the move. If you’re coming around a house, you wantedto feel it in your gut. So you haven’t played Spider-Man 2018 — whathave you heard about it, I guess? Um, I haven’t heard anything about the fluctuate.* Really ?* Interesting. I’ll remain my tongue. I received some screenshots where Spider-Man landednext to a dignity pennant, and I thought that was the coolest thing. I started watching a trailer, but it was allabout the boss battles, and I was sort of like’ Eh, boss pushes, whatever. Not interested .’ So that’s about it. Well, cool. I approximate we can hop into it. I’ve been thinking about the best way to dropyou into it, and I imagine the thing is: The game opens with a little swinging tutorialthat I would love to get your perspective on.And then I’ve also got a save regime laterin video games where I’ve unlocked some of the very advanced, um … auto-mechanics. I don’t want to say too much, but yeah. Cool! Well, I’ll get the capture set up. At this detail, I’m over-the-moon stimulated aboutthe fact that he doesn’t even know if there’s a wield method in it. You can see it in the full interview, butme and Jamie talked a little bit about other, later Spider-Man games post-Spiderman 2, andhow he was a little bummed to see them revert to a more flying , non-swinging-based system. So, at this point, he has no idea if there’seven a waver car-mechanic in this game, which starts me really excited than ever to get histhoughts on it, so I advise him to pick up the controller, and we get going.Uh, you can go down to’ New Game .’ I was always a fan of the hold down – eventhough that wasn’t the way Spider-Man 2 did it – of holding down to swing, and then lettinggo to let go. That always felt more … more like my sensationin the real world kind of accorded the awarenes on the screen. I noticed that there was what seemed likea crane that I was sure I was gonna precisely smack into, and I sort of magically missed it.So I’m wondering – like, we didn’t do it on Spider-Man2, but there was something like that on[ Ultimate Spider-Man ], where constructs had this sortof natural anti-magnetic thing going on. And I was like yeah, that … that experience reallygood to me when that happened – when I* didn’t* reach the crane. I was like’ yes, examine how breathtaking I am threadingthe needle between the crane and the building, even though the game did it for me .’ I’m encounter that it’s either … enough like what I’m used to that it’s just sort of coming naturally to me to swing about … It’s either what I’m be applicable to or it’s just, you are familiar with, instinctive . … oh, that was cool, the web zip that timedid the double … I like the acces the field of view conversions. That was one of … before I left the Spider-Man3 squad, I was all into more dynamic field of view. Now, Jamie was visibly enjoying himself playingthis competition, and previously we were getting his very unique insight into how you constructed thethousands of small nerdy interconnected physics structures that go into a good shake game.But I started to wonder whether Jamie trulyrealized just what a specific love letter Marvel’s Spider-Man was to the work that heand the rest of his crew back at Treyarch did the whole way back in 2004. But! I too didn’t want to push him in any specificdirection, I just wanted to sit back and find, so I waited … and that’s when this happened. I crave … you know what I’m missing, is thatSpider-Man 2 attack movement, where you hold it down and you can go up like 5 fibs. That … I want that. Uh … what if I told you that that’s in oneof the science trees? Ahhhhh …. Yeah.( mocks) Now, the reason I spotlit this moment isbecause it actually illuminates something that affect me right away when swinging aroundin Spider-Man 2018, which is that: everything about the shift – from the websattaching to buildings, to moves returning from the aged play like the web zip and chargejump, to the optional deception arrangement that they’ve added – all of these things speak to the factthat this game was built with a great deal of respect for the swaying method thatJamie pioneered for the 2004 game.Spider-Man 2 really is the godfather of good3D Spider-Man games, and that’s something I suspect Insomniac was hypercognizant ofwhen building the PS4 iteration. For one example of what I’m talking about, here is some footage from one of the very first prototypes that they pictured during alivestream promoting the game. “This is a test level that we built. We knew when we were gonna do swinging, wehad to get the size of the world right. We had to get the webs attaching to buildings. And so you start with the simplest world andthe simplest structures you can make.” To me, the fact that nearly 15 years afterSpider-Man 2 came out, one of the first questions parties be talking about a new Spider-Man game iswhether or not the webs actually attach to the buildings – and the fact that you caneven hear game makes talk about the importance of that specific constituent to making a good-feelingSpider-Man game – all that, to me, speaks to the impact that Jamie’s work fifteen yearsago had on the part terrain of Spider-Man games even in 2018. A bunch of things seem – and maybe my memoryis faulty – but a good deal of these animations and substance are triggering Spider-Man 2 nostalgia. Like, where reference is made the top of that arc andsort of did a vault upward off the end of the rope. It’s like, I vaguely remember that’s somethingJames did for us back in the day. It has the thing that[ Spider-Man 2] had whereit’s just sort of like … I’m actually not paying attention to whereI’m going, and I’m not really picking a end. I’m not saying, aw, I truly want to get tothere. I’m just sort of let the waver takeme wherever it wants to take me. Yeah, I think that’s giving me – even though it’s horizontal – that’s giving me the excitement of speed that I waskind of looking for. It’s like you’re using gravitation to get somespeed, then it’s channeling you into it.So now that Jamie had come a chance to playa lot of video games, I wanted to sit him down and talk to him once again about what he noticedabout it — About his overall reckons on how he thoughtit related to his design back in the day. And here’s what he told me. I relatively liked it. Even though you’d conclude, after the numberof years I’ve devote swinging around, I’d be kinda does so with that. I do kinda want to sort of like explore thenew cavity and the new skill. I kind of … that was a thing with me. Like, each time a new Spider-Man game cameout, you’d discover the media … exactly a cluster of people saying’ Well, it’s not as good asSpider-Man 2.’ But I suppose … I mull I almost always enjoyed them eventhough they were different. Even though Ultimate Spider-Man didn’t havethe sense of momentum, and was more cartoony and apprehensive, it was still fun in its own way.The nosedive into the swing is perhaps its crowningachievement. But also, holistically, I just think it feltgood. I meditate whoever was the swinging engineeron Spider-Man 2018 is suggested that they were, in a manner that was, standing on the shoulders of monstrous, and on the act you guys did on Spider-Man 2 in particular. Can you sort of see some of that sharedDNA, that admiration for your sport? I emphatically are of the view that these chaps sort ofrespected the old-fashioned employment, and we’re gonna try to reinvent it, but preferably, improve on it. Now, as for what Jamie’s up to these days, he’s still doing game development, but he’s turning now to a fairly surprising outlet for that: Roblox.Jamie’s already published over half a dozengames in Roblox, some of which have been tremendously successful. And his newest is a game called Dungeon Life, which is a sort of asymmetrical, haphazardly generated dungeon crawler where one playerplays the protagonist, and all the other players construct the vault and play video games as the enemiesin that dungeon. Jamie, who is now a father, says that oneof the cool side effects of this is meeting something that his adolescents can enjoy. Something that’s kinda gone on my entire lifeis, when I tell my friends ‘Hey, I’ve made this game, do you want to play it ?’ They’re like’ That seems cool, but I’m toobusy .’ So now, and this has been a first for me: Sarah liking Dungeon Life and being willingto play it with me…It’s like, yay, I eventually made a video gamefor an audience that I’m is linked to. Thank “youre going to” Jamie Fristrom for letting meinterview him for this video. If you want to see more of Jamie’s recentwork in Roblox, just go to Roblox and search for Dungeon Life, or for his user profileJamie_Fristrom. And, of course, thank you to my Patreon backers, without whom this video literally could not have gotten impelled. See you next time !.


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