Startup City – How to Use Video in Marketing 2 – Video should support the marketing goals

let's face it video production can be an undertaking and we're always thinking about return on investment to ensure that your video production is as targeted and as effective as it can be my advice is to make it part of a larger marketing campaign you should have identified a few marketing goals and metrics before taking on the video project and at the bare minimum you should know the target audience for the video and what numbers would signify that this was a successful venture a few common marketing goals are how many views did the video achieve or did anyone watch the video and call us to ask about more information Google Analytics makes it really easy to track click throughs and you can create your own marketing goals to match your specific needs but if someone in your group says hey let's do a video your next statement should be cool by the by what are the marketing goals knowing the goals going into the process it can make the whole project more of a real success


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