Student Event- Blueprint Online Marketing Workshop- 2/15/11

hi I'm Chris Campbell with lakeshore branding and today I hope the students learned a little about online marketing search engine optimization and Google AdWords really enjoyed talking to them and hopefully they could improve their websites and grow their business my advice to young entrepreneurs is execution is the key ideas are a dime a dozen just go out there and do it I really enjoy this because I felt like I was getting the inside scoop in marketing you know little tips and secrets and you know it wasn't a lot of information I wasn't interested and it was all questions I so I was I'm very specific very helpful well it was a good opportunity to actually meet somebody who would gone out in the industry and done what I'm looking to do as an entrepreneur taught a lot about web based things things I needed to know the inside stuff I gave some good costs and good ideas of where to go had a lot of knowledge and you know it was really helpful for what I needed to do for my new business

Chris Campbell

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