How to CREATE A FACEBOOK VIDEO PLAYLIST // simple video marketing tool

wouldn't it be great to curate your facebook  video content in a way that keeps your audience   on your facebook page longer watching every  single video you've created a facebook video   playlist lets you create a netflix style video  content that skyrockets your video views and   keeps your audience engaged i'm sure by now you've  […]

Why Video Marketing is Taking Over | Why Your Business Needs It NOW!

Why video marketing is taking over. Video marketing has risen to the forefront as one of the most innovative ways to boost your company’s brand to target consumers. In fact US digital video and ad spending has nearly doubled to 8.03 billion dollars since 2013. By the year 2017 internet video traffic will amount to […]

Video Marketing Course – Module 1 Intro to Video Marketing

okay guys welcome to module one in this  module our expert will give you a brief   intro to video marketing so get ready to  take some notes and let's jump right in   there's no question about it videos have  revolutionized modern marketing and communication   the reason being is that it drives the most  engagement and […]

Effective Video Marketing Starts with a Strategy

Video marketing is a strategy. There's a lot of companies that they they do video, they have a YouTube page or they have a video on the website but they don't have video marketing. They're not attaching it to specific campaigns to a landing pages, to blog entries they're just creating a video so video […]

Why should I use VIDEO MARKETING for my business? – A real world view

Are you hurting your business by not using video marketing? Professional video production can seem like an expensive and risky investment but if done properly the benefits far outweigh the risks. If this is your first time watching one of our videos, let us know by giving this video a like. Make sure you subscribe […]

Video Marketing Secrets To Boost Your Revenues – Part 1

If you are not using video marketing in your campaigns you will lose clients, customers and revenues. Potential customers love videos. They enjoy watching videos. As long as the video is both entertaining and informative, they will be engaged and keep watching. If this is your first time here and you want to build a […]

Top Video Marketing Tips And Trends Anyone Should Know | Teun Van Der Lugt

– People are passionate about something. They are keen to share it. They know everything they wanna share. It's all in their head, but it's not structured. And nobody's gonna be able, if you're gonna talk on video. Nobody's gonna be able to ask you any questions. Nobody's gonna ever be able to stop you. […]

How to Plan a Marketing Video | Video Marketing Tips

how do you plan your video marketing serie there are three key questions we need to answer let's go through them now the question is what are you going to make videos about and in order to answer that question you've got to think about what you're passionate about find your passion in addition to […]

Lead the Way, Part 1: Capture a Lead with Video Marketing

In the last few years video marketing has completely transformed. So if your job involves commissioning videos it's important that you get up to speed with how video marketing is working today. In the old days it was pretty standard to make a video and then put it out on DVD to send to prospects, […]

Video Content Marketing for Mid-Market and Enterprise Tech

Video Content Marketing for Mid-Market and Enterprise Tech When it's used strategically video content marketing helps companies attract the right mid-market and enterprise technology buyers and other key stakeholders in these accounts from the right places, at the right time, and most of all, in the right context. So that their team members, their team […]