Effective Video Marketing Starts with a Strategy

Video marketing is a strategy. There's a lot of companies that they they do video, they have a YouTube page or they have a video on the website but they don't have video marketing. They're not attaching it to specific campaigns to a landing pages, to blog entries they're just creating a video so video […]

Why should I use VIDEO MARKETING for my business? – A real world view

Are you hurting your business by not using video marketing? Professional video production can seem like an expensive and risky investment but if done properly the benefits far outweigh the risks. If this is your first time watching one of our videos, let us know by giving this video a like. Make sure you subscribe […]

Storytelling 101: Video Marketing

How to think about story and what are the fundamentals? Before picking up a camera or writing your next piece of copy don't you think your next piece of content could be told a little more effectively with some planning? If you can't write a decent spot a copy then chances are you can't create […]

Video Marketing Made Simple: Video Testimonials (And Product Videos) | Reel Gold Ep 4, Pt 2

– Excuse me, it's early. (bottle popping) (gulping drink) A bit more hand sanitizing. (hands rubbing) (gulping drink) (hands clapping) (gulping drink) (hands rubbing) (inhales heavily) (gulping drink) Still really early. (upbeat music) Five reasons why you definitely need testimonial videos. Testimonial videos have quite an odd characteristic in a sense that you can slice […]