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hi there was Michael keys and I hope you've got some really healthy target set for june and i want you to crush it in june and have a really great finish to the financial year so in the last couple of weeks I've shared with you some great tools for achieving your goals in real estate sales including a target calculator and motivational exercises and I shared with you my turning point on how I went from no sales in seven weeks to 19 house sells the very next month and then I average SAT eleventh sales per month for many years after that but today I want to talk to you about the marketing materials are used to help me achieve this and I tribute much of my results to prospecting in pure hard work but canvassing the area with marketing material is very important in the process as well there's a marketing concept called the crop three-hit theory and this is where you contact people three times within one month and it's on the third contact that you get the results you see when i had my seven week sales drought I would have loved somebody to help me with marketing advice so on thursday i'm holding a teleconference and if you find it on the day i'm going to give you an article that you can distribute in your area immediately to help you supplement your prospecting efforts and achieve your income and sales targets and i really want to share with your blueprint for canvassing your area so that any immediate home seller will think of you after seeing so much of your personal brand will look at the real estate marketing blueprint five steps to canvassing your area so the remediate home sellers think of you and i'm also going to share with you how i implemented the crop three-hit theory to get many many phonons every week and every month and i told you to ask any questions you'd like when you registered for the teleconference below so here's how it works register below using the phone number that you call in on and that way we can recognize when you arrive and you'll receive your article via email afterwards and once your enter your details below you'll receive an email with the details to call in on including the time and all the other details if you have any queries please email support @ michaelkors.com do you recording teleconference so please keep that in mind I want to read present I want you to be bold I want you to be enthusiastic and above all I want you to have a fantastic June and into Thursday this is michael keys saying goodbye

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