Talking Tom and Friends – The audition (Season 1 Episode 0)

Are you ready? I hope you’re ready, because I am clearly ready. What am I prepared for? I’ll tell you what I’m ready for. I’m ready for you Tv farmers to give me my own testify. Oh ginger pay attention. Okay, here it is the talking tom reality. Tv establish audition video Music. Now I’m not gon na come on now and be like Oh farmers. Please please, please give me reality show no. I don’t need to do that. Why? Because I know, when you witness my friends and my cool live, you’re gon na, be like oh Tom, please please, is letting us give you a reality, see hey, probably “re paranoid”, but wanted you to made to ensure that you knew I was kidding when I Was acting looks just like you for canopy evading me to do a reality, support okay, okay and trimmed thanks, ginger Angela, I came here as rapidly as I could. Your message said it was urgent. Is everything? Okay? Yes, I’m. Finally filming my actuality display audition tape. Oh not really interested. Now, Angela, I need you to check the acoustics for our brand-new world. Tv acknowledgment: booth Tom, it’s, a lavatory, well, yeah beings sound great in the bathroom that’s why they sing in the shower there.’s no shower in here there ,’ s, precisely a bathroom, shower lavatory apply your curiosity. What call my resource? Are? You kidding me right now that’s our Angela. She’s , not only my good friend, but she is also kind of a pop star. You is likely to be know some of her chorus, Music, yeah, yeah, newborn babe. Why don’t you send one of your carols. I adoration Tom, but my overseer thought it might hurt my career to sing one of my real sungs on his crazy audition tape. As you can see, this is no everyday place garage, it’s what we call the studio and it’s where I cause recreations and songs and apps with my best friend and business partner Ben. Ah, please tell me that camera isn’t recording. Are you kidding me that was reality? Tv gold Ben here is the owner of all this high tech, expensive rig, correct Tom, so don’t you dare touch it Ben 39. S mom will let him keep the stuff at his house because of a few too many shall we say power rises induced a few too many. Shall we say the house flamings not really my fault. Our electricity grid seriously needs an upgrade so Ben. Can you tell us what kind of mind blow living converting high tech invention you’re working on? I can, but I don’t see the reason why I would oh come on Ben. Tell us what it does. Well, if you must know this is a squirting flower joke app ooh what’s that no no don’t pushing it. Hmm it doesn’t even operate. Well, it should now that is the funniest thing I “ve ever known” you do. What do you convey? I’m – often very funny – ah , not really uh huh. I am so nope nope, hmm, you reality display producers, you should know the following. Yes, I’m a tech genius, but I likewise possess a well rounded temperament. For example, I can be fanciful. I’m often spontaneous. I’m to be held in a amusing highway and most of all I am jocular. You’re humorous what you don’t think I’m funny. You know what forget I say something. Oh! No! No , no , no! You’re , not leaving until I’ve expres everyone that I am more than really the mind of this running. Please don’t um hello viewer, prepare to laugh at the following stand up comedy humor presentation, joke number 1. So yesterday I flew in from the West Coast and son are my appendages, tired Music, so you recognize Tom. The message influenza has two different gists, so Ben. If the joke is funny, you don’t need to explain why it’s funny. Stop it Tom. You’re, embarrassing yourself. I have studied a lot more comedy than you have good day. Oh of course, the best comedy comes from a spreadsheet. What are those two bickering about? Do they think that’s gon na impress individual producers – and why am I is speaking to you instead of talking immediately to them ah take over Music hi? I’m Tom’s roommate Hank, I’ve seen every sitcom made from 1986 to 1994 and in France. Ah, I’m called red-hot ginger. Oh ginger ginger it’s your turn to talk hey that’s. My phone. I told you if you don’t behave. I’m gon na send you residence just like my role model Hank. Ah, I feel Li. What who penalties the minor that’s? Why he searches up to me: hey give me that and tell the producers about yourself tom. You start I’m what people call a utopian some periods, I’ll wake up and think let’s see today. I’m gon na scheme, a hot air balloon that can land on a go asteroid except a hot air. Balloon can’t fly in space that’s. A minor detail comments like that prove that you’re just not a visionary and you’re , not a scientists. You two are a great team. Tell us about some of the apps you’ve created. Oh tell her about the light ray. Oh, why did you fetching that up? The ray ray was an app that used bursts of microwaves to locate parties nearby listed light Wow. Nobody needs that. Well, perhaps we should talk about cook my salmon, the app that utters your phone so sizzling. It can cook salmon, which altogether toiled. It merely drained your battery and determined your throbs on fire, actually guys so tell us how you first met well, it was like a million years ago. No, it was 8 3 years ago. Laughter, eight object: three. You’re talking , absurdity! Nonsense! You’re the king of sillines. No, the vibe I’m going for here is everyone :’ s got their own whatchamacallit. So tom? Is there anything about Ben that does on your nerves? Don’t touch that don’t touch my computer, that’s it. I’m never going to work with you again: Music, hey Tom, how’s it going not so good! I don’t think my video is good enough to convince the TV producers to give me a reality. Show that precisely turned it into a very special Christmas audition video. Would that work? Do you know that show the Hermit Housewives of the Aran Islands sure everyone does they were almost canceled and then they be returned to every incident to do a very special Christmas special. Would that work for us don’t ask me: question this person Music. Somebody disappears Santa hohoho. Where did he come from okay, ginger, clue, the snow and activity this season, children all over the world are going to be asking me for the same thing. Santa there sing. All I want is to see a reality. Show sorry talk to Tom and his friends hey? What is this? It’s, a public service announcement for children who want me to get my own reality depict adolescents watch enough TV. My show will be good. It’ll be like a Christmas miracle, but I’m not sure if the TV makes will like it. Oh, what do you need a Tv make for to make all my dreams come true? Oh good, one tom you don’t need some outdated, washed up TV producer to spawn your own reality TV show I don’t know: oh you need it.’s. A video camera, a computer and a cluster of crazy goofball friends, which you obviously have. I do. Oh yes, you do so simply manufacture the demo yourself. I can do that thanks Santa this may be the best Christmas ever Music, Music, hey buddy, Ned Johnson. Until about Awful’s, singing stops, I’m staying right in now with you revelation camera you ,’ re welcome, forgot my Christmas list. Oh Music,.


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