Terri Murphy – Online Marketing Tactics Part 2

write this down to transparency and authenticity transparency no more can we hide behind the cloak of a big company they want to know who the president is they want to see you and hear you and and experience you customize with twitter and blog posts this is one where you can see they've posted their recent Twitter's so that is done with the program so you don't have to say I don't have time for this promise me that today you'll be into curiosity and not judgment just for another 30 minutes you can create your own group I just happen to pick something like a so autism has an entire group where people have discussions write this down in order to get paid by the internet you have to play you have to play to play which means you have to contribute to groups you may have to create a group you have to give comment so that people say well if you play on my playground I'll play on yours what it costs is time and attention and maybe only 30 minutes a day but it's like that garden you put that seed in there you water it you just don't get the oak tree the next day takes a little while if you're willing to invest in LinkedIn if nothing else it will repay you a hundred times over and it is what free do you imagine what you could learn from experts all over the country without having to pay them you can have the collective intelligence of 30 or 40 top producing companies or people or experts just by asking that is a powerful it's a very powerful tool and here's i just took mine as an example my connections i have 581 at the time i am two degrees away from having 164,000 302 degrees away I'm three degrees away from six thousand seven hundred and forty-one connections and I would have over so just close to 7 million connections if I would engage now you say well Terry I don't need 7 million we need seven million anybody that has money that wants to use my services or wants me to refer your services or Tony's Anthony's it's a great way for us to help each other and this is networking on steroids because this happens in your pajamas at one in the morning when no one can see you when you're depressed on a Saturday morning whenever it works twenty-four seven to promote you and what you do and how you do it to make you different from or better than your competition


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