The 3 content marketing keys for L’Oreal Paris, Part 2

what are the ways you're learning about your consumers better understanding them in order to obviously be more useful or more entertaining you know for us it's really social listening you know talking to our search agency about some of the things that they're seen as well as you know redefining your relationships with your agencies and your partners I mean they have a ton of information and how to have those conversations about what they're seeing so you can make sure you know I think the the the scary part in all of this is you know one of the things that you said earlier you know looking at it through the right filter through what audiences really want versus what brands want to say and I think internally there's a huge danger because I think that marketers know how to evaluate a piece of advertising but how do you evaluate a piece of content how are you trained to do that how do you stop yourself from turning a piece of content into a bad advertising so I think it's really really important to make sure that you're being pretty pure about this and really listening to consumers through any outlet that you have how are you measuring a success of a program or content if something if you release some thing if it's a video I mean are you tracking it right back to sales are you looking at EECOM I mean what are the ways that content becomes a success for example for something like a highly produce like a Project Runway like a lot of that a lot of the success with that has to do with you know changing brand equity and making sure that we're seen as the most fashionable approachable you know the true expert in the space all the way down to something like a how-to video which you know is very you know low-cost to produce and it's very reactive and you can really see you know how are people engaging with it how much time have they spent with it what are the comments that they're making on it what do they want to learn more of so I think it really just has to be customized for what it is that you're trying to achieve

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