The TRUTH About Online Marketing | Big Picture Business Podcast EP 29

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Well, hey, today, check it out. We're going to talk about the
truth about online marketing. And this is something that I
wanted to talk about for a little while, because for those
of you who don't know that I've been listening to the podcast
for a while now. Rory and I are not just business owners. But in
fact, we really excel at online marketing, that is like our
happy place, we love to talk about all this online marketing,
how we can continue to level up and help our clients grow and
help our own businesses grow and the podcast grow and all that.
So I feel like we are very much up to date on what is currently
happening in the online marketing world. But there's a
lot of stuff about the online marketing world, that's pretty
gross, too. Right, I mean, we've encountered some just like, just

You know what I mean, we're gonna talk about all kinds
of stuff that's just ripping the band aid off as we like to do
for all of you. We're going to talk about what you need to
know, before hiring a marketing agency. We're gonna talk about
the shady underground of like all these people who call
themselves the marketing gurus, and the harsh realities of
social media marketing, because there's a lot, and I can speak
to that wholeheartedly. Like I was a social media marketer for
years. I still do a little of it in my marketing agency. But I've
passed that on to other people who know better than I do now.
So that I can focus on providing you quality content for the
podcast. Rory Carruthers: You mean, focus
on the big picture. Dominica Lumazar: Yes, focus on
the big picture. Thank you exactly. But there's so many
things that you'll hear from a lot of the Guru's quote unquote.
For those of you not watching this on YouTube, which you
should be watch this on YouTube. But yes, there's a lot of stuff
that we're going to just cover in this episode that I feel like
is so important.

So you can make the right decisions in your own
business. If you're either looking to hire a marketing
agency, or if you're considering starting a digital marketing
agency, and just the things that you need to know, Rory Carruthers: I've been
working on line for well over 20 years now. I've seen everything,
pretty much. Yeah, I've seen all the scams I've seen what works,
what doesn't, I've seen the everything behind the scenes
that you would not believe I've heard about things like people
who present themselves one way and then they are not that way.
And you would not believe it.

And now I'm not going to call
out people because that's not what we're here to do. Dominica Lumazar: Not what we
do. Rory Carruthers: What we're here
to do is to make you aware of the tactics and the strategies
that they use, so that you can be aware of what they're doing.
So they cannot manipulate you anymore. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah.
Especially being in this day and age.

Unfortunately, we are still
during the COVID. Like we're still in COVID right now. And
there's so much distrust like now more than ever. And so
there's a lot of questions that you have to ask yourself to
protect yourself. And we have to really ask ourselves, like, who
has the answers? You know, it's all of this. So? Rory Carruthers: Yeah, yeah. Dominica Lumazar: So something
that I want to mention here is gurus, all right, really prey
upon people who are looking for instant results. And I'm going
to tell you right now, instant results and online marketing,
don't mix. They just don't. Online Marketing is a long game.
And it's not to say that you could post something and have it
go viral The next day, but that's very few and far between,
like your content is highly unlikely to go viral.

Okay, so
it's amazing how things are being sold online. And we're I'm
sure you see this all the time. Just even in our news feeds on
our own social media pages. Like on Facebook, I'll see like, sign
up today. $10,000 in your first week, and I just crack up and
then I feel sad because they're People are falling for that. Rory Carruthers: And what they
do is they say, Hey, you know, download my free guide. And
there's nothing wrong with offering free information. Okay,
I want to say that straight up, but what they do is they say,
download my free guide, and then they upsell you. And they say,
Okay, well buy my $37 product and you'll earn, you know,
$10,000 next week. Hmm. And it's this whole kind of bait and
switch thing. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah, it's
like true clickbait. But they've hooked you in a different way.
Right. And it's sad. It's sad to watch that go down, especially
right now, especially when people are just so desperate to
like, reinvent themselves and do something new and grasp on to
what these influencers are offering, right.

It just feels
really inauthentic. And it sucks, it sucks to watch it. And
there are people out there who can actually help people get
results. But like you were saying, right at the beginning
here, Rory Carruthers: getting results
online takes time building a business takes time. One of the
things I want you to think about, okay, the foundation of
online marketing came from direct sales and direct sales
always was very much about how do we get people to take an
action right now? And it was this, like, you've got a
purchase now mentality? And how do we market to this a mass
amount of people and get a small number of them to take action? Dominica Lumazar: Mm hmm. Rory Carruthers: That transition
to online. And that whole process, this went online, and
that was how it was done. Now, things have started shifting,
some of that stuff still works. But it's it was very over the
top because it had to get you very emotional make you get make
a decision right away.

Now, if you're selling something that is
very low ticket, meaning 10, 20 $30 type of thing, you have to
focus on going from an ad to that initial sale very quickly,
like that's what they are doing. But when you are playing a
longer game with your business, and you have higher ticket
products, you can't just go you know, buy my $50,000 coaching
program. Right now. Dominica Lumazar: Right? It's a
process. It's a process, it's a trust building, right? Rory Carruthers: Yeah. Try those
same tactics, it's not gonna work. Yeah, absolutely. No, and
the other thing to think about is, if you're building a real
business, like, think about buying a franchise, now, the,
we're not even going to say, the number one franchise out there,
which I don't even remember what the number one franchise, but
let's just say it's a McDonald's or, or something like that,
which are, you know, millions of dollars to buy into. But the
number 99 franchise to buy into is a Jiffy Lube. Because I
looked this up a few weeks ago.

And it's it's still about
$100,000, to buy into the franchise, and then you've got
to buy, you've got to go and rent a building, you've got to
be, you've got to get approved for, you know, credit to run the
business, you've got to hire staff, you've got to buy
equipment for that business. You've got to buy supplies,
you've got to put together your marketing systems, you've got to
have a business plan that's going to support you for three
to five years, right? You think about all these things, you've
got an investment to put in a lot of times what people do is
they go and think that they can just put together an online
business and in three weeks, say I'm going to make $10,000 Well,
if like a real business person is investing hundreds of 1000s
of dollars into a franchise with a return of looking at getting a
return in three to five years on their investment.

What makes you
think that you're smarter than someone who has, like extensive
business knowledge has made very wise business decisions that
you're just going to hop online and make a lot more money than
them? Dominica Lumazar: I think that's
the common misconception, right? It's like people who are new to
this game. Think you know what, I've got 100 grand, I'm just
gonna go ahead and drop it in Facebook ads.

A lot of people
really think that they think they're gonna get an epic return
on that, Rory Carruthers: you know, well,
most people don't even have 100 grand to go. I've got $100 I'm
gonna drop it on Facebook ads, and that's all they have. And
they don't even realize you can't even test your Facebook
ads for $100 these days Dominica Lumazar: real quick,
because you mentioned franchises. I just have to share
the list according to Google, number one, McDonald's. Number
two, Rory Carruthers: I was right Dominica Lumazar: You were

I know you were right. Number two, KFC three is Burger
King, four 7/11 five dominoes, six Ace Hardware Corporation.
Seven century 21. Wow, that seems surprising eight Papa
John's nine Taco Bell and coming in at number 10. Any guesses?
It's a pizza company. Rory Carruthers: Another pizza
company Dominica Lumazar: it is. Yep.
Domino's no good guess though. No, it's Pizza Hut. Rory Carruthers: Ah, Dominica Lumazar: is that
interesting? I would have guessed maybe two of those.
That's Yeah. Wow. If you're looking to get into a franchise,
you got some cash. But anyway, Rory Carruthers: it's big money
to drop into these franchise. You have to pay franchise fees
every year Dominica Lumazar: no fees, but
you have to abide by their branding by their they're super
strict regimen of like what goes into everything you do, you've
got to look at the product aspect of it.

I have a very
close friend of mine that is a Maaco franchisee and that's like
bodywork auto body work. And he does very well. He's in the
Sacramento area. And he does extremely well, like they've won
tons of awards. But getting into that position has taken like 20
years to get to where he is today. And it's so regimented
what he can do what he can't do.

In fact, I'd love to have him on
the podcast be really fascinating and talk to him just
because of what that looks like what it means to be a franchisee
you know, super fascinating stuff. I'll reach out to him. Rory Carruthers: Was that just
the top 10 list? Or was it the top? Dominica Lumazar: That was just
the top 10 list? I have more you want to hear more? Rory Carruthers: No.

I found the
top 100 because I wanted to find something that was approachable,
like okay, most people aren't when you're looking at a
franchise, you go, Okay, well, I'm probably not going to choose
the top one or two because that's such a high investment.
What was the top, you know, something that was like top 100
and 99 was a Jiffy Lube on the list that I'd found. Dominica Lumazar: We've had our
witty banter about franchises because we love to tangify as we
all know. Now, let's talk about what you need to know before
hiring a marketing agency. And this applies for online
marketing as well as brick and mortar. Okay, we've got a list
for you here that's so important to pay attention to all right.
Number one, first and foremost, you guys, this is so important.
You get what you pay for with a marketing agency. If you think
for a second, you can go online and hire someone that you never
talk to on the phone.

You never talk to via zoom or in person.
There's a reason. Okay, like it's so important if someone's
going to be in charge of your brand. If someone's going to be
in charge of representing you and your business. Oh my gosh,
it needs to be a little personal. Right, Rory.
Absolutely. Rory Carruthers: I mean, we both
own marketing agencies. So we know the ins and outs of it. If
someone posts a link up on a website and is like, Hey, you
know, you can run Facebook ads will run your Facebook ads, and
we just charge you $50 a month to run them, you know, no, it
doesn't work like that.

Because there's so much that goes into
it. There's a lot of communication, there's a lot of
back and forth. There's, there's so much more than just send us a
few images, and we'll post your ads. Okay, so you have to
understand that that's number one. Okay, so you get what you
pay for meaning that if you're not willing to invest in quality
people, you're not ready to work with a quality agency? Dominica Lumazar: Oh, that'sa
great way to say it, you're not ready, you're not at that stage.
And that brings us to number two is you have to know what you
want out of the relationship or what your expectations are with
working with an online or brick and mortar marketing agency,
right? You have to know what is it that you actually want?
Because what I have found in my own agency is people come to me
and say the board told me we need a new marketing.

Okay, what
does that mean? Exactly? That's so blanket. What do you mean?
Like, what? What did you try, that's not working? Let's look
at everything. Let's look at the brand. Let's dig really deep
here. But it's amazing how many business owners just are so
consumed with the day to day operations that they forget that
there's a lot of other elements that come into play here where
it can actually make it so that you're not working as hard for
the dollar, right? There's so many things you can do from a
marketing standpoint, from a branding standpoint, where the
dollar start coming in, and you're not having to work as
hard or be consumed with the day to day operations. Right. So
it's amazing how I get that blanket.

Comment a lot. Rory Carruthers: We I see that I
get things like, especially in the book agency where it's like,
I want to be a best seller. All right, okay. But it's like what
To what end? Huh? Where's it leading in your business? You
know, these are some of the questions you know, or I want to
I want to make more money. That's a common one, right? It's
like are we get there? What are the status the price What are
you looking to accomplish? Are you wanting more one on one
clients? Are you wanting to sell more of your course? Are you
wanting to do live events? Are you wanting group coaching like
there's So many different aspects to this, and most people
have not thought this stuff out, Dominica Lumazar: or they just
haven't been introduced to it, right? Rory Carruthers: Yes.

here's Dominica Lumazar: the options.
Yeah, I feel like this homework. Yeah. Yeah, I feel like this
whole podcast should have been called, like, the big strategy.
Because that's in large part what we do, right? Like the big
picture, of course, is important. But you have to take
these necessary steps to get to the big picture before you even
know what that looks like, right? And I'm so grateful that
both Rory and I are in this position with so many
individuals, we've been blessed, where people come to us and say,
Man, I don't know, what do we do, we get to just strategize
and come up with these wonderful ideas for these people that they
hopefully put into action, right.

And in large part that
helps them just select what's next for them in their business.
And so when you go through the process of selecting the correct
marketing agencies, or agency, you need to ask yourself, like,
what's next for me? Is this a good fit? Does this company
align with my company morals with where I'm going with it?
Where the compass is, you know, like, there's so many things you
have to ask yourself? It's not just, Oh, great.

They're gonna
run these ads, I can sleep well, tonight. Rory Carruthers: values are
huge. Do your values align with the agency? You are hiring? Dominica Lumazar: Mm hmm. It's a
big question to ask yourself. Yeah, I mentioned this in a
previous episode. But I started my marketing agency, because I
got taken for a ride from previous one with my first
company, right, like, without getting into too many details, I
got my money taken from me like my last dollar, and the company
was nowhere to be found. And I was just left with nothing,
right, just my money gone. So I had to figure it out, and build
it up, and seek out the proper tools that I needed to get to
the next level. And then you know, Rory happened, and here we
are. But really, it's amazing how many different steps you
have to take, and the thought process for yourself as a
business owner and an entrepreneur to really dig deep
and say, What do I want out of this? Because all marketing
agencies and plans are not the same. So you have to decide that
for yourself. What's next? What does that look like? So set the
expectation for yourself.

And a big part of this too, is how
much do you as the business owner? How much do you want to
be involved in this process? If you want to be totally hands
off? That's one thing. If you want to be hands on, that's
another? So you know, a lot of questions there for yourself. Rory Carruthers: Right? And I'll
just I'll bring that back to like working on a book because
that's a it's a very tangible, concept, to wrap your head

Some of our clients want ghost writing, right? So they
want mostly hands off. Like, go, right, they have our team of
writers go write the book, and let me just approve everything
other people want a lot of back and forth. They want to be
really involved. And then other people want to just go off and
write the book, and just want the editing and the feedback,
like are we on the right track? And, you know, do we have the
concept Right type of stuff. Yeah. Everyone's different.
Right? Everyone's different. You know, we all have different
personalities and what we're in different things that we're
looking to accomplish in our businesses. Oh, yeah, good
agency owners are gonna be able to adapt and work with you,
based on you know, what you're looking to accomplish, you know,
or they'll be or they'll just flat out say, we do this, and we
don't do that and be straight with you.

Which is great. Yeah, Dominica Lumazar: I love
companies like that, where they're like, Hey, here's the
three things we do. And that's it. I love that I love when I
see that. Because when you get too many options. It's kind of
like when you walk into an Italian restaurant, right? And
you sit down, you're like, are these ingredients fresh? Because
there's a million options. Rory Carruthers: I was I was
reading this article, and it was all about these top chefs. And
they were like, they were talking about like, what they
look for when they go into restaurants.

Right, and they
said if there are too many specials on the menu, don't
order anything from the special menu. Oh, Dominica Lumazar: it means they
need to get rid of it. Rory Carruthers: They're like,
trying to get rid of all of the bad food is gonna go bad like
all the food is gonna go bad. Dominica Lumazar: Funny See, I
didn't even know that but my mind thinks that like, if it's a
special that means that is about to go sour and I don't want Rory Carruthers: They said there
should be one or two items only as a special. That's what makes
it special. Dominica Lumazar: Sound Advice
that just saved so many people from food poisoning. So another
thing about what you need to know before hiring a marketing
agency is ask for previous client testimonials or current.
You can do that.

You can say hey, I would love to see some
reviews, some testimonials. Ask and if they're like we don't
have any, maybe move on. Unless if they have a really good
reason why Unless if there's like a confidentiality
situation, or maybe you've heard about this company from, you
know, a close friend who had good experience with them,
there's a lot of reasons why a company might have like not so
solid reviews. Like, for example, I'm a great example of
this. I have super, super strict. I mean, Rory knows this,
like, beyond strict confidentiality agreements with
my clients. Some are celebrities, even more so than
me. Yeah, I've worked with a few celebrities. And I've worked
with people like very high up in the tech industry, where I am
not allowed to even speak about who these people are, what their
business is about, which sucks for me, because then people come
to me like, Can I see your testimonials? Like, Hey, I have
to pause and go, let me look through my NDA, a nondisclosure
agreements, because I don't have a ton of reviews.

You go to
Rory's website, and it's like, Mind blown. testimonials, like,
from here to next Wednesday is amazing. Rory Carruthers: But we find
workarounds around that. Yeah. But also like, don't, you know,
if someone is just like, you know, just getting started? And
they're like, Hey, you know, I'm looking to build up my
portfolio, you know, and you want to give them a shot? That's
fine. Yeah. You know, and they may say, you know, free or
discounted rate. That's fine. You have to know that going in.
That's the situation, you may not get any results. It may be a
wash. Yeah, that is your choice and your decision. If you're, if
you're in that stage in your business, that might be where
you're the pool of people you're pulling from. Yeah. When you're
looking at top level agencies, most likely, you're going to in
in a case like with like with Dominica, you may actually have
to get on the phone and call people.

You may not be able to
see testimonials on the website. Yeah, Dominica Lumazar: yeah, that's
it. And I'm blessed enough to be in that position where I've
worked super hard, Rory he said, He's been in this for 20 years,
I've been doing this for 12 12 12 going on at those like,
right, but it's amazing that I'm blessed enough where I can get
on the phone with people and close really quickly, because
I'm able to speak about certain aspects of my job.

But again,
it's the confidentiality situation that Rory Carruthers: but it also
goes both ways is that our clients know that when they need
that level of confidentiality, that we respect it. Dominica Lumazar: Absolutely.
Yeah. And that one factor has actually gotten me more clients
than not, right? People know, like, Okay, great. What's
fascinating to me is that high level executives, they don't
want to share with anyone, in my experience, right, this is just
me speaking here with my business, they don't want other
people to know that they're getting help. They don't want
others to know that they need something else to help the
cause, or to help the business grow, or whatever it looks like.
And that's Rory Carruthers: fair, they want
to be seen as the savior of their company, they don't want
anyone to know that they need the outside person to come in
and save them.

Right. That's part of their imaging of what
they're presenting to the world, you know, and I've been in that
position of having to do that for other people as well. And I
can't talk about some of those situations. But I have had an
because I've been doing this long enough. I have enough
people that I've worked with that. I've been able to balance
that out. And I consciously chose some clients where I knew
I and took them on, where I knew that I could build case studies
and success stories where that wouldn't be a factor. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah,
unfortunately, for me, I keep I'm like in this in this during
this cycle, I am in a cycle of never ending where people have
like these alter egos, not in a bad way. But it's like an alter
ego where I can't refer to them as like their actual name like
they have, Rory Carruthers: you know,
because of the referral cycle too, Dominica Lumazar: that's it? Rory Carruthers: Yeah, one
person here and it just it spirals.

They're like, this
person did this for me. And they did it in this exact way. And
they'll do the same for you Dominica Lumazar: exactly right.
And I'm so grateful. Rory Carruthers: Yeah. And it
goes like that. And you have to be aware when you're running a
business that things like this happen. And it's like actors who
get typecast in roles in movies where they do like a horror
film, and then they just keep getting asked to do more horror
roles, or they do an action film, and they just keep doing
more action films, or they do a comedy and they just keep doing
more comedies, even though they may be great dramatic actors.
Yeah, they don't get the chance to showcase that because
everyone sees them in a certain way.

Dominica Lumazar: Yeah. Well,
here's the deal. If you need some utmost confidentiality, let
me know. I'm your girl for that. I'm booked out about a year but
get on the list. I'd be happy to help. Anyways, so another thing
about what you need to know before hiring a marketing agency
is, I think this is really important, especially if you're
just getting started know what is being outsourced or what's
happening in house. Okay, Rory Carruthers: this is huge.
Oh my Dominica Lumazar: god, it's
massive, because if you're paying like a premium, but
they're outsourcing it to India, or wherever you want to be aware
of what's happening there, it's really important just to see the
quality of work, right? It's so easy for someone to be a great
salesperson, and then outsource everything and give you mediocre

I'm not saying people that get hired from other countries
are doing mediocre work. That's not what I'm saying. But it's
just the fact that you need to be aware of what's happening
every step of the way, or whoever you appoint to know
what's going on. Okay? Because I can't tell you how many times
people come to me and say, Oh, we hired so and so from, you
know, the Philippines, and they sent us 5000 likes to our
Facebook page, but no one's engaging. Okay, well, that was
all click farm, you know, that's not real people. It's not people
that are engaging with your audience. So just be very aware
of if things are being outsourced if it's being done in

And that will give you a gauge as to what people are
actually doing with your brand in your business. And it will
help you greatly in making that final decision. If that company
is right for you, and your business needs. Rory Carruthers: Yeah, and I've
heard of companies in the book industry what they'll do,
because you know, we don't do this, all of our people are in
the US. So because when you're writing books, you need people
who actually speak English as a first language Dominica Lumazar: they have to
right, Rory Carruthers: what they'll do
is they'll build these teams of people who English isn't their
first language.

And then those people will go and write the
books for them, they'll get these books back, and then it
won't read properly. Right? And then the client will get it and
be like, frustrated. Like, this is not what my book, is supposed
to be. Yeah. And they're like, you know, well, you know, that's
why you only paid what $3,000 for your book. Right? That's why
it was so cheap, right? Dominica Lumazar: Unfortunately,
right. You know, I've got to tell you, this is a little off
topic. But I gotta tell you last week, one of my clients asked me
about how to write a book. And of course, I said, well, you got
to talk to worry. And they said, Well, how do you write your
book, like ghost writer? Because the content is super good.

digital marketing

I'm assuming you hired a ghostwriter. Like No, I did not
hire a ghost writer, Rory painstakingly called me every
Tuesday and recorded me talking for hours. And that is how the
book got written. I just, you know, verbally explained what I
wanted people to know. And then it got transcribed. And the
editing process took forever. That's what took the most time
was the editing process. So for those of you who want to write a
book, don't think you have to sit down and just like start
typing, you can if that's how you do things. But for me, I
needed to just talk and Rory asked me the right questions,
and it just came out.

And then it got transcribed. And then we
edited and edited things, Carley edited, edited some more. So if
you're thinking about doing a book, just know, like, don't be
discouraged, because you don't actually have to sit down and
write it. It's a common misconception. I feel like
people think they have to sit down and do that. No, like,
everyone has a story within them. And you can use that to
your advantage to help fuel your business growth. I cannot say
that enough. Every single day, I take my calls, and someone
mentions my book. Yesterday, I'm on a call with some guy who's
like, Wow, I've never spoken to an international best selling
author before. And it just again, it's like it further
solidifies. Like, yeah, awesome. Great. Let's talk about you. You
know, like, let's get back to you if you are feeling like you
need to or want to. I just can't recommend it enough. And I feel
like I talk about this every episode.

But seriously, like, I
need it. Because this is how my business grows so much. Okay,
moving on. Seriously, though, Rory Carruthers: it's like a
magic pill that grows your business? I don't know. Dominica Lumazar: It's amazing. Rory Carruthers: But only when
done right? Dominica Lumazar: Well, that's
the thing only when done right. And when you have the right
people to like, help support you like you and your wife and your
team. You know, I'm so grateful that I have the book. That's all Rory Carruthers: Are you glad
that I hounded you for Dominica Lumazar: years? Yeah.
Well, because I thought, you know, I thought the whole book
writing process was just like, crap, I have to sit down. When
do I have the time to sit down. And I also here's another
factor. I also was afraid to tell my story, my personal story
of like, what had happened to me and I wasn't ready to talk about

And so that you have to get to a point where you're ready to
talk about certain aspects. And Rory had heard my story like
1000 times because of the music that we've done, and everything
we've shared, Rory and I talk all the time, right? So he's, I
mean, talking to him about it was like Sorry, dude, here we go
again. Rory Carruthers: I lived it. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah. And you
went through with me. Alright, so but all that to say is when
you get to the point, for those of you listening when you get to
that point of like, okay, here I am, I'm ready to tell my story.
It doesn't have to be this huge thing, it can be a little piece
of the bigger picture.

And that's actually how we came up
with this podcast title. I remember we were talking about
my book and I said, Hey, we need to come up with a podcast called
the big picture business podcast. And so here we are. So
side note. write a book, everyone's got a book in them
write a book. It'll help fuel everything you're doing telling
you. Okay, let's get back to the topics at hand. Rory Carruthers: What was this
episode, the truth about online marketing? The truth is you need
a book Dominica Lumazar: the truth is
you need a book fuel to help fuel your online marketing.
Okay. All right. So here's something that I'm passionate
about sharing. Okay. Let's talk about the harsh realities of
social media marketing. Are you ready for this? Rory Carruthers: You know, that
reminds me of that dance song from the 90s bp, BP Dominica Lumazar: BP BP? Is that
the one you're talking about? Or? No? Rory Carruthers: I think so. Dominica Lumazar: Okay. Are you
ready for this? Rory Carruthers: Yeah. Dominica Lumazar: That like
played in front of every basketball? Yeah, whatever.

we're nerds. Okay. All right. So the harsh realities of social Rory Carruthers: gotta leave
that in. That's for the commercial too. Dominica Lumazar: harsh
realities of social media marketing. I'm gonna be real
honest, guys. Every post you've ever made, nobody cares. And
that's just the sad reality. And I hate to be the bearer of bad

But really, nobody cares. Because entertainment wins,
right? So if you've got something funny, if you have
something that's gossip, that's gonna win, that's gonna get
shares, it's gonna get engagements and comments. But if
you're posting just day to day stuff, that's great. Because it
feeds the algorithm. We love to feed the algorithm. But it's not
going to go viral. Rory Carruthers: Yeah, very
little of our like, business posts. Dominica Lumazar: So get Rory Carruthers: get much
traction, know, in the same way, Dominica Lumazar: it feeds the
algorithm. And it's important, but it's not going to be the
next thing that goes crazy. It's just not. So be aware of that,
right. So when you're making your content, calendar, and
you're building out your social media content, go into it with a
grain of salt, right? Like content is important.

We know
that. But just know like, it's not likely to get a lot of
engagement just because there's so much noise happening online.
So consistency is key with social media. But don't be
disappointed. Don't be disappointed if something
doesn't take off or get comments or likes whatever. you're
feeding into the algorithm. And that's what counts, right? At
the end of the day. Yeah. Rory Carruthers: And find ways
if you can to automate as much of your social media, because
there's other things to focus on was growing a business? Dominica Lumazar: Oh, my gosh,
it's amazing how many hours go in? Like, I can speak for
myself, right? Like how many hours go in to doing Instagram
being a part of these private groups and discussing certain
things? And I mean, same for you, Rory, with YouTube? I

It's just endless, right? You could get you get
caught in a cycle where it's like, oh, my gosh, five hours
have gone by? Rory Carruthers: Yeah. I mean,
very easily. I mean, you could, there's so many studies that
have been done on this where you get sucked in to these
platforms. And even if you are consciously aware of it, you
cannot stop it. Dominica Lumazar: Well, yeah.
Especially because we have smartphones, right? Like you all
of a sudden, like I have it right here. You get this thing
in your pocket. And you're like, what's happened in the last five
seconds? Let me see. Did somebody comment? No, I Rory Carruthers: mean, the
average I think it's the average millennial, right? Well, you
know, or whatever, the average person checks their phone
something like 500 times a day. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah, it's
worse than smoking.

You understand that? Like, owning
one of these things is technically worse than smoking,
just because of how often you're checking. And I tried so hard
every day to like, leave my phone in the kitchen at night.
Things like that. Like I don't need to check it at night. But
of course, like my hands literally are like looking for
it. Like, oh, it's not there. It's weird. I think we all just
have it's like an extra appendage. Like looking for the
smartphone that's totally owning us. So but like Rory is saying,
like, just be careful of how often you're checking things and
think about how much time you spent on your phone that could
be going towards other things, right? Is that what you what
you're talking about? Rory Carruthers: Yeah, and a lot
of times There's other things you can be doing in your
business that are gonna lead to growing your business a lot more
than just posting on social media and results.

Yeah, actual,
like real results. Yeah. Nine times out of 10. Yeah. Right.
So, like, listen to this podcast, you have, like, either
one of us could grow a business without doing any social media. Dominica Lumazar: Well, we did. Rory Carruthers: Exactly. But
even even nowadays, like, even with social media being much
bigger than when we started our businesses, we could do it
without social media.

But part of that is just because there's
so much of these ideas that social media is the way that you
grow a business these days, but it's not necessary. Dominica Lumazar: Well, it's not
necessary for sales. Like what I tell my clients a lot is like,
if you're gonna post on social media don't sell influence. And
what I mean by that is like, Don't become an influencer,
okay? But engage, like, influence positive things,
engage with other brands and people and say, Hello, and be
involved. And if people are commenting on your photos, and
your posts, say, Thank you, you know, like, show people you're
human. It doesn't have to be a sales platform. You know,
there's plenty of big companies out there that aren't selling
their wares. Coca Cola is a great example. It's a huge
brand, obviously, one of the biggest in the world, but
they're not selling Coca Cola online, you know, not to
individuals, they're just saying, hey, check us out Happy
Holidays, and people are engaging.

Rory Carruthers: Right. But and
the other thing is batching. Yeah, you know, and that's what
I was trying to get out is like, when you are putting your
content together, create as much content in one period of time,
you know, if you're gonna spend one day a month on it, create
all your content that's going to be for the month and that one
day, automate it. So that it all it is all scheduled, or hire
someone if you can to if you can't automate it through
systems to post it for you.

Yeah. So that you're not focused
on that. Yeah. And then you spend the other 29 days in the
month focusing on things that actually lead to income in your
business. Dominica Lumazar: Yes. Yeah.
cannot agree more. When Rory says automate, please don't use
something like Hootsuite shout out to Hootsuite, your services.
Great. I understand we're trying to do but I'm telling you right
now, when people see that stamp that says Hootsuite on it, it's
so disingenuous to your followers, I'm telling you hire
someone that's going to do it for you, where it doesn't have
that watermark on it, or whatever that says, posted by
blah, blah, blah, like, get someone that's real, that's
going to do it on your behalf because it just feels so lame.
When I see posts like that, in fact, I just scrolled past it, I
don't want to read that.

Someone plan that a month ago, whether
you did or not, I don't want to see it. So there's something
about that just continue to strive for authenticity, when it
comes to posting on social media. Rory Carruthers: And just to add
on to that very quickly. Yeah. Also be aware of what goes out.
So that if you did something that becomes not relevant, as
part of that, say, you know, something big massive thing
happened, like three weeks into your cycle that you have to
stop, make sure you stop it. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah, a really
good example of that. And this is going to age both of us. But
I remember hearing a story from my client that talked about how
he actually opened up his storefront first first location
on 911, the morning of 911. And this was obviously before
automations were even like invented and big social media
platforms were happening. But he had sent out an email to his
like loyal followers saying everything's open, this is

But at the time, there was an automated email system,
like is super nuts, you know, nut and bolt kind of thing, or
at gritty where he sent that out the morning of 911 and didn't
even follow up because of what had happened. And everyone was
just like an awe shock. And it took a really big toll on his
business because of that, obviously, right? It's like it
shows just this huge, like a non sensitive like How dare you not
pay attention to current events and what's happening so yeah,
all that to say it's just be like Rory is saying, just be
really aware of what is happening around you and make
appropriate posts according to that.

Something else that I feel
is important to mention, which is horrible. So bear with me
here, but it's true, is that the vast majority of people who
follow you who say that they love you are waiting for you to
fail. Okay. People are waiting for you to fail because they
love gossip. They love to see what's next. They love to see
how you're going to come back from stuff. And a good example
of that. I hate to say good example.

But an example of that
happened over Valentine's Day weekend just a couple days ago.
I have to give a shout out to farm girl flowers. I sent farm
girl flowers to my mom for Valentine's Day. One of my
favorite companies of all time. Their flowers are stunning.
Always arrived on time. Always beautiful. Always. have extras
involved like great company I even sent some of your wife
worried just their beautiful flowers. And the owner who's
lovely, got on social media on live and explained that due to
the ice storms that were happening, they, you know, very
delayed shipping, and the orders that got sent out that actually
did, you know, arrive their destination, you know, arrived
frozen or completely ruined or whatever, right, like flowers
are temperamental. And you would think that her following of
millions would be supportive and say no problem. We still love
you. She gave you no refunds to everybody.

She made sure to make
things right. And even then people were just crapping all
over her saying How dare you? How dare you not have a backup
plan? How dare you not give me a refund within the first 12
hours. And it just seeing those comments from an entrepreneurial
standpoint from a business owner standpoint, broke my heart, and
she still got on live the last three days and apologized. Like
what more do you want from people. But people are waiting
to watch you fail. And this was a classic example of that. So
the best you can do is hold your head high, like the owner of
farm girl flowers and say, Hey, I did the best we could. We're
going to refund everybody. We're also going to send flowers when
we can, you know, please continue to support us if you'd
like. But still, that is not enough. And I guarantee that she
has lost so much business because of this happening. It's
like a it's a natural disaster.

It's not like she had control
over this right. And people still crap on other people. So
just be aware if that if something like that happens to
you head high, big smile and go whatever, because the people
that really see you are still going to buy your product are
still gonna order whatever you have, you know, like, I am a
farm girl flower believer, I will order flowers from her and
her company for the next 15 years or however long she's in
business. But it's just it just sucks seeing people get crapped
on like, That really hurts my heart like truly thinking about
it. It sucks. I really like her I want to hug her. Just because
I know how hard that stuff is, you know? Yeah.

Oh, and then the
last thing I want to mention on the harsh realities of social
media marketing is content will rarely go viral. So if you're
waiting for something to go viral, stop waiting. Just stop
and put out quality, quality engagement will win. And that is
what you need to know. Rory Carruthers: Yeah. And be
consistent. Just if you're gonna put out content, just put it
out, be consistent, and continue to grow with the followers that
you have. Dominica Lumazar: Yep, exactly.
Hey, Rory, tell me, why does 95% of all the people who take
online marketing courses get zero results? Rory Carruthers: There's so many
reasons. Okay, so what happens is that the gurus, they they
create these courses, and they say, all you have to do is take
my course and you're gonna build an online business, and you're
going to be super, super successful, just like I was.
Have you heard that one before? Yeah, have you? How many courses
have you bought saying that? Right? It becomes an addiction.
Because what ends up happening is people go from one group to
another group who say the same thing over and over again.

And the Guru's know this, and they know that that their
courses aren't going to get any results. In fact, a lot of them
actually stayed there on their websites, that you're not going
to get any of the results that that that they get. And in fact,
some of them will flat out say that 95% of people will get
little to no results buying their courses. Yeah, Dominica Lumazar: we actually
looked at a website right before getting on this podcast. Where
Rory was like, you got to see this. We scrolled all the way
down to the footer. And what did it say? It was like,
testimonial. Rory Carruthers: What did it
say? testimonial full disclosure or something else? Yeah. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah. And it literally said, like,
here's what people are doing with the results are not doing
with the results from taking the course.

And it was shocking. But
their marketing materials don't change. It's the same. It's
clickbait. Right. Rory Carruthers: Yeah, it was
basically like, yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna continue to
show only the good testimonials. We're not showing any of the
people who don't get results. Yeah. And here's what we believe
are the numbers. And basically, what it came down to is that
only 5% of people get any results. And really, only about
1% of people in general, are getting superior results. Dominica Lumazar: And in those
cases, I don't believe it's just the lack of implementation. I
really don't I think it's just super shady people super
swarming people coming in and saying you can be just like me,
and just like me air quotes, who knows what that person has done
or not done? We haven't seen their bank account.

We don't
know. How easy would it be brewery for you and I to like go
rent a private jet and sit in it for the day. Or to go get a
Lamborghini and drive 20 feet down the road? You don't I mean,
like I see These things and I laugh again, I laugh out loud.
So I'm like, dude, I don't need to see your quote unquote fancy
crap. Because who knows if that's real. I'm like the frugal
business owner, right? I'm big on like, money in the bank and
keeping it there. You know, like, the more wealth I
accumulate, I want to go. So under the radar, I don't want
anyone to know about that stuff? Right? Yeah, it's a really gross

And these people are getting rich off of people's
hopes and dreams. And it's sad. Rory Carruthers: It's just so
yeah. And there's different levels, right, like, so someone
can live in Texas and have an 8000 square foot home for like,
400 $500,000 where, you know, and they're trying to sell the
lifestyle of like, they live, they have their living large,
right, if you go try buy that in, in San Francisco that's 20
million. Dominica Lumazar: Yeah, that's
the thing. They're they're doing their whole social media video
in Dallas, and then you know, cut to San Diego, you're like,
yeah, happening. I know. Rory Carruthers: Right? And I'm
not saying that every person's like this, right? It's not like
that. But there are a lot. And what ends up happening as you
get a couple of people who are actually doing well, and are
teaching some of these strategies, and everyone is
trying to model them. Yeah. Right. And then it creates this
cycle of well, all they see is that the only way that I can
market is to do this lifestyle marketing.

And so I've got to
go, and I've got to have the Lamborghini, and I've got to
sell the lifestyle. And then I've got to sell this fake
lifestyle that I don't actually have to get more people to buy
from me. And then I've got to sell this course, of how I made
my lifestyle of being a guru. And it just perpetuates itself.
And then they get a bunch of followers who do the same thing.
And it just goes on and on. You have all these fake gurus. Yeah,
so then the information that they're selling, becomes
useless, because they're all teaching the exact same thing.
Mm hmm.

And there's no real information that can be
implemented about growing a business, because they're all
basing it on what they're seeing a couple of people who are at
another level in their business doing because they know those
people are doing it because they know what sells, Dominica Lumazar: right. They
get you into this buying state, they get you into this purchase
mindset where it's like, oh, this is a no brainer, I love
this person's lifestyle, I want to be a part of it.

And they
know that they're going to hook you, and they know that you're
not going to get any results. So Rory Carruthers: let's talk
about the psychology of what they're doing now. Okay, so what
they're doing, and this happens in a lot of webinars, and I bet
if you guys have been paying attention, you've been watching
webinars, anytime, in the last probably 10 years, that you've
watched a webinar, or you've seen some of these videos on
YouTube, where people are, you know, on Instagram, where people
are like, being influencers, living the lifestyle, what
they're doing, they're selling you this idea of something that
you are supposed to live.

Now what they're doing is they're
saying, This is my lifestyle? Wouldn't it be great if you had
this lifestyle, and what they're saying is, now they're getting
you to say, and now Wouldn't it be great if you had this, and
you start imagining yourself having that as soon as you start
imagining yourself having it, it puts you into a buying mindset
for whatever they're going to sell you later. And that's only
one of the small psychological triggers that they use in, in
these types of buying situations. There's so many of
them that you can't even comprehend what it is they're
doing. But there's like psychological trigger after a
psychological trigger.

But I want you to realize that when
someone is selling you that lifestyle that this is, you
know, this is my Lamborghini, and I made millions of dollars
doing this. And this is my mansion, on the beach in San
Diego or whatever, you know, we're choosing San Diego because
that's where so many of the quote gurus ended up living,
right, but it could be anywhere. But when you're seeing this,
just be aware that they are putting you into that mindset.
So you will buy from them. Yeah. So I want you to step back and
say they are trying to sell me. Dominica Lumazar: Can I add to
that really quick? Yes, I will say that it's not like it's a
bad thing every time it's just for you to be aware that they
are going to upsell you, they're going to try to figure out a way
to get more money out of you.

But if you see something of
value where you're like, you know what, I kind of want to
learn that, then go for it. But make sure you're implementing as
you go along. Don't fall into this trap that so many of Rory's
and my clients go through where it's just this never ending
cycle of course after course and they have nothing to show for
accept a ton of cash, they've invested for nothing. Rory Carruthers: Well, I've had
clients arrive at, you know, my quote, unquote, doorstep, having
spent, you know, you know, a quarter of a million dollars,
half a million dollars on stuff before getting to work with me.
And they go, I've spent all this money and I have nothing to show
for it. Yeah, it's really sad. And we sit down, we map out a
game plan, we say this is what we're going to do, we are going
to build assets for your business, we are going to
implement and create results in your business.

And that's when
things shift and change for them. That's when we get the
success stories, for their business and for their lives. So
if you're looking for changes to happen in your life, you have to
be aware that you can't just keep buying more and more
courses, information is great. But without the implementation,
and even with you taking in that information. Most of these
courses aren't even designed to implement the information, Dominica Lumazar: oh my gosh, Rory Carruthers: yes. So you can
get the course but you don't even know how to implement it. I
can't tell you how many courses I've taken myself where I've
actually because I am very stubborn. And I will sit there
and go through it, and try and implement it and you implement
it and it doesn't work. The information just does not work.

Dominica Lumazar: There's been
so many times where Rory's called me up and been like, so I
found a flaw in this course. And I emailed them and told them how
to fix their own course. Right? Yeah, that is one very clear way
to help you grow with your own marketing efforts is to
obviously take action implement, like we talked about. But just
change your mindset and be really aware of what you're
getting invested in, invest in, in mentors who are going to help
you implement help you get past the blocks, because there's
blocks in mental in our own mental blocks that we have to
get through.

But there's blocks in the information that we have
to get through that you just may not know and they'll help you
get through that a lot quicker than taking any course out
there. Rory Carruthers: Yeah, the other
side of it. I'm gonna drink some water. Here, my Dominica Lumazar: mentor, don't
die on me now. I still need you. Rory Carruthers: Never rely on
purchasing something like a course to help make you
successful. Okay, invest in mentors, invest in, in
implementation, invest in people that are going to help move you
toward getting the results and building assets in your
business. That's the stuff that is going to lead to your
success. Dominica Lumazar: Absolutely.
And focus on what you can accomplish what you can master.
And eventually everything will come together, right? And work
with what you have. Rory Carruthers: So that's the
truth about online marketing. Some of its great some of it

Dominica Lumazar: But hey, here
we are, Rory Carruthers: but that's the
expose and you know, we wanted to just kind of rip off the
bandaide and show you guys a little bit behind the scenes
and, and give you some of the insights into 20 years worth of
experience of us doing this and the stuff that you just may not
see. Dominica Lumazar: Alright guys.
And with that, see you next week. Rory Carruthers: On the next
episode, we speak with Lindsey wonder who is the founder of
worldwide tutoring.

With so many of us business owners stuck at
home having to run our businesses and teach her kids at
the same time. She has some great strategies for at home
learning, executive functioning and how to use tutors to fill in
our blind spots. Now, not only that, but she shares her own
business strategies and how she went from a biomedical engineer
to an educator to a business owner. You definitely want to
check it out and you definitely want to leave us a review on
Apple podcast. You know why? Because you're awesome and
awesome people leave us reviews on Apple podcasts. That's why so
keep being awesome and we will see you in the next one..

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