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Hello everyone My name is Natalie Is a software engineer on the Google Web Designer crew In this presentation, I will introduce to you How to use the brand-new pieces now available in the “Advanced” mode timeline That is, for the animation that has been made Change duration There are currently several mantles in this sample file Will fade-out in order like this Let me dally it Quite simple The span of this animation About 1.5 seconds Suppose I want to set the living period Extend to 3 or 4 seconds Or the length of the animation Compressed to 500 milliseconds Well, you can now readily perform these operations on the boundary First, adopt the key chassis Hold down the Shift key on the keyboard Then click on the right end of the selected key frame Drag again to set a new span I can increase or compress the duration For example, I gathered it now You can choose the key chassis for season adjustment It is not necessary to select the entire layer For illustration, I might Just want to lengthen and compress Or modify the key enclose programme at the end character is actually the same Just select the key enclose, hold down the Shift key and draw it You are also welcome to bounce to select keyframes For precedent, I can select a specified of keyframes like this The period can also be adjusted You are also welcome to adjust the keyframes from the other side Which is the right extremity of the set timeline Then diversify it to the left Just after selecting the key enclose Hold down the shift key Drag the left end of the selected key formulate Not the title purpose In this channel, the rightmost key make will stay still Only the duration on the left will change Dont forget, you are eligible to act precise Select ensure For pattern, utilizing the “Marquee” tool You can click on the key formulates one by one to select You can also click on the key make or use Hold down Command or Ctrl key after procreating selection with “Marquee” tool To contribute or remove keyframes For speciman, I use the “Marquee” tool Selected some keyframes Next, hold down the Command or Ctrl key on the keyboard Then drag to select other keyframes to add them to the selection range While holding down the Command key You can also uncheck some keyframes This video ends here Thanks for watching


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