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Welcome to our second online marketing podcast. My name is Elisabeth and today I have support from mine again Colleague Alexander brought in from the OnPage department. Hello. As with our first podcast, this time it will also be about Google Tools go, but not only that. In addition to the tools, Google also has one large selection of features that you can and also use as a website operator should.

We want some of these for you today to introduce. We'll start with Google MyBusiness. Google MyBusiness is particularly relevant for local businesses. Why then? That's why Google MyBusiness is for local businesses relevant because you can highlight yourself there again. For example as Restaurant where you sit exactly, for example. That is, if people were looking okay I want to go to the Asian XY, which would be my shop, then the im For example, look up the Internet on Google, what is the route to get there, how is it the opening times and the like.

You just heard it through what information can I add to my MyBusiness entry? As already discussed, on the one hand, of course, the opening time can be stored, also with different times per day you can indicate where you are, of course, including the street Data on the map, i.e. within Germany or anywhere else and you can also store further information such as pictures. That doesn't just mean that people know what is on offer, where it is offered, but also how do you offer it.

You can also use it to emphasize your own ambience. Which data should I definitely store in my MyBusiness account? At best, all data is stored that are offered to you, here are the opening times again of course fundamental. But the more information you provide, for example, descriptions the place, pictures of the place. The more likely it will be natural also that Google delivers the whole thing as good content. I can have such a MyBusiness account verified, how is that possible and what benefits me this verification? The verification is absolutely necessary with Google Okay can determine this content which was not now by anyone set and maybe even set incorrectly on purpose, to sabotage for example to operate, but of course Google would like that all in order is maintained and this verification is necessary.

That means the then also arrives by postcard. There's a little code on it you have to type in again on Google and the verification is complete. Let's go to Google+ next. It's a social network like there are numerous others. So what is it different on Google+ than, for example, on Facebook? I think the biggest difference is that Now you also have to say my personal opinion, it is simply that Number of users. Facebook has a lot of active users because I would say people often take this privately too, to be with friends communicate et cetera. Google+, on the other hand, is theoretically there for that too Experience has shown that there are at most people who really romp around there run a company or a website professionally. Only a few use it privately. Why does it make sense to use Google+ from an SEO point of view? Additional posts can be made via Google+ some of them are then also scattered in the Google search can. You can also collect reviews and some also rumored that it would flow into the SEO evaluation at the end.

At the point would But I also claim that a bonus that comes about is rather small. Earlier we talked about Google MyBusiness. In a way, that has something to do with Google+. How are the two linked? They are linked in that they are the data is partly shared. For example, the reviews go to Google+ but you can also add the entry in MyBusiness at the end are displayed. The next feature is image search on Google. Of course, I can search for pictures directly, but there is another way around. With which function is that possible? Some people may have already searched for images before typing something saw this little photo icon on the side of the search bar. There if you can it clicks it is also possible to drag or upload images and then this picture that one has chosen is searched for.

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This means that various data are then called up, such as the properties of the Image, the size and also the color mixing is tried to some extent to find out and compare with other images. I can do the image search via the desktop, but are there any other options? Of course, this is also possible via the smartphone. When is such a picture search useful? There are various possible uses.

My classic is when, for example want to look, okay I now have products on offer myself that definitely only I offer. Maybe a competitor is mine Pictures stolen from me. That means I'll take my own Product picture, throw it in this search and then you can find out okay, that somewhere else on the internet where it shouldn't be. Another useful tool on Google is the Keyword Planner. Everyone can Website operators use the keyword planner to optimize their site? In principle, the Keyword Planner is free of charge, meaning anyone can do it use but of course there is also a small catch here on it. You have to have an active Adwords account at google and also here you have to pay attention to the more Sales you deliver to Google, the more accurate the values ​​that are displayed.

What else will I see in addition to the keywords? In addition to the keywords and the associated ideas will also indicate things such as the competition with low, medium or high. These are very vague values. You can do it a little more precisely there determine the cost per click, the CPC. There people practically buy in Adwords via bids. That can be from a few cents to several euros, and that can also be again draw conclusions. Not only for the Adwords area, but also for the organic, what terms are important to competitors, what is highly competitive. What do you have to consider when using the Keyword Planner? When using the planner, it is important to keep an eye on the settings, especially if several people work with the same account. For example, it may be that person 1 hires okay, I want my words Please have only issued for the Germany area or only for the area Munich and person number 2 had the idea to do the whole thing internationally consider. That can be done with the settings overlap when these two people are working on it simultaneously.

Finally, we want to take a closer look at Google Drive. What is Google Drive and what can I do with it? You can go to Google Drive imagine like a cloud. For everyone who may not say so much now All files that are saved locally on your computer can theoretically be saved also store on the Internet. There are many different providers for this and Google Drive is Google's solution for this very service. That means I can Excel files, Word documents or anything else that gets on my nerves Upload there if I want and access it from anywhere. But I can not only upload the files but also edit them? Correctly this is the great advantage of Google Drive when, for example, a table uploaded can also be edited online. That allows for Example of working on the table again for several users at the same time and for example to exchange ideas or just plan a company trip.

The subject of data protection is always very controversial, how does it look? while doing Google Drive off, is the data safe? Basically, Google is of course very concerned about security and also makes sure that the data cannot be stolen and the like. Still, it's natural once that the data is being sent over the internet which can be flawed can. Depending on how you protect yourself on his computer and on the other hand it is still a third party provider means you are simply not responsible for whether the data protect or not you always have to trust another party, what not is necessarily the most optimal solution. Thank you Alex for these detailed explanations. Thank you very much. So that was our second online marketing podcast on the subject Google tools and features. If your ever with the social Networks want to be up to date, then listen to ours too Social media podcast in.

Have fun, see you!.

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