Top 12 Digital Marketing Myths BUSTED!

hey guys today we will talk about 12 Digital Marketing myths I am sure you have heard of these myths whenever you ask for digital marketing services or whenever you talk about it The first myth is if you have money only then you can do digital marketing But money is not everything Let's suppose you have a lot of money and but you don't know about digital marketing But your product is not that good and you keep showing ads of your product in different digital platforms And from where we start spreading awareness about our product Now the customer will come to our landing page but what will happen if our landing page is also not good? If our branding, reviews, product are not good then digital marketing won't work With digital marketing, you can't have an audience for the long term You can sell your product to that customer who buys instantly But if your product and branding is not good so you won't be able to earn a recurring amount of income even through digital marketing Next myth is if my competitor is not doing digital marketing why should I But you should understand it is an opportunity for you You can easily target new types of audience in any digital platform But you are not doing just because your competitor is not doing it And this is the biggest stupid things I have heard some people say digital marketing is for small business some says it's for big business Digital marketing is for all kind of businesses It doesn't matter how big or small your budget is.

You can do digital marketing with 100 rupees or even 10 lac So digital marketing is for both kind of businesses Some people believe having a website is called digital marketing but it is not Website means you have created your digital identity that's it Now you can attract more consumers on your website by the market it with the website, you will have your own digital shop with a physical identity Now the customer will first come to your digital shop then they will come to your physical shop. But you have to do marketing You can also do SEO which is a free way to market yourself digitally with good on-page SEO, you can easily rank your website on some competitor keyword without working hard Next myth is SEO is dead.

But SEO will always be evergreen People will keep searching queries on Google and website will show on behalf of SEO It might be a blog or a video but SEO will always be there. So you have to focus on both video and blog SEO And let me tell you one thing that traffic that comes from SEO is always quality traffic Because those people are trying to know for example they searched "Best digital marketing institute" So my website is shown to him and he visits and my landing was good And everything is good on my website and if he likes so he will convert because that person came through a good channel otherwise on other platforms we have to spend money on ads So SEO will always evergreen Next myth is if you want to make a beautiful website then your website will become heavy But it's not a valid point, its all depends on the optimization If I talk about Lapaas website then considered it in the beautiful website because things are good like animation, details and all And still loading time is also good even after checking in Google And this website is made on WordPress.

Some people say coding website is better than WordPress website But there is no big difference at all In wordpress, you can do everything like Coding In WordPress, you can start making a website with cheap and in coding, you should have a huge budget from day one Suppose you are doing startup so will you spend 2 lakh rupees in starting just for the website? So that's why WordPress is good The interface of WordPress is also easy for example in an e-commerce website you can easily upload products by yourself The problem occurs when your website getting daily 1-2lakh traffic and due to which server cost increase According to me, When server cost starts to increase then you should shift yourself to coding website Some people say WordPress website is not secure like coding website In order to secure coding website, you need a lot of money and with that money, you can also secure WordPress site Now I will tell you about my clients because as you know I started to work for Indian clients also Indians clients always say just start with one either do SEO or run ads on social media or Google We will just start with one platform and this is a blunder Now let's assume a person search for something and visit my website through search result Now the person got some idea about us and there will be few people who convert in a single try Now if a person leaves then what we will do? If he submitted the form then it is ok but if he didn't then what? Even if he submitted the form then still we will have to approach him through a second platform So we will do re-marketing.

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Re-marketing means showing that person our ads on every platform where he goes like Youtube, Facebook, Google and all So, in order to re-marketing, you have to follow a multi channel approach And ater doing re-marketing through different platforms then the conversion rate eventually increase Next myth is KPI (Key performing INdex) People say I have this amount of likes and followers on my page and this much of subscribers on my Channel But can I monetize these people? Can I pay my employee salary through this or can I grow my business? No If your all these things are turning into revenue then only it is KPL If your subscribers are 50 crores but still sales don't come in then it doesn't matter Let's take an example – there is a very big influencer who tried to sell a t-shirt on Instagram And even after millions of followers she only abled to sell 15-20 t-shirts You can also check out my story on Instagram So it's not necessary that if you have millions of followers then they will buy something from you This is the wrong KPI next thing is on Social media platforms negative comments are bad if someone put negative comments about is on Google, Facebook or Youtube then it's a bad thing But you have to understand you can't satisfy each and every person like a businessman Because for example – I am making a single video rather than making a video for each person individually Those people who will understand will like this video and those who won't will dislike this video and write a negative comment It means people who are writing bad comments they are not satisfied.

If you want to satisfy each and every person then you should open an ice cream stall But the important point is how you handle those negative comments If that negative comment is genuine then you should improve yourself And if the comment is not genuine then just ignore it Next myth is not having fun. We run ads and make posters for clients and then they say there is no fun we need to understand that we are not here for entertaining people Our motive is to sell the product. If our product is selling then the ad is good otherwise the ad is not good that's it Last myth is about Re-marketing which I told you before Whenever you add something on the cart then they keep showing you that product and it looks creepy to the consumers I am mentioning the poll so tell me don't you feel creepy after showing the ad again and again? But in the end, you convert and buy that product after showing the ad again and again But you don't the fact is ad won't show you again after you clear the cookies If you see digital marketing institute ad again and again then you will start considering them good marketers So these were the 12 myth Tell me in the comment box if you found any pointy irrelevant for you Like and share.

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