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you know when people tell you write content use content marketing you'll get a ton of traffic they're lying that's not how it works just because you write content it doesn't mean you're gonna generate any more visitors hey everyone I'm Neil Patel and today I'm gonna share with you how to write content that generates traffic see if you can write content on anything and generate traffic then everyone would be successful when it comes to SEO and content marketing but that's not the case if you don't want to be one of those people who's writing content getting no results you need to do a few things number one go to a truss put in your competitor URLs when you put in your competitor URLs you can see a list of all their most popular pages go to each and every single one of those pages and go write better content than what they have written once you have done that the next thing you need to do is go put in that specific URL that your competitor had that you rewrote and made way better so if their article explained 10 ways to double their search traffic you explained 101 ways to double your search traffic then what you want to do is see who links to them and hit up every single one of those people with the email that goes something like this hey John I notice that you linked out to Neil Patel and his article on 10 ways to double your search traffic I actually have an article that's way more thorough it's called a hundred and one ways to double your search traffic let me know if you want to check it out Cheers David once I end up emailing you back saying yeah we'd love to check it out you want to email them back saying here it is Cheers your name it's that simple when you start sending that email template you're gonna get more links and a Vinci you're gonna rank for the same terms your competitors have and even outrank them because your contents way better and more thorough which google promotes with their hummingbird algorithm the last step I have for you is go to buzzsumo and do the same exact thing type in your competitor's URL and you'll see what's popular from a social perspective we're they getting their Facebook traffic their Twitter traffic their LinkedIn traffic you take their most popular articles you write way better ones if they had an article on 10 ways to do something you write an article on 100 one ways to do something once you follow those tips your content will be way more amazing [Music]


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