hi everyone I am Jason kassad for online marketing summit and once again i'm joined by shannon ryan today's 2-minute topic is content marketing Shannon are you ready to talk content marketing i love this topic let's go here we go a demand and report just noted that ninety percent of b2b purchase began with content marketing what is the big picture here and it's this only exclusive to be to be it's definitely not exclusive to be to be I think b2b and b2c are learning and the best practices from one another and we look at content marketing it's also none new thing it's something that we see an email different types of content by the type of information we need to put out there for research this is what consumers are looking for to to further them along and the purchasing life cycle so something that's top in mind and we'll continue to see a top I think ninety percent right so a força study recently found a less than one percent of online transactions can be trapped as social networks reading between the lines what can we take away from the surprising stat I think social media has this place and influence and maybe it's just different words get its attribution within the purchasing lifecycle and so looking at the type of campaigns you put out there but also from a credibility standpoint it certainly has its weight but maybe it is the tipping point where people start to do their research so then you're actually seeing it from an SEO SEO perspective if you had to give one piece of advice to markers out there about content marketing what would it be diversify consumers have different preferences for how how they do the research type of content they're looking so they could be doing an online search they could want to actually look at a white paper they could want to look at a video so I think don't put all your eggs in one basket great thanks so much Shannon for more on this topic make sure to visit us next month at online marketing summit please send us feature topic for two minute takes to add brand relevance for online marketing summit i'm jason casada you

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