hello there this is Vince with article marketing robot in this video I'm going to demonstrate on how to upgrade your software from a trial version to a fully paid version basically if you've gone through the process of trial and the software which is generally the process that most users will go through that all you have to do is enter your unlock code to upgrade but if you if you've done a fresh install this also applies this video will apply it's pretty much the same process so after you've purchased an unlock code you'll get an email that looks something like this article marketing robot unlock code and inside that email you're going to have a bunch of verbiage but the important thing is this guy right here this is your unlock code now i'm going to disable this on lock code after the video so you know it'll be disabled so what you need to do is take that unlock code and copy it and then run your software oops don't uninstall it it's bad idea article marketing robot there it is and then the softer is going to open up open up and you're going to get this unlock screen now here you have the answer unlock code below so I'm just going to click that it okay and that's it successful successful unlock code thank you for your purchase now I'm just going to do another quick demonstration but this is going to require me to do something real quick okay I'll just restart the software now this what you're going to see now is if you never use the trial so we're starting off like it's like it's brand-new so this is the child code box we have to enter your name and email but if you didn't get the trial or he didn't decided to just buy the software without riling it you've got this unlock button right here click that and then you'll get that same screen that we were on enter your code once again and click OK so there you go successful in the code now a couple things to consider keep in mind is that you are allowed to computers / one unlock code so if you've got a worker or a partner you only have to purchase once and you'll be able to use the software on two different machines so that's definitely a bonus for the users and that's really all I wanted to show you was how to get the softer unlocked and I believe I did that so thank you for watching the video have a great day bye you

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