Using Tumblr in a content marketing workflow

hey this is todd lowe Henry of toddler Henry calm I wanted to take a moment to show you another idea around an automated workflow using a couple of free simple tools and here I have this already set up I'm starting with here sorry where I normally start is working through feedly and finding some great content so what I did here was go ahead and clicked on the link that takes me to the site of one of my favorite bloggers now what I can do at this point is to right click and save this image out to my desktop then what I can do is let me go back and say okay and here I'm using the secret address for my tumblr blog and i am going to you're not going to be able to see this off screen but i'm going to click the attach file icon there we go here's the image that i saved out to my desktop and it's now being loaded and then i'm going to go ahead and click send now tumblr you know something that's kind of interest about interesting about about tumblr and i forgot to put the tumblog in here so you can see how quickly like I just went and I i downloaded that image i send it to my tumblr blog and immediately it shows up here now one of the things that's really interesting and I'm serious I just discovered this this week I have over 8,000 posts into almost 8,000 posts on tumblr and what I just found out yesterday is that the search box and tumblr is almost completely worthless so for example if I look for the word confined which is in the comment here watch what happens no posts are found what do you mean I just saw it right here however if I go to the post and I edit the post I can put in a tagline or excuse me a tag and I could put in the tag confined and save that now if I go and look for confined Oh still didn't find it so anyway enough of that the point of this is that tumblr has some really cool superpowers but being able to find content in your own tumblog is not one of them but tumblr does work with a lot of other tools like my favorite tool if this than that and I have a recipe that says anytime I do a new photo posted my tumblr blog then send it to my blogger blog and if I go and check that recipe notice it says that this was created April eighteenth of 2014 it was last triggered two days ago and it's been triggered 113 times if I check that recipe now then it should show that it was triggered less than a minute ago and if i go to my blogger blog and reload you will see that that image was posted to my blogger blog ok so i find that tumblr has very little value except that it connects to other things and here's another example as a bonus i will show you one of my favorite tools for producing quotes it's called recite this it's from pixie and it says turn a quote into a masterpiece so I'm just going to type some text in there and down in the bottom this will give me all kinds of different options the longer the quote the fewer the options that I have okay and what i could do is select this and click create and now here again is one of the primary reasons why i want to use tumblr i could click post to tumblr and it gives me the image and a caption and if i create a post it would go to my tum blog and then within 15 minutes if this then that would post it to my blogger blog i don't think that tumblr itself has a lot of value except for how it works with other tools i know that fans of tumblr may take offense of what it is that i just said but now here's the deal tumblr has little or no search engine optimization value but it can play an important part of your workflow so if you like posting this kind of content every once in a while you want to grab some visual stuff i strongly encourage you to look into tumblr it's got a great mobile version you can add it to your domain you can use it in conjunction with another one of my favorite tools rebel Mouse just know as you know with this and with all tools know why it is that you're using it and know what the limitations are so that you can use it effectively questions or feedback please let me know I would love to answer questions about this stuff

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