UX Design 1: How To Design a Website: Site Audit

you wanna Shh when he says going we’re rolling buster okay stop kill that videotape I don’t worry I detest you dude hey everybody it’s Chris and I’m here with Jose today we’re gonna do a depth diving on user experience is what you’ve been asking for and today we’re going to look at oles and diving deep I can’t wait to get this going stick around let me try this again I miss you guys to listen to me yeah I did Lance sandwiches my figure is Jose cayenne and I talk about the business of distances I talk about a great deal of trash my call is Chris doe and I talk about the business of blueprint at the center of this operating system it’s about understand was it can we just tell them what the appearance claim is I detest you dude you are watching the process all right a lot of people on set today as you can see it’s the ever-evolving designate of our see and hopefully you’re catching the little divergences that we’ve added the flares but today for the first time we have musical conductor Adam Sandler in the house she’s going to be doing some din aftermaths Adam demonstrate us a little something well come on up Dylan Randy I enjoy extravagant all right okay so as ever we have Andrew running the cameras directing our picture and behind the camera and sing and Jamie with your questions hopefully representing the audience so last week we had a question yeah the ADI case from Jamie the audience okay objecting at the public so and it was about used suffer since we are did a redesign or we were doing a layout of a land sheet and it’s like okay that’s great that’s a page but how do you define a site so we’re doing oles which is a real client a blind buyer and I wanted you to introduce who the client is and what you’ve done for them still further and talked a little bit about the client relationship and what we need to do next on the project okay let’s make this really brief cos and then we’ll jump into yeah yeah all right yeah okay so all these is a client that we develop a relationship with they’re a Canadian base various kinds of on the central western coast of Canada and it’s a wonderful net cabin we’ve designed the bring sheet for them and now they’ve come back and asked us to take care of the rest of the site it’s a instead robust site there’s a blog there’s photo recordings there’s a whole bunch of features to it and so I reputed I would turn to you and get some lead on how to do that and we’re going to do this in real go with you yeah as we’re doing it the slither that I have on here is really one about alignment and that’s that’s what what I asked you earlier when it came to when it came to the client yet who is it that you’re talking to so you’re talking all the way to the top you have general manager and you have secondary administrator who’s a level of contact primarily so if you guys are out there do an internet site or doing a entanglement job you know that you’re going to have different stakeholders it was a small client you might simply have you know direct access to the business stakeholder which is a guy with a goatee and the purple square on top on our on our graphic there but specifically you’re going to likewise be talking to tech and to design so we have the designer on the project sitting there and we also have you probably representing marketing and cause the tech do examinations just like me which is entertaining except they’re not shaft that’s ball so the goal is that you want to get to this you want to get to everybody a lettuce because that’s what happens with an internet site when you just have no process and you’re just kind of giving them deliverables a good deal of changes like parcel or changes have you gone a lot of a registered I have gone to it when I didn’t lead core got it so so for me you know here’s a here’s a brief delineate I’m going to I’m going to share with you guys this is what we’re going to be doing so this is a used knowledge overview you’ve already done the brand attributes with this client you’ve already done the subscribers profiles you’ve already done what their business goals are what we’re going to do next is we’re going to do a site examine we’re going to reviews user needs we’re going to create used narrations we’re going to do a site map and we’re going to do wireframes so what what Chris just mentioned you know core is the first part of this it’s those workouts whatever it is you get the core of what the client their needs are so mostly the who they are as a brand so we’ve separated the label attributes into five things culture purchaser singer benefit and quality and if you tune into the show before you’ve seen this and this is nothing brand-new and this is from a stack of words that we do together with the customer we identify the top five and then we pick the top one so different cultures is familial “the consumers ” is a friendly person the tone is glamour the benefit is they’re recharged and the evaluate is exclusive access to this very kind of pristine area called heck I extend the x-factor is their family-owned old-fashioned careful with unrivaled surface work exclusive access in protected irrigates you want to look at the oles website first right right so what they have apparently so first this is what they have currently which is a site that was probably built about seven or eight years ago and then you recently remade their bring sheet and you made this beautiful responsive and so this is the this is what blinded Indian trim of a full locate redesign to manage the new identity its landing sheets I think it’s important result sheet you find out who the customers are the voice you catch out what the dissents are and you answer them in the disembark sheet and these associates go to their main site and so now the challenge is how do we design the main area so the right arrangement so now it’s actually an part knowledge okay so if you click on any of those relates you’re going to come to this place decide your existing locate so from the prime area and we have it right here we put up the current sections of the site and we called the site’s taxonomy and that could be a site map mostly how it’s coordinated how organized a experience our children or something like an org map you want to get a sense of where the present site is and what material and what aspects they already have existing and then next we’re going to do an audit of their entrants and here’s what we’re going to look for so here’s the first one Chris talked to me about this one whoa this is a very high-end Lodge it’s called West Coast resorts they’re not in these areas so they’re not certainly competing for the same customer but this is at the very high sand the picture of the helicopter to actually helicopter people in to the lodge and it’s on land and then they imparting them out these crafts so I’ll give you a quick evaluation at a comparison position what I’m looking for is what’s working well here okay for them and what doesn’t work well I think something that works well for them here is that they have up here they have the phone number ready to go in the case beings effect a little small but it’s there the main sections are residence inns packs about publicities affairs booked now already contact okay question yeah is the idea that you would design the string of menus based on the hierarchy or the expedition like I want to know first look what the hostels look like and then the bundles and then what is that one called about so less important it is the more on the right side it is is that yeah it’s really based on priority the the l-shaped the left top left is the most important thing that’s why the badge goes in the top left and right below that they chose to introduced their piloting below the image is it good or bad why isn’t why it was a choice it was oh why the top left is because in the Western world we read from turn left to right exactly on the top is what you say principles are valid for a newspaper or a work layout that’s the same thing so so and you’re rectify that the hierarchy is from left to right and you have to prioritize those overall the site is clean it searches good it does have particular narrative to it it does brand-new specials read fishing reports free photo gallery these are all the things that somebody’s going to need to look at in order to choose whether they’re going there so and then you can book I’m just going to look at their organize of their reserve pattern I’m not going to see how how they’re actually doing the booking and how detailed their species is how easy it is to do is to type big enough you know for their special patron kinds its solid this whole site is very solid um they got their stuff together here’s the second one this is Lin Guerra Langara so again a great deal of these are probably use templates like wordpress templates you can actually even you can say see it that there’s some similarities between them previously what do they have everybody’s going to have something similar so its own experience our lodges means your expedition abide connected okay so they did something different a little different they can suck they performed it simpler they made a menu simpler also this submenu is a very popular menu it’s been popular for the last couple of years where it has an additional amount of information so as a picture of the phone number and it has the submenu everything is there it’s like spurt you can see it right away you don’t have to spend a lot of epoch you know looking for what you want you don’t go to another slouse except a question I didn’t feel about a submenu that virtually there’s like roughly 12 items there that’s a lot of substance to me let me share just my point of view and I would love to hear yours is I conceive parties try to make their locates do too much you’re trying to replace a entire knot of different things and I get into that and it starts and you can simply sub menus and sub pages I get really confused I want to know what this is what the experience is like I probably want to hear some testimonies I want to know what a cost and I want to book my expedition after which I think there may be other sections and ways to handle all the other information that you need to your timetable and all that other kind of stuff so the question is who’s actually the person who’s going to be planning the jaunt in such cases there’s there’s the one of two people it’s either it’s either the individual and lucks are it’ll be if it’s a partner or wife it’ll be the partner who intentions a excursion or to be a corporate occurrence planner but those are not that common with my client right so then what the next thing is you’re going to look at this is intent because the attitude you have is very common especially with beings like us creatives we’re a little shorter scrutiny cover you know they’re the fight is going to be to make it as simple as possible I brought forward Sandals Resorts which is a really large corporate used again you can look at contestants outside of the industry or the direct adversaries but that are still in the general category so expedition it’s different categories and if you look at this they have actually even more menus menus and it’s too much but again what I’m saying is who is the person searching and what is the intent that the government has so I’m showing you how a really pro company that spent a great deal of money on their site is doing it so that’s it but you and you said that you really wouldn’t wishing a weak glean from that because I’m devastated by those various kinds of locates well again who’s a consumer is so if the user is looking in this case scenario sandals has a lot of locations oles doesn’t and all these might not need to have that type of menu right I’m just like this one does and this is this has a traditional sub menu and now there’s even the trend for this one has multiple not having menu like you know people like with you guys imply it it’ll simplify state tales but again it’s a changeover controversy so it becomes what is the function that you want the place to do okay is the site about booking or as a locate about reassuring and it “re going to have to” do both you are eligible to even separate it maybe you are willing to like blue Kylie’s comet versus like the experience or something like that all right then you get into content management what scaffold are they going to be using and all this kind of stuff all right all right so we looked at the sites and what we did is that we positioned the current structure up now for oles so we go back to Ali’s always has contact us welcome your destination great trawl our Lodge trip contriving your adventure it has too many slice so we already know that it needs to be consolidated and it has a lot of content and is somewhat dense but you are familiar with overall it’s not a bad locate and those little icons on the Left column there yeah there’s our other tie-ups like the Trip Advisor that seem no keep on right there that’s another link so we have links within joins and it’s a massive website so here’s what you’re going to get from the customer you’re going to really the clients going to want to make sure that a lot of this legacy material is still addressed so the central challenge with web sites is content I’ll give you an example this same issue on a redesign with multiple stakeholders we did a operate time a live manipulate period with the customer in the area where we put up what our new recommended material formation is and we asked them to get up and move things around and they did the customer went out oh no I want to have this over here no I won’t have this over there literally the same way that like if I go back here to our situate the latter are stickies so they’re movable no I just wanted to made that over here etc there’s all these activities that you can do to determine what the navigation is but let’s keep on moving because we need to keep the flow going so what you’re looking for in the up in the audit in the area inspection what works well what’s the industry standard so the next thing is the next thing is after the area audit is let’s talk about the user needs Chris can you show us a used profiles so use the profiles here’s one his specify is Joe Johnson we pick a fictitious name he is CFO we’re house were kind of a big corporation right so his fib is “hes come to” firstly as the first time as a patron has been back several times five over the last seven so he’s pretty consistent not always and this is his first time with children but as they came older he goes with his patrons okay because they’re moving on to college and have other animations to leave so he’s an active outdoors when they should be described as a hunter and we even get into things like what various kinds of hunting whitetail deer goes to Argentina and a hunt with college crony so this is he’s a big-time guy clearly he has money because he’s doing things that require money in order to do and the legend goes on his father passed away and in 2008 the company took a little bit of a dive so he skipped a year so his legend too is he comes to get away from pressure the the hectic living for the CEO type CFO type he needs to relax and kind of reset his clock so where reference is pertains from the site here are the things that I’m actually collecting from that sketch he’s a recur customer so he might be somebody who requires you know maybe like a login like you’re already logged in and you have an account potentially “were trying to” too he’s the CFO so he’s going to be analytical and potentially moderately expenditure conscious so if I were to go deeper and defined the needs on there he needs to see packets like he needs to see what total package is on one sheet he’s probably gonna want to download it and print it because he’s older and he’s also CFO I have an assistant do it he might not be the one doing it that’s the other thing remember somebody else might be thinking about how we’re doing it he’s used to that to not doing it so already just out of that profile I collected a lot of information on how and what content to be necessary and you need to be able to tell that story of what you are understanding from the customer profile to your patient and then you need to be able to say this is why we constructed these decisions because our purchaser chart in such cases X with lists so let’s go to the next one okay do you want to go into his needs or solutions or you figure that out uh well no oh you have oh happy so why don’t you do this spend little day on the other stuff and go straight to this okay what’d I miss symbolize his needs is he’s used to having everything searched after for him he misses White Glove service no inconvenience he doesn’t want to think about anything because that’s why he went to the launch in the first place so don’t realise his life complex he wants to have the feeling of accomplishment so making saucers decisions get an ability coming away from analytic thinking go with his bowel intuition I think that’s what hunting and fishing is about is reconnecting to more various kinds of primitive duration so and get away from the infertile environment so he regards outdoors it’s reconnecting with sort that’s what it is and he has an feeling need to get scented to decompress and he wants to be heard so here even though he’s a 58 year old boy he wants to feel like a kid because this is a way for him to remember what it’s like to be young to go fishing or hunting with his daddy and relive those kind of storages so it originates him feel younger so do we do the solutions sure so these solutions are more what the lodge can do so I’m curious to how you interpret this for the website he wants personalized services and they do this they respond you by a first name basis from the very beginning 24 hour response he wants to be heard and do not let a long time go by without person attending to his needs and he doesn’t to worry about everything so everything has to be all-inclusive and what’s great about all these is they furnish the rain gear the tackle a licensed reaching everything that you need if you have a special dietary needs like for me went like a low-pitched carb diet I made a comment the next time my dish came out different instead of eating the rice and the mashed potatoes I went light-greens and I was really happy I was really surprised and I forgot that I told him that so he needs reminder emails junket planner that kind of stuff so you just have to think fish processing mostly is after they catch the fish they’re going to gut clean and back and carton these guys for you and he enjoys kind of meeting and socializing with other people talking with them barbecue darknes procreate the misconception of the excellent life he craves five-star service that’s it that’s it so you asked me the question of what did I get out of it so really simple things like you know you you talked about how he’s he demands White Glove service he was be called by his mention so we need an easy login so that he can actually register and sign up for the site whether it’s just word an email or whether it’s using Facebook whatever it is sure we need easy login so that they can I have his honour love curriculum some kind of like welcome back personalized kind of landing Bay personalized you see how this is already just this is already creating suggests to scope – the what pulpit you actually use so email you said that like a consistent emails to Rome on occasions maybe content may be like guidance you know it could be short emails to remind them about things with links to cool content that he might want to like sneak in a little bit it could be a lot like well how you do your webinars there’s a two-month notification the one month the two week one week and three days before your outing really make sure you’re already so that’s regular email and email sell kind of ramifications not so much better commerce but once you book the errand email communications that’s right communication so he doesn’t have to think so so already has a platform kind of thing there are platforms that have fully integrated email sell and fully integrated custom personalization which is what’s called when you come in and says hey welcome John site core is an example of that there’s a assortment of us like gore mollify or something yes eyeko combo those are those are expensive the permission for site field costs whatever $ 25,000 Wow all right so let’s just wait Adams fasten on one good responsibility Adam alright yeah nice job all right so let’s move on let’s go through the neck review no no no that’s too much yeah we crash in the cook all right so predict the next one real quick just go through it like okay so here’s a user to bullet point boom boom you want his fib we want his needs and his Chum who is named and by age I know what he does for a living all right and jump to the Jan Arden is a retired school teacher he comes to always with his wife relishes time together this is his 14 th visit so he’s in the decade club he goes every single year it’s something that he stigmatized on his calendar considers holy as category he books before they even leave the current trip so he’s already booking one year in advance his friend denoted him tried others but this is part of a larger holiday for him spends time in Vancouver in Chinatown okay so much his needs any spears just see ya judge exactly what you did I don’t know is that’s why I’m scared of parent no J where’s the fight Bell come on man yeah I appreciate I have done what he craves neat knees kindness to travel and looks forward to vacation with wife and family friends with with countless clients and works accordingly experiences sharing his abundant catch with friends post on face stays connected with always throughout the year once high-res word-paintings once change in scenery enjoy regard wildlife mealtime is important high bar anticipations of service so very high bar hey I’m just no no you didn’t get I was good what I gleaned from this user was his name we can talk to him by list yeah his refer is Dan so Dan his his profile is a little bit more active than the CFO so and he’s a family guy so no the CFO moves hunting and killings things right but this guy’s has Facebook oh yeah socially out yeah I look so you society community painting sharing you are familiar with 50 more tech-savvy it’s going to be like that’s going to be around and a little and that’s why patch categorizing what type of user helps you drive the narrative so this is what’s what kind what kind of users is going to be and why are you smiling like if I’m saying something I’m trying to introducing positive exertion no claim you are eligible to simply turn this come on do you have three minutes left let’s get two we haven’t done a single thing hitherto we’re just going through the profiles that’s it come on alright let’s go to the final one you crave another profile oh you have three yes so let’s introduce this back up why don’t you read it the course you think you okay now I’m gonna do the ATD version of it okay so well that’s a good idea just reflected so Phil that feels the people reputation Phil he’s a business guy these are all business people is in relation to oldies as a marketing opportunity so he’s doing it for lis business crazy he has a TV he’s self-centered he talks really fast he makes a lot of money he sounds like anybody we know I don’t know all right go to the next sheet let’s see what what his sandwiches he’s gonna my next page sorry yeah so his needs a wine and dine so he’s gonna need a good deal of the facilities although it ogles fun to be happy high upkeep food okay he needs to get input determined VIP customer understand his aims provision so what I’m seeing here is that he needs customizable reserve like where he has every single form like and everything that that he can the booking process is going to be important for him so so okay so what was let’s go back to his figure his figure is Phil Phil so we got filled with single syllable appoints so Phil Dan and John right remedy so John is if a holder includes oh and again I’m going to identify them I’m going to give them a patron type a user type not based on anything but their overall kind of age and kind of what their needs are so John is going to be a little bit he’s going to have less interaction with the website so we’ll call him up for now only called the older user then Dan is going to be the savvy tech savvy used I’m just genealogy unhappily family guy yes savvy household oh that’s even better clas guy and then he’ll predict that nobody’s reading it this is for my indicates oh it’s like a hieroglyphic and we hold it up for people check this out people can anybody read this I could totally be like a doctor restrain writing diner it was Phil Phil is the he’s the he’s the marketer fast roll a high roller fast roll and reel fast pace and what he gonna come he’s the schmoozer the schmoozer I like that yes my refer is heightened the look on high maintenance high-pitched upkeep networker you just wanted to you require everything to be positive don’t say the schmoozer high upkeep is not a positive word by the way what’s that remanding the man do you thank you involving challenging networker there you go demanding you gotta saw how that was done what am I do that the reason why I’m doing that is because now I can invoke these in my pattern process I can say okay for Dan the savvy Family Guy we need to have facets that allow him to share on Facebook fulfilled the I can’t read this it’s a arrival structure or the demanding networker I don’t like China’s the older consumer yeah he was a busy executive is the executive perfect I got one it’s toast good where’s the sound accomplish I got one John is the executive the hectic evoked a busy executive we reviewed the brand attributes we reviewed the user charts and we reviewed the competition what do you guys repute as an public was that helpful at all to start the process with that yeah so all the users you introduced seemed like they were more uh or returning clients I’m on a good point a lot of the patterns you demo were related to really selling the destination maybe to someone who hasn’t been there yes before so is that a user that should be another User Profile the desired customer so so I think that’s actually a really great question yes that should be another user profile the first time customer mostly somebody who hasn’t attended more now we can make one of these people like we can say that Phil has never been so that’s easy enough because we then have to convince him he’s been to other resorts and we can talk about what resort she’s been to or we can find out and do a profile around him so that’s great it’s a good question so what I required right there’s not a question of the question uh since their original locate has tons of content and you earlier in the substantiate you said they might want to keep the legacy but we would like to simplify this place down how do you speak to the client convince them enormous freaking question so what you just asked by the way if you’re out there and you’re comes and you are designing websites for patrons you felt this before this pain the content issue so content is the what fastens up every web campaign because you might actually build a really nice site with no material like time with lorem ipsum and then the client supposed to introduced the contents in because it’s in like a material administration thing like wordpress and they’ll take six months to do the contents or 3 month they’re busy do they have a web team in-house no no liberty so so you have to nip that in the bud right at the beginning so both from a budgetary position and also from it what are we going to do content do you want to keep all that content or would you like us to rewrite it for you do you have any writing assets who wrote it in the past you know was it your you know web agency or your market party was an internal with external how did you write it all that comes up and then the content audit could be done separately which is taking all the content off the area and planning it very similar to this and we’re going to Google about let’s keep it real here our public are not working for Visa or Virgin Airline which you cherish this is this is the kind of ordinary smaller mom-and-pop business they don’t have a novelist – of course enough content overseer and all these kinds of things so a lot of this material is going to fall on us so considering the fact that context how we’re on the gloom would you answer that question then which is how do you convince them to take a you know everything in the kitchen drop approach their website – paring it down how do “youre talking about” that how do you I’d like to work persuasion because it’s like trying to tell somebody something that’s not in their own best interest so let’s talk about how to do that and then we should wrap up the picture because we’re over so this this this particular this particular client you have a very good relationship with and you can have a very open conversation about it in most traditional cases you time need to be really blunt and delivering it up at the beginning it’s like look content is going to be our biggest challenge you know in Mike how I did it like exactly how I did it I said that material is gonna be a big challenge do you want that within the scope of application so what I would say is let me introduce you to a Content person and establish them directly to hire individual that I knew already to do the simulate so or we hire them through us and they wait hold on mostly what’s happening I belief I’m going to job for our gathering now and “ve been told” if I get it wrong you can comment below you guys is if my patient is asking me to time redesign their site they’re assuming all the content can port over and really dedicate it a brand-new facelift that’s the probably more normal challenge here right I have a site let’s see how is your make let’s see what you guys get when you’re redesigning a area I considered that if “youre leaving” that as an assumption and if you premise it’s not even assumption it’s ogle it’s Amanda at the beginning of the project but too responsibly speaking if the site was designed so long ago you want to update the content you want to make it shorter you want to make it more concise you want to make it more network friendly they have a freaking null okay so like it’s you’re you’re being asked as a professional to redesign a site if you look at it as time blueprint the design without material is like weird like if they ask you to do a bible designing a record but you don’t be addressed with the you know there’s typos so something I designed the job of the designer in this case is not to give it a facelift which is using an existing copy and revising the graphics and the color palette and saving it more in line with what’s happening today you’re talking about material scheme well it depends with you hire new presenter here so let’s talk about our audience so like if they hire soul like Elise who has an agency aster agency and in a Bend Oregon they are the type of agency that’s going to position themselves as will do the contents for you all so if you’re one individual freelance you’re probably not going to position yourself to the content so let’s do this we’re way over go simply to help settle the debate observation below what should the question be and then comment is the will not yet what do you guys deal with when it comes to content do you do content you don’t time material it’s good to find out okay great all right boom so alright guys I intend for this same thing we’re going to continue and we’re going to actually do organize user storeys so thanks for tuning in for occurrence one of the UX design for oles and we’re going to keep going now thanks guys see you next time


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