UX Design 2: How To Design a Website: User Stories

Hey everyone This is the second constituent Learn more about UX Today the authorities concerned will talk about aims And Jose will create user narrations “Its what” I am very interested in and so is not leave Jose: Let me try again I hope everyone listens I design sandwiches! My name is Jose Caballer I talk about things related to design I talk about all kinds of things! Chris: My name is Chris Do I talk about the business of motif Jose: At the heart of this operating system is about understanding Chris: Ahem, Jose, can we just say the name of the indicate Jose: chum, I detest you Chris: You are watching-The Process Ok let’s continue Now I want to switch to my computer We croak directly to the’target’ Go straight to the subject, right? Points, such is aims Again, I made this in advance On the left side of the screen You can see a series of destinations The channel we do this is We ask questions what their market goals are Business purposes Is there anything else? Efficiency, all this kind of things Then we orchestrate on availability and desirability Availability is how easy it is for us to do We sacrifice stations from 1 to 10 Something very easy to do Not specially strenuous We grant it 10 points Expectation is how strong the desire to do this thing It’s still 1 to 10 extents If you really want to achieve something And it is very easy to do Then it should be placed in First place on the to-do list We extend the roll on the right you can see Something related to what we are doing Some not They just wanted to originate christmas placards It is very important to them and quite simple Biannual instruct They want to run Facebook homepage, Twitter homepage And publish ads Looks inside None can wonder Jose: The website itself But recollect This is a prioritization exercising Need you to complete in early participation So as to understand the operation of grocery requirement Chris: So what would you do? Jose: I will do workouts solely for the website Chris: Which one is the website to do? Jose: Then again What is the primary task of the website? Is it cross-file? Chris: Blog? Jose: Are you talking about brand-new customers? Or is it to serve existing clients? Chris: Okay, only in case you havent watched other incidents Sanga asked how to convince customers Reduce the amount of content Making it easier to manage and more impactful I repute the goal exercise you designed Is a good way Because they will jettison everything in a listing Then we started to pick the most important goal And leant our force and resources into these goals If we have an unlimited fund Unlimited time You can do it all if you miss You don’t want to do this But this is what you do Jose: What you have to do is try to reach such an agreement Remember, everyone may have different ideas Everyone, I make even decorators Don’t know what material is prioritized In a network blueprint campaign One of the people who suffer the most is a UX designer or decorator Because they were left messy in high winds You “re going to have to” do content prioritization exerts This has countless lists in service industries In the subscribers experience You can choose a honour I like to call it customer stories or user tales What you do is in chronological order Describe the behaviour of a client Then you can pass different characteristics Targetedly encounter consumer needs To achieve their goals How did they find out Next thing is How do you participate How do they participate? For example, what’s in the website What constructs them agitated or interested And then how to get back to this relationship And how to get them to recommend Go say: Hey, you should use Ole’s Chris, did you tell everyone about Ole’s? Chris: I said Jose: So the route I write fibs I have used countless procedures before But when you want to do it in front of purchasers I did it in GoToMeeting before I improved a google certificate like this Then say hi, we want to create a user story A narrative And we will focus on each used profile So, that busy general manager John I made out his profile to see I go to read these sketches “Thats really not” the holy spirit Not like Chris said I merely drag things out of the Holy spirit In knowledge, I try to be in the environment of the website Determine those things So Joe is that person’s name Can you read his needs? Chris: He craves everything to be taken care of Hope to get a sense of accomplishment Stay away from boring environment Reconnect with quality “Theres been” the psychological need to concentrate and shorten stress He wants to be heard Feel like a child Jose: Okay, so we judge this chum has been there Well, Joe How did he find Ole’s? Chris: The first time he went there was as a guest Taken by others Jose: Okay, how can we attract him to this website? Or why would he use this website at this moment? Chris: As a recur purchaser? Jose: Yes, he comes back to use Chris: As a reproduction purchaser He used this website again to book And he is not a perpetual booker Jose: He came and wanted to book So “hes found” the website Because of a friend’s bidding So he knows now He registered on the website He registered on the website to receive newsletter emails You can write down keywords You can also type a story on personal computers Chris: When everyone booked a excursion Will receive an email So no need to register Is routed automatically Jose: He has been there already So he once has mail So that are two things A friend took him And he automatically received the newsletter Because he has been there Well, he has an upcoming anniversary Upcoming Holiday He is trying to decide what to do He still hasn’t made a decision Then he received an email from Ole’s prompt him What will be in the mail? Tell me the fib now Chris: This is cyclical For example, what is going on They will revise the report Maybe write an annual review article Things like that Jose: It’s like a farmer’s yearbook Chris: I “think its a” very good expres Jose: This part is the condition This part is what is happening Here is a new hire You know, it contains a lot of things Does it make sense? For a news briefing I looked at the present decision through these Who is this chap What the hell is he go to see He said here today a good deal And this is based on a real customer Have you been there You were a client there You know the customer You are also welcome to on the basis of the interviews you did with the guests Ok Then he sounds to book a tour Then the sheet jumpings to the website When he came to the sheet of the website He “il be seeing” what lures him Why this specific consumer is attracted He is a CFO, he is a quantified being What is his personality Chris: I think he has been there So make him remember how good it is Can captivate him again So look at some envisions Listen to the story Fishermen like to tell stories Jose: Okay So you think the narration might lure him Chris: You really need to re-evoke the remember of his previous ordeal Because season goes by very You will be occupied by other things in animation Memory becomes blurred So when i see Photos of sort, photos of parties fishing Caught photos of big fish I want to go there too Jose: Let premise this is the first time he has seen this website It’s a new website for him Chris: New website, good Jose: So this is the first time What do we want him to do on the brand-new website? We want them to register, right? Chris: Okay, I understand Jose: Well, maybe I am seeing up Chris: Yes Jose: When “theres going” … Do you know how to make photographs of you? Such as regarding a fish Every go you go They placed the photos on the website And representative locality Or a module called consumer self-identification Users can identify themselves as customers who call again here Chris: New customers or returning purchasers Jose: This is a new website But what provoked the enrollment was seeing the photos Registrant attends the photo Why did i decide Because he “ve been told” just now This patron this story Maybe something will persuasion him to register it is all very well Then he cross-file This should be in the story He cross-file after consider the photo Then a “Hello” performs Do they say “Hello”? In their symbol programme Now you have to go back to the brand attributes Chris: yes Would you say “Hello” or … They will say “Welcome to Ole’s” Jose: They said “Welcome to Ole’s” Chris: Or “Welcome home” Jose: “Welcome home, Joe” Chris: This is what they would say Jose: To be welcomed Joe Ok now i know What is the sheet I will design Now is a story page So in simple terms, its only a assortment of other folks excursion photos There are some general stories What is the call to action around these stories E.g.Navigation point What is most important about a website Audience: A timetable? So you can plan this celebration Jose: contriving, itinerary planning Chris: Planning is better than booking Jose: He identified the link to “Plan Your Trip” He sounded this relate Read the year He read that it happened to be the date of his holiday Very stimulated He booked Now you can describe the booking process You can use the same standard nature process as others You can also do it in many ways I can predict Most likely the company has already specified All you need about the infrastructure of the used Ready-made, you can use it right away Chris: I have an idea Plan and record, too fast I think we need a scaffolding propose Then make an appointment or reserve You can earmark these dates Then become tell your friends At the same time, Ole’s also has the opportunity to see “the consumers ” projects So they can keep in touching Jose: Okay, I like this Then he came back to book Chris: So yes Plan, reserve, then book People dont, rarely catch fish by themselves You go to sea by boat On the ocean You don’t want to be alone on the boat I know person In the whole team I know he likes to go to sea alone But you frequently go to sea with two or three beings So this reaches the coordination of the entire booking a bit complicated freedom? Because i want to go But i need to find a partner So a situation like this is a challenge Jose: So this is another part of the story I like this If he intends to send the schedule to his partner What will happen? So you can send tour To a friend Or lineage Or to multiple friends This is a feature we want to solve Two of his friends replied to the email But they have a family So they are able to make more than one person Do it alone Merely person or persons going to be all right the booking So come with your spouse So there are four beings? Will they producing a spouse? Or not? Chris: half and half Their the opportunities of delivering a marriage Jose: Suppose one of them wreaked his wife With a older child Chris: It could be a very young Jose: They didn’t bringing children Because their children are too big Already have his own life Okay, how many beings are there in total? Five Five parties Now he officially booked Chris: I have an idea When you invite your friends I think it would be great to perform the invitation like a postcard Because you might say Should we do this together? Impossibly precisely casual Exclusively one appointment You need to sell to your friends and his marriage Or cousins, and kids in college Say “Let’s go again together” Jose: You can write this in the narration Make it like an electronic sign Chris: You need to convince people to go with you Audience: I hope my question is not far from the subject Chris: You can leave the subject at any time This seems to be an idea about direction proposing Opened a entrance Jose: So this is everyone planning the journey together Chris: The feeling of the request sounds great Audience: The summon character can be in a group calendar You can see when everyone can travel at the same time Jose: So this is more on the affair of mining What you just wanted to supposed to do now If you are well aware Is to write down Then look at the adversaries The magnitude of their advent in the booking process Because there is such a challenge in application This is a good feeling Then the problem is How much effort Can actually harvest brand-new patrons If they plan to never have a website for a long time Leap to own an internet site You are going to build this website How numerous new technologies are exploited? The rationalization is that The model is in this room All project stakeholders Who is missing in this room now? Chris: Developer Jose: Developer So we came up with All these immense hypothesis Give full play to the creativity of the designer Chris: Then Rishabh will be like this Everyone, here is a $30,000 legislation Jose: Lets obstruct this idea for now Complete the whole concept first Now it is the customer to return again What you said before Actually realise parties is coming This is called the virus round symbolizing is If I want to go fishing with Chris With three partners Can you go? Then they may invite more beings Chris: New peculiarities A upright on your Facebook upright Say: Who wants to go fishing with me? It will be issued on your( Facebook) timeline This is a little different from the email of patron invitation When you say the word virus repetition I’m thinking This can achieve one of their goals Increased impression frequency on Facebook and Twitter So will invite and a neat photo Put it on facebook Will be great I don’t think anyone Doing this Jose: For our public Extremely those who are watching this video We can do this part without restriction The limit is as wide as the sky We can do whatever we want And then compound all the features that come up Make a feature matrix Then you make a prioritization The basis is cost, complexity, necessary So the last part you do Is how to get parties to use the site again Now he sends an invitation to friends His friends reply to him He booked a tour for five people Does he compensate online? Chris: You can but not They have a specific way You can pay a deposit check or something similar Jose: Will we change this on the central website? Chris: No This is still a highly personalized event I don’t think it needs Jose: The expense here is not like a coast excursion Chris: No, there can be 24 parties on a trip Jose: Two or four? Chris: Twenty-four Jose: Oh, do you book within this range? Chris: no no Their capacity is 24 people So this is highly personal service Jose: So these five people are a unit Chris: That’s a squad Jose: But what I want to say is It’s not very cheap, is it? Chris: Not cheap Jose: $500 per person? Chris: No Jose: That is … Chris: $3,000 per person Jose: I understand So here is already $ 15,000 invested Then it realise appreciation Give the cost to one of them So booking online is not a must Ok But you are already cross-file And you can manage I like your sentiment You going to be all right your planned online Then you have now registered all the participants What else can we do Let parties come again For example, what things can be set now customer service Maybe you can download the species What can the website do? How to reach the user experience more efficient? Chris: Specifically Once you book the itinerary Or you take a excursion Joan sends you a shape Everything is crowded in above Include your trawl qualification credential She will send you a welcome package Jose: Welcome package? I like welcome Gift pack In the email from Joan So we can automate the process And can be a Mail from Joan It said: Joe, welcome nice to see you again Maybe that email is automatically recognized Joe is a recur purchaser She has all the appointment report In fact, she doesnt need to write it herself And currently She also needs to write a real email In the welcome backpack We can make it send automatically So there will be an email It contains the forms that need to be filled out Chris: If he is a repeat customer In this illustration, he is indeed Then the information in accordance with the arrangements should be pre-filled Jose: Can we make forms online? Chris: Of direction why not? No limit now Jose: Okay, so here is a file Because he is already a purchaser Joe received an email Contains a link to a table Chris: Everything is crowded in Just tell us what has changed Then it’s gone for example Sometimes dietary needs conversion Joe hasn’t been there in years He is likely to be diabetes or prediabetes And so on Over this period, he needs very specific food except this I can’t think of a big change Maybe its an address or phone number Jose: So Joe’s file Past datum Chris: It will see him feel enormous Jose: “what were doing” next After completing the customer story The last part is how he … This part is how he shared He shared on Facebook Even though I make Joe doesnt use Facebook But this is a feature Chris: Oh, so thats why there is a assemble Do you think he is not an individual who has utilizes Facebook? Nothing Jose: He is not a Facebook being Chris: Yes But he has shared it with others Because he invited others Chris: Of direction Jose: Let’s find one Ways Joe would be willing to share He can send forward Share his tale or other floors Or an essay He can also selected different ways But we presume Joes file is filled with aged datum He modernized his dietary needs New eating habits What do you guys guess? I am designing an internet site Except I am … Chris: Why don’t you come and leader everyone? Let me form something stand out This is how he found out Just describe it briefly Because it’s a bit chaotic How he got involved What is Jose’s third? Jose: Actually Yes return So here is where you come to this site again Chris: OK Jose: Then the last part Is proposed to a friend Which is the part of Facebook Chris: So you want to know the story of each consumer How did they find out How to participate How come here again that’s all? Jose: Yes You can also surround this Make some modifications But the most important thing is that this is a’customer jaunt’ I imply some’journeys’ may differ You are personally involved in different aspects of this business You promoted its development Then been put forward with these narrations These narratives will become a locate delineate This is what we will do next Wireframe Based on these Then you can use wireframe To tell the same story I will tell you in the next incident How to do these Chris: So you guys What we just did Have any questions? What do you think is useful? Or issues and questions Audience: I have a question Let do this exercise based on Joes file Then belief Phil, the demanding socialist He doesnt want to post anything on Facebook If there is a opposition Jose: No, first of all this is just a You it is necessary originate everything So your job Chris: For each consumer kind You “re going to have to” do the fitting customer story Jose: On the whiteboard Your work and work after congregate B Just do the rest Chris: Your real problem is When these different user stories are created How to deal with possible conflicts? Jose: That’s a good question You will open a different story or itinerary Remember, this is a website You don’t need to do everything You have this here Here is that Not everything is for everyone Chris& Jose: Non-linear suffer Jose: By the road This is the most complicated part of website design Is that it is completely non-linear If you want to control too much Will is difficult And why these uses exist Even the fact that there are the school Is to learn these processes that require you to follow For example, Bruce Lee Chris: Jamie, do you have anything to say? Do you like these? Do you find it useful? Jamie: I’m so excited to realise more Personalized part of the website What are the other aspects in the process Would you like to talk about new aspects? as well as The goal is to simplify a very complex website How do you required to ensure that the serve will not be expanded? Chris: Function expansion Jose: This is a terribly, very good question I will answer this question as accurately as possible But this may be a miracle of God I would recommend Conduct a detection phase And in your technicians or yourself From a technical point of view Their objectives and budgetary questions stage Jamie: Okay Jose: Then based on this You can restrict yourself while brainstorming Because you already know the limit Or you can say leave it alone We do not set limits Then evaluate what you did And remove what you can’t do Chris: Nice job! Awesome! Ok these are very useful to me What i want to tell you is I “ve never seen” Jose do these before After watching you fix these How do i make a website With a new attitude Not to restrict website taxonomy And re-layout and unionize Chair on the Titanic The ship will still subside I like this Because these will acquire the site more helpful And can help them fulfill their needs That is to get more purchaser bookings So we really solved the users question This is the most wonderful thing you did just now Baton! Ok Thanks everyone for listening We have more content afterwards is not leave Sorry, it’s not that don’t leave See you next time! Please leave a comment below or click to agree Jose: Go ahead and watch other videos They are great more!

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