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, "When we use the word" value Usually, we try to explain the significance and usefulness of something for us I really appreciate your opinion .Nice That hat is valuable for its price He had nothing useful to say, and he interrupted the professor's speech the whole time !shameless , And in entrepreneurship Value is everything , Value is the basis of any business They control all future decisions, innovations, and target customers , And even if we think about the big picture If we cannot explain how, an idea can change a person's life for the better Why would anyone pay attention to us? So let's talk strategies to answer the two basic questions in any business model What value do I offer? And who are my clients? I'm Anna Akana and this is the Crush Course Entrepreneurial Series (an introduction) Sometimes business terminology can seem confusing But here's the secret Usually words have quite literal meanings , Since value means benefit The value proposition is the benefit that you provide to your customers Usually the suggested value is a sentence or a paragraph It details what your profession, project, or organization offers To whom will it benefit? And why is it considered valuable to these people? It should be clear why someone prefers your company over the competitor The value may be a material object, such as offering products at cheaper prices or higher quality Or it might be something more emotional, like providing better customer service For example, Slack is a messaging app designed to reduce e-mails , And to organize team communication : Or as they say Making work life simpler, more enjoyable and productive Slack demonstrates value to its clients: at the beginning of their value proposition Be more productive with less effort , When we don't think about value We run the risk of producing something that customers might not need Chitose lip balm? Nobody will buy? Certain? Okay , And don't misunderstand me Establishing a value proposition may seem difficult We must be confident in ourselves And with the work we did to develop our ideas Well …

What is your value? Excuse me? What is your value …? I mean, what is your importance? And why should people care about you and your business? Aa … I think I am I use my art to present stories that help people create meaning , And it makes them feel less lonely, however How do you judge the value of a movie, song, YouTube video, or any artwork? , When we're writing a suggested value We must think of two basic things First, our customers' experiences Second, the capabilities of the product or service that we offer If we get them, it will be easy to write them Let's make sure we cover the basics We'll be using the suggested value board. Designed by a company called Strategyizer Half of the work depends on customers' understanding To do this, we will ask you 3 questions 1 What are their jobs? , And this is a bit confusing , Because I don't mean their job names But rather what they do in their daily work and lives What are their problems? 2 What are the difficulties that they live in? Such as risks, obstacles, or bad results 3 What are the positive gains they are looking for and getting? Everyone tries to achieve the greatest possible amount of gains and minimize difficulties Or at least strike a balance between them As entrepreneurs, we can tip the scale to the gains After considering the customer's experiences We can shed light on future business by answering 3 questions First, what are the products and services that we provide to our clients to help them complete their work? Second, is what we offer a pain reliever that will reduce risks, obstacles and bad outcomes? Third, and most important of all Will what we offer make gains? Clients and products together help us define our value proposition So let's now talk about the details of writing a suggested value.

Shall we begin? To know the jobs, problems, and gains of our clients We must find them and intrude their lives , But let's be professionals We're talking about entrepreneurship. Put your Facebook monitoring skills aside Some call this research. Finding your target market The category that will most likely buy from you There are many ways to contact potential clients : But the best in this area Interviews with each of them , Organize research groups Or, conducting surveys Either it is personal interviews. Or online, it can be using Serve Monkey Remember, the goal is to learn, from potential clients To turn your idea into the best solution to a problem Whether you are working on, market spill-proof containers with inside them Or inexpensive childcare service Search for people, places, times, and causes related to your target market Who do you think has this problem? what are their ages? Do they have families? Or do they speak different languages? Or are they cats? Please say they are cats.

I understand cats What do they do when they encounter this problem? Does their job require sitting at a desk? They crafting something or playing sports? They may be hiding under the covers, far from the world and from their problems until they are gone Where do they encounter the problem? At work or at home? On a plane, train or car? When do they encounter the problem? Is it at a specific time of the day, week, or year? Is it a seasonal problem? It might change with the phases of the moon, or with tidal currents I mean, there's nothing we can do when Mercury is in retrograde Advice from Leo Why do they face the problem? Why don't others face the problem? So why should I? Why am I the one who always happens to him? And finally, how different people face the same problem in a different way How do they deal with the problem? Or how do they find solutions for themselves? For example, ignoring the problem may be a solution But it is …

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Not always the best way to deal with problems As my psychiatrist says All of these questions paint a picture for us, of the people we are dealing with And give us an overview of their jobs , And when we deal with the proposed values Clients' tasks may be functional, social, or emotional Job tasks are usually the work we do to pay the bills Focus only on the customer's job tasks. When writing a value proposition a big mistake Clients have social obligations that make them want to look good Or in support of their community And emotional tasks are all we do. To increase our humanity The primary goal of understanding customers is to read their thoughts What they do will be reflected in the things they value Or that they wish to be appreciated Entrepreneurs want to change the status quo If we know what the customer values ​​are We will be able to make them get what they want, in a better and newer way Remember the goal of the value proposition: What will get people to choose you from amongst everyone? Business undermining is one of the strategies that provides value to clients , And it is a word related to profitable business Instead of competing with current markets, try to highlight our idea in the field of others Why not create a new market (often called the blue ocean) Our idea is the seed that turns into a whole new garden We are not talking about the value that arises from lower prices or faster delivery of orders It's about getting customers to get the same results, but in completely new ways For example, in the past, radio was the best media in all homes The radio listeners had two needs Firstly, having fun, and secondly, knowing what is going on around them The radio was able to meet these needs: by broadcasting various programs Like music, dramas, and news Then the TV appeared , A new form of media Who managed to entertain people, and keep them informed of events Television was able to meet the same demands of customers, in a new way Without the project pioneers needing to compete with the radio world They created their own world and discovered new value Perhaps they found new clients who had no interest in the radio in the first place We realize, of course, that business opportunities do not come without difficulties We are all human and the suffering is real When we think of our customers We must think about the difficulties and problems that may appear in their path If we were able to face these difficulties It means that we will create better and more valuable businesses For example, if the client's job, applying to the university It may face some difficulties, such as, the old submission sites since 2002 Application fees and tuition fees , And the absence of family support Or try to juggle work, in order to get the money now And saving for other studies Clients will not do the jobs, without any gain It tells us what they want or want to try before or after work In the previous example, which talks about applying at the university Some of the gains could be: better career opportunities High salaries after graduation , See new ideas , New start or new friends Now that we've done our research, for potential clients By doing this, we would have filled half of the value proposition board Or you can sort all this information on one of the walls of the plots investigation Using wall pins, different colors and newspaper clips You can do whatever you want, because it is your suggested value Using all this information, we can get our wonderful business idea To ensure that our products and services truly limit problems You create gains and add value to people's lives And, once we're done, our value proposition will flourish To see how this happens, let's imagine it together Stitch Fix is ​​a personalized service, to choose the right clothes You send clothes and accessories to people They have clients across America and soon throughout Britain These clients have a lot of business, one of which is definitely buying clothes Let's imagine Stitch Fix clients as busy, tech-savvy people , Their ages are between 25-50 and they live in America , Of all races and working in all fields And they are constantly willing to spend some money on clothes They may face many difficulties As lack of time to try to reconcile, between their work and family life Or on a tight budget, or live far from clothing stores : Or not knowing their body shape Pear, apple, pineapple …? Or something else After exploring their target market Stitch Fix has provided solutions to these problems, as making an easy-to-use mobile application , And different offers for different budgets , And home delivery service , And easy-to-return system And personalized design to make clothes fit different body shapes Clients buy clothes because they want to look good Feeling confident inside and outside the workplace Therefore, Stitch Fix would like to realize this gain But they are also providing new dividends, using technology As doing surveys about measurements, tastes and accounts And a personal stylist who helps clients find what suits them best And save time instead of walking around in shopping centers Gathering all this information: Stitch Fix puts its great suggested value "We save our customers' time and do the shopping for them." If we want to clarify that further We can say that Stitch Fix uses technology to save time for working customers By providing personal sizes, tastes and designers To buy clothes that are delivered directly to their homes After all this research and thought, we have finished writing the value proposition When you are asked, "What is your value?" , Don't be nervous , Because you did the work Show them what you have Well then …

What's your value? My fans appreciate the entertainment and trustworthy communication So I use writing and acting, animation and music To tell stories that make them feel less alone To highlight the complex aspects of human experiences Today, we learned the meaning of value And the importance of thinking about customer needs, which helps us show what our project must provide By understanding customers' jobs, problems, and gains We will make sure that our products and services reduce difficulties or achieve benefits , And in doing so … we have a value proposition A phrase that briefly explains why we are better than everyone else Next time, we'll target the competition We will not target it as it happens in shooting training But we're going to talk about how to define your competitors, in the entrepreneurial arena What can you learn from watching them? Thank you for watching Crash Course.

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