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good afternoon welcome back to another article marketing robot instructional video in this video I'm going to show you how to create an article and what all the features of the article editor are so the first thing that we're going to want to do is hit the Add button now as you first enter the article editing screen you'll notice that there's a lot of stuff going on here the first thing I'm going to go over is these five main sections title summary body resource and keywords these are all items that are required in a typical article that you'd be submitting some article directories don't have a summary box and some article directories don't use keywords but most article directories use title body and resource so those are the main areas of your article the next thing you will want to look at is the categories here you can type in variations of the categories that you want your article to be placed under instead of providing a drop-down form with a bunch of different categories in it I decided to let you type in the category or you can type in a partial category for example if you are targeting marketing for example you can just use the word market and article marketing robot will go out and look for any categories that have the word market in them and the first one that comes across it will use that category so if there's article marketing as a category the word market fits in marketing so it will use it you'll notice that you have six categories and if none of the categories that you've typed in show up then article marketing robot will select a random category and it will go about that way so the next thing I'm going to talk about are the buttons down here on the right-hand pane of this article editor but before I do that I'm just going to enter some text into the body so in this article i will speak about article marketing and how it can drive traffic to your web site pretty straightforward but will be able to expand on it later so the first thing down here we have the plus and minus sign plus is going to increase and decrease the font size of your of the title summary body and resource the minus will decrease the size over here you have an undo button so if i click it you'll see that the text disappears and if I this one here is a redo button if i click that then you'll see that all my text comes back so for the last word okay over here we have a plus syntax and what that means is you can insert spin syntax if you want so if you wanted to say traffic to your website and you can enter dogs that bark loudly and that just shows you is an example of you being able to insert spin syntax and if you don't like it you just simply hit the undo button oops and you're done preview will actually preview your article so as my web browser loads you can see the quick article preview it's got a body word count and if you have a bunch of spin syntax in your article then every time you hit the preview button newly spun version of that article will be spit out the ok button will save the article and leave the article editor and go back to the main screen council will not save the article and it will go back to the main screen so just show you something if you if you hit ok you'll see here that there's just a two there that's the article idea if I go back in and just put something in the title and then hit ok then it'll show up as the title down here before I go any further I'll just show you the copy button what this does is it creates a identical copy of the article so let's say you have a freshly written article and you want to submit one article that is unspun to high page rank websites like ezinearticles and the rest to lower page web sites like the spun version then you just hit the copy button a new one is created this is also useful if you want to have a template for example you targeting one niche and you won't you don't want to always have to enter your categories and keywords you can just have a template set up and then just copy from there one last thing I want to comment on is the colored tax check box here if I type a sentence I'm going to type the word sentence and then I just highlight that and inserts with some spin syntax and say another sentence and then hit my colored text what will happen is I get well I get different colored text text that is not within spin syntax is black and text that is inside spin syntax is a different color so as you can see the more I go into it the more colors i get so I'll just undo all that and then we'll get into the meat and potatoes of the thesaurus ok so the thesaurus separated into several different things first off there is a contextual thesaurus and there is a local thesaurus you can gain access to these in the options menu over here you see thesaurus there's contextual which is slower that is because article marketing robot has to go out to the internet to find the words that are to find the synonyms and their definitions and group them and the local thesaurus is a file that resides on your hard drive when you install the article marketing robot and it's about a 60 Meg file with just over 30,000 words in it the words in the local file are not sorted by definition so we'll just get out of there i'm going to double-click the word article so we went out we retrieve the thesaurus data and you can see that there's three different meanings for the word article there's item an object a piece of writing or section of document now in this article we're referring to a piece of writing so if I say in this piece of writing blurb column commentary editorial paper story you see all those words get automatically replaced as I double-click them and you'll also notice down here we have something called sinem groups synonym groups are previously used since synonyms that are stored as groups so the next time you come across the word article which would be here all you have to do is double click it and then hit replace so now your art your words are stored and it makes spinning an article extremely quickly but that's not the only thing I'll show you I'm going to undo that so back up to the definition contacts box down here we have the local thesaurus definition for article and as you can see there's a lot of different words and they're just not sort of by definition but you could find some words that are decent and would fit into your context that you're trying to use also we have related words and as you can see these words are not directly related to article but they are either an antenna more a synonym that have something to do with the word article for example if I click on the word detail you'll see that article comes up that means it's related but it's not real it's it's either an answer no more synonym but it's not a direct synonym so that is how the definition contextual thesaurus works and the local thesaurus works now before i continue to explain what this synonym groups section is all about i just want to expand some of the text in the article body so i will say article marketing works in several different ways and if you use article marketing you will develop some product recognition for your website so i just kind of like to babble in my articles i guess but i'm making a point here i'm going to highlight the two words article marketing and i'm going to hit the source now you can't expect any results to come from that but what you can do is you can insert words into your thesaurus into your local dictionary for example article submitting and you can see as soon as you hit enter the spin syntax is expanded in its and it's added and then you could say article submission which is almost the same thing or maybe article writing now what I want to show you next is the synonym groups and mass replacer down here we have a couple things going on there's an e and an ex the e will allow you to edit the synonym group on the expo deleted out right I'm not going to hit that because I don't want to delete my synonym group but i will use the e now what's happening here is you can edit your synonym group and up here this little part here this shows what the group currently looks like down here you can either add or remove or update a word so let's just say i'll add article jollies for example hit enter and there it is article jealous now i can remove it and it's gone and if i were to add III oops sorry I got hit the Add button first III and then I wanted to change it to be kkkk an update it you'll see that it changes so that's just that's just how you edit your synonyms it done and we're back on the main editing screen okay i'm going to show you something called the mass replacer what this does is it goes out and finds all the words in the body summary title and resource box that are already in a synonym group so I'll just go over a couple options down here first we have the width the width refers to phrases basically what the mass replacer will do is it will look for any any phrase that is in this case two words wide if you were to set it up for let's say five words it will look for a phrase that is one two three four five words wide all the way throughout the article body and then once it's done looking for five words it will look for four words and then we'll look for three words and then two words until it gets down to one word search inside spin syntax means that the article editor will search within spin syntax if that's checked off typically you don't need to do that because you've already got your spin syntax set up but if you want to you can normally I leave that unchecked and so it will only search the body and the rest of the boxes for words that are not inside the spin syntax so I'm just going to hit my mass replacer button here and as you can see it's flashing through the article now as you remember we created a synonym group with the words article marketing in it as you can see there's article marketing there so if I just hit the replays button you'll see that it gets automatically replaced and then it continues on to find the next word or the next set in this case phrase and it finds it again so I'll just hit the replace button now it's now that it's done searching for two-word phrases it's down to one word phrases so now I can say in this article i will speak and i'll just replace that and it's going again and there's another synonym group for can so i'll replace that and it's done very fast and very effective way to spin your articles you don't have to put a whole lot a lot of effort in it basically what you're doing is you're training the software to adapt your synonyms the synonyms that you like to have and the more articles that you write using the thesaurus the faster becomes to get your article spun out typically it takes me about 15 minutes to take a 500 word article and put all the spin syntax in and then I have 100 unique articles that I can play with

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