Video Content Marketing Strategy Case Study: Bain & Company

in this series of video content marketing mini case studies we take a look at specific channels by great companies and see what we can learn from what they're doing with their video content Beynon company started posting videos on YouTube nine years ago that's a long tournament kudos to them for getting on trend with video content marketing so early on most companies even those that are focusing on marketing have only recently made the jump in the last few years they post around 10 videos every month or more than two videos a week that's a great number of videos probably more than the average company has the bandwidth to post in terms of content but looking at Ben's channel gives you a lot of cool ideas on what type of content you can cover for example they may talk about the state of different markets that's a whole series of videos or they can talk about the impact of digital transformation on different company departments another video series they also have a lot of how-to videos like how to get the most out of customer experience tools they can leverage frequently asked questions by their clients or look at industry conferences and big questions from the different topics they've covered one reason companies find video content marketing intimidating is because they don't think they have enough ideas to produce content regularly take a look at Maine's channel and get inspired there's definitely not a shortage of Konan ideas they already have more than 700 videos posted and the counter keeps going fast and each video gets on average about a thousand views that's around 10% of their subscriber base which is pretty typical to get that many views organically from subscribers now 1000 views may sound very few right if you look at most corporate videos actually they get barely a hundred views because corporate videos are either salesy or super boring and poorly produced so nobody wastes their time watching them voluntarily to get a thousand views in the context of corporate video content marketing is actually quite good and you know these are organic views because the videos consistently hit those numbers the beauty here is that these 1000 views are from highly qualified and engaged clients or prospects so you don't need millions of views to get results for Baine if they get one call from a client asking about digital transformation that can lead to a multi-million dollar engagement but above all they're doing this to establish a thought leadership and that's where video content marketing truly shines it's not necessarily going to drive new business but it's definitely one of the levers that builds confidence with clients and makes it easier for them say let's bring Bain in to consult us on this topic if you take a look at Ben's channel leave a comment below with your thoughts or observations and what you learned about video content marketing [Music]


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