Video Content Marketing Strategy Case Study: JP Morgan

in this video I'll share a couple of insights on the what and the why behind JP Morgan's video content marketing strategy and don't forget to subscribe for more strategy insights and many case studies like this one JP Morgan who recently started sending email campaigns to clients with video tips like how to keep your financial resolutions and I'll include a link in the comments to check it out their very professionally produced scripted shot in a studio and even include motion graphics to adjust things up this is at the high end of what video content marketing can look like of course they also have an increasingly active YouTube channel recently posting a few videos a week with topics like personal finance tips but also introducing some of the people working behind the scene to humanize banking one video a week is the minimum you can do for video content marketing and 2 to 3 a week is ideal so why are top companies putting a growing amount of the resources behind video content marketing I'll highlight three reasons but they're probably more one YouTube and Google are transcribing videos automatically and indexing them so that we start appearing on the front page of Google's organic search results more often – throughout 2019 videos will be getting more and more free organic traffic so make sure a you post video comment regularly to get a good ranking and be you SEO optimize your video script which you can do with a tool like Yoast SEO – they've probably looked at the massive data they have and it's telling them they have to shift from white papers and blog posts to video content marketing pretty much nobody reads their emails and blog posts anymore but they're watching videos I know because I clicked on it and it was the first time I engaged with their content and I immediately thought wait a minute video really works the cool thing is that once you've developed written content it's just another step to convert it into video content and then market it properly but the impact in terms of reach and engagement with video content marketing is tenfold or more and three there's a big first mover advantage to win over YouTube channel subscribers and pressures watch time which is a major metric that YouTube algorithms use to rank your videos organically the more watch time your channel builds up the faster you will be growing making it that much harder for competitors to catch up many people don't realize this but competition for video watch time is heating up many companies are realizing that logging won't help you win and video content is where the next battle is going to be fought the sooner you get started with video content marketing the better off you'll be leave a comment below about what's holding you back or if you have specific questions about how to get started [Music]


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