Video content marketing strategy: The #1 overlooked tactic

Want to produce videos that create leads? Make sure each video gives prospective buyers
a sense of confidence in themselves and has a call to action. In video content marketing, trust is not earned
by what you say in videos or how you say it. Trust is earned by what your videos do for
prospects that gets them confident in themselves as buyers. Quick example: Remember the first time you
learned how to ride a bike? No matter who it was who helped you get up
on that saddle remember the feeling you got … the sense of confidence in yourself? Remember how you felt about the person who
gave you that confidence in yourself? Well, it works the same with a video content
marketing strategy. Make sure your videos increase the success
rate of prospects … really move their needles. Or maybe you can help them avoid a risk. Point being: the goal of your videos is to
get prospects confident in themselves.

Because this is what gets you trusted. Enough to buy from you? Maybe. But prospects will certainly be willing to
trade their contact information in exchange for more of that confidence you just gave
them. They'll be more willing to become a lead. All they need is that call to action. So make it easy for them to act on that impulse
you just created. Include calls to action in all your videos. Maybe you'll teach customers a new skill or
go deeper into solving a problem for them.

Content marketing

There are a handful of options. The idea is to use that call to action to
get viewers off of your video and onto a lead nurturing process. Ok? And remember trust is earned by what your
videos do for prospects that gets them confident in themselves. If you follow these simple guidelines you'll
be making videos that sell for you.

I'm Jeff Molander..

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