Video Marketing – 2 consigli per continuare a crescere online

New setting, new shirt, new hair. All new. Finally many entrepreneurs, many freelancers have taken over their own activities, have raised the shutters, let's say that many entrepreneurs and freelancers are returning to old habits. "But is this good?" Yes that's good, absolutely yes. And so all that what have you done online so far do you leave it like this, let it die like this? you say so much: "By now I have resumed my activity as before, I don't care anymore? " Here, maybe this could be a shame. Yes, because maybe in recent months you communicated with other people, you found new potential customers, you have had other users who are interested in your products or services and it would be a real shame to abandon them like this now. Why those people you've attracted, those people you've approached, those people you have interested in your products or services, they could be your futures customers of tomorrow. I know this is a very special moment, that you it also takes a long time because after a long time you may not be open you have to stand there to check the products, you have to see for a moment how to reactivate the situation …

The car has to start again right? But it is precisely in this moment of restart that is important and maximizing, that is to bring out the maximum from what you have, whether offline or online. If in these two months you have created a reputation, it is approached by users you gave some material you gave some information and now you give up everything I don't think it will reap i in the medium to long term. If, on the other hand, I could carry on both things because you understand that online it is an opportunity. You have seen, you have seen first hand that attracting other people, you can attract other users thanks to the web and, perhaps, convert them into potential customers. Here, bringing both things forward would be ideal. "Eh but I don't have time … how do I do it? "I know that time is that, that the day is made up of 24 hours and it's not that Can you lengthen this. In those 24 hours we have to fit everything together. "And how can I carry it on? how can i carry out both activities? Anyway it takes commitment, perseverance and time! "Well, first of all you could convert online your potential customers offline.

Maybe your customers often come to the your shop, they contact you by phone but they don't know about yours online presence. Why is it important to take them online? Because in their circle of friends, maybe there is someone who is interested in your services or products. Just a video of yours shared on his wall for have the opportunity to reach many other people. And who do you says that among those people there may not be someone who is really interested in your service or product? Who is looking for you but doesn't know you existed? Then first, bring all those customers online who didn't know about yours existence, because they could help you spread your products, your services, your videos and thus automatically increase your chances of finding new potential customers.

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And then, second tip, start creating videos already within your business. I know that time is short you have so many tasks from perform, you have so many things to do, but carve out those 5, 10, 15 minutes during the day to make videos during your business, allows you to create contents; those contents arrive online and consequently bring forward also your positioning. Well that's all for today, if you liked it Like the video, subscribe to the channel and remember to click on little bell to keep up to date with all the videos that I will post.

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