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want to know how to get found by more of your ideal prospects online when they are ready to buy once you figure this out it leads to more customers and most of your competitors have no idea how to do it I'm going to give you the secret most of your competitors think they know what prospects are typing into search engines when they are looking for answers to problem solve by their products or services most of them are wrong and don't even know it or even if they do know what people are typing into search engines they don't understand the amount or strength of their online competition and they spend a fortune creating content online that is going to ranked solo in search engine results that it's practically impossible for their ideal prospects to find them what are they doing wrong how can you avoid the same mistakes the answer is keyword research if you want to do it yourself we'll give you the unfair advantage and let you know what we think the best tool on the planet is for performing this critical task if you don't trust yourself or don't have the time to learn how to use this powerful tool you can hire us to perform keyword research for you and give you the results if you want to restore or protect your reputation online while simultaneously educating past current and future customers about your products or services just create an account on this site and do it right away sorry about this little extra step but we needed another way to protect our system once you do you'll be able to log in and see all the options for keyword research video production or content distribution services we offer on top of that as a super special bonus you'll also be able to get free access to the secret weapons mentioned in the book attract capture and convert by maison du Tkaczyk adam burns and adam Kreitman these secret weapons reveal the most popular and effective ideas for videos they also reveal a powerful formula for maintaining a viewers interest for as long as possible regardless of their attention span as well as the secret sauce that gets videos to rank high and search engine results you will also get access to the secret tools professionals use for keyword research and distributing their videos articles podcast and logs online using automation instead of doing it manually these secret weapons alone could save you years of hard work and thousands of dollars once you register as a user and login you'll be able to check it all out and judge for yourself you


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