Video Marketing: How To Create Marketing Videos in 2021

are you interested in getting getting good at video or better yet let me ask the question a different way are you afraid of being on video so here's the thing i find most people are they feel like they don't look good on video they don't sound good on video they don't have the talent they don't have the equipment they don't have the lights they don't have the camera they don't have the microphone or whatever it is they've got all kinds of reasons why they are not good on video and why they don't want to do video let me just tell you something those are all excuses and what i'd like to do is i'd like to share with you the only way that i know of to get good at doing video other than paying somebody else a lot of money to make you look good on video which by the way doesn't solve all your problems about i don't look good on video or i don't sound good on video that's just that's just a band-aid that you put on it there is only one way i know of to get good at doing video and i know that this isn't good english but i'm just stick with me here the only way i know of to get good at doing video is to do video is to take out your phone press record point it at yourself and start talking and to do that over and over and over again until you start getting good at video realize a couple of things number one people really don't care what you look like otherwise there's no way i'd be on video people don't care what you sound like otherwise there's no way i'd be on bit video people only care about the content that you're giving them unless you are in entertainment or fashion and both of those hey there's a lot of ugly people doing entertainment and there's a lot of people who don't really belong in being being fashioned who are making millions doing fashion and so let's just make all that go away and decide that we're going to get over our own personal hang-ups about doing video and start doing video and yes you're going to be nervous when you start doing video it's going to happen it must happen because it's unfamiliar just like you were nervous the first time that someone kicked a ball your direction you were expected to kick it back to them or shot a basketball or whatever it was don't forget everyone is a beginner at the beginning and then push past that now i'm going to give you a little secret that'll help you get good at video you want a secret this is a little technique that i discovered quite on my own that works wonderfully do live facebooks why because people don't expect you to be as polished perfectly made up by the way the women who feel like they need to be personally dressed perfectly dressed have their hair done and be perfectly made up to do to do probably ought video get over that too just go do video people will take you as you are if you're giving them great content so now let me give you the secret so go live on facebook because the bar of excellent looks is lower and it is a hundred percent reliant on your content and of easy and fast way here's where the trick comes in go set up a facebook page that has a ridiculous name that has nothing to do with you and basically it's something that no one would ever find set it up and use that as what we call your sandbox to test your videos in other words the first couple of times you go live on facebook you're gonna be terrified you won't know what happens if you get comments you know what what happens if you don't turn it on right you don't turn it off right you don't get everything right well how about if you had that stress eliminated by not having an audience the first several times you went live on facebook that's why you do the trick that i just explained to you which is go create a page that has nothing to do with you has no name no no attachment to you don't put anything on like weight loss or something like that it's going to cause people to naturally find it and then use that as the place that you go live so that you can test how to do it and get comfortable and i suggest you do it several times until you actually get comfortable doing lives then and only then do you go live on your own real facebook group or page or profile in front of a real audience that way you have at least eliminated the initial nerve wracking challenges of video so by the way microphones are important that's why i have this [Music] sound is is a killer i mean people can take bad lighting people people can take bad customing people can take bad makeup but if you have bad sound that's a problem and so i suggest the place you you invest is in sound that's the first place you invest but you can do your initial everything just with your cell phone the next piece is to buy like one of those i just literally i bought one two hours ago uh lavalier wireless bluetooth mic that you can just pin on yourself it hooks to your phone using bluetooth and so that it's not picking up all the sound in the rest of the room it's just picking up your voice and you go from there uh i recommend that would be this first place that i would go beyond your cell phone so use your cell phone get that mic and and and go from there then after that and by the way you may go six months that that's the only investment that you've made then eventually start getting into lights i've got two led lights cost me i think 125 dollars for the combination of the lights and the stands sitting up there they're high because with these glasses i need them to be high so that we don't get the direct glare off of my glasses and this is really interesting because it's decided i'm gonna be there we go it finally pulls back and becomes in focus that's the second thing you invest in is some lights for the place where you'll be doing most of your filming and by the way notice i don't have a beautiful set i would love to have a gorgeous white fireplace back there with some orchids on it and things like that but that's not where i work that's not where i would far in my own life i made a decision that i would rather do video just about every day or regularly and not have to worry about having a beautiful set than to spend three months coming up with a beautiful set and i just don't have a place in my home that works for a beautiful set the way we use our home and so i decided to do it in my office so you get a bookcase and a cool plant and me and i hope that the content makes up for the lack of the beautiful fireplace back there think about it what would enable you to go to video the fastest way to get used to it to get used to talking on video communicating and promoting your video start focusing on that so you can start making progress and then go from there this is don crowler saying just go do this stuff


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