Video Marketing in Two Minutes Or Less: Episode 1

If you do a quick google search on the term
‘video marketing’, you’re gonna return a wide variety of search results, and really
a wide variety of definitions. Let’s take a second to define ‘video marketing’ in
a really just common-sense way, and then expand upon that. Video marketing is really just
the attempt to use videos to increase brand awareness, educate and engage an audience,
and generate leads, which will hopefully result in a sale. So, why engage in video marketing?
Because it works. As humans, we’ve been programmed to learn and tell stories for as
long as we’ve been in existence. For over a hundred years, we’ve been enamored with
the power of moving pictures, movies, television, and now the web, and the emotional connections
that those images and sound can create. Not only does this give an audience the ability
to understand and comprehend information much more quickly, but it also gives them the ability
to retain that information for much, much longer.

Creative works

The use of video marketing has been
on the rise for quite some time with the large brands. There’s a lot of information out
there about the success stories and how brands have really been able to leverage video to
help them grow, generate leads, and really become successful using video. We’ve created
this blog to help small to mid-sized businesses use video marketing to grow their brands and
grow their businesses. We look forward, over the next few months of creating installments to this blog, to helping you and your business grow using video marketing and digital marketing strategy..

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