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you see we moved from Canada to Las Vegas with a dream to have a television talk show and long story short it actually came true we were airing on broadcast television with a big talk show production at the beefy eter inside planet hollywood sounds pretty impressive right well that dream quickly turned into a big ole nightmare we had multiple cameras massive soundboard a director writing texts a live studio audience he has the worms it was so overwhelming to work in an industry we knew very little about and besides it being a big money pit you were stressed to the max the work part a lot of our footage was subpar to put it politely plus we lost so much time money and energy on the project we eventually dried up all our fun and lost everything including our homes retirement savings and investments well he did not lose however was our faith desire and commitment to succeed we knew that we had to somehow keep the show going so like any creative entrepreneur we rolled up our sleeves strapped up our boots and went back to work at a pure necessity we streamline and simplify the process by transitioning our show for broadcast television to online videos between the two of us learned camera one lighting video editing and distribution you took our production mobile rather than confining ourselves to a big theater studio what we discovered was shocking not only was it easier but it was more lucrative and we were excited that we found ourselves in the midst of the new media revolution that was still in exploding and opportunities our studies led us into the world of online marketing and digital content creation we realize that what we needed was not necessarily taught in traditional media production skills but rather our intention was alert from some of the top online marketers and new media content producers in the world and since we had our talk show after all what better way to listen the world's greatest authorities than to do what we were already doing that is interviewing the experts during this time we had interviewed and study the work of many of the leading authorities in the world of online marketing including Guy Kawasaki mackanin nanak silver and michael saying this collection of wisdom and expertise we gained from total immersion in this field of study if known as authority marketing and it's what we do best

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