Video Marketing Is Like Dating (5 Tips)

yeah giant leap in quality from the results of cheaply produced on my videos every message communicates your brand know your brand stands for here we go we created a few questions to help you create the best video campaign number one what are the two key words that describe your brand number two know your competition how are you different 3 what are you trying to achieve with your video campaign is a branding engagement or conversion think about it this way Marketing is like dating branding is just showing up at the part engagement is walking up to the girl buying her a drink and getting her number conversion is well we all know at conversion is don't expect a conversion without some branding and engagement first for who is your audience know the girl or the guy that you going after where do they hang out online fighting on Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube blogs what gets their attention by what do you hope to achieve with this video take a snapshot of where you are now and see what needs to improve set up your metrics and decide realistically how do we chuckle ladies and gentlemen I can guarantee you if you answer these questions you'll be ready to brand yourself with video marketing try big 3 call us okay sexier catch fire with big 3 oh yeah is that I mean yeah that good my fingers wrap call it a day

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