Video Marketing Minute: The Guided Sales Process – Part 1

welcome to another video marketing minute I'm Eric Ellis chief marketing officer for Square to marketing today I have an interesting challenge for our viewers I want to talk about the concept of the balance between sales and marketing traditionally most companies would look at the weight of their sales of marketing program to be heavier on the sales side the sales team carries the ball and the marketing department supports them but I want you to think differently today about a concept called the guided sales process I was having lunch with an associate of mine named Vijay and Vijay has a very successful company but he was complaining that his sales team is not living up to the expectations that he put forth as far as prospecting and finding new clients so I told him to fire his sales team today but not really I didn't really want him to fire his sales team I wanted him to fire his sales team and then instantly rehire them but with a new title and the title is guide what do I mean by guide if you think about taking a trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon you would hire a guide and the guide would call you in advance and asks you questions like do you prefer certain foods would you rather be in the shade or the sunny side how would you like to sleep under the stars are in a tent and they would do some discovery to make sure that your experience was excellent and then once you were on the trip they would give you tips use the paddle this way don't paddle over there the stream is a little bit tougher to navigate come over here it'll we won't drop off the side of the cliff those guides are taking you through the process of going through the Grand Canyon well what I encourage Vijay to do was to use his sales team in the same way to guide people through the process of learning how and what the outcome would be of working with them now instead of pressuring people to sign the contract and get started they're co-creating the solution with them by guiding them through the process extending the time up front that they're talking with them and then guiding them the rest of the way the end result is that more deals will close because we've worked together with the prospect on the solution we've guided them through the process exemplifying all along the way all the remarkable things about doing business so if you wanted to have something creative to think about on your ride home tonight think about firing your sales team Andrea hiring them as sales guides that guided sales process will guarantee give you better results in your closes for this and other tips don't forget to check out square to marketing com and we'll see you next week


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