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let me ask you this important question what if you could have a near endless stream of exclusive red-hot buyer leads who are ready to pay you for your services and we'll be happy to refer you to their friends and family without ever having to spend huge amounts of money on print or online advertising imagine your receptionist starts complaining to you that the office phone just doesn't stop ringing with interested customers ready to visit your business or ask for a consultation these are the buyers who have a burning desire to buy what you're offering and have never been contacted before could you use the extra business could you put this money this adds to your bottom line to good use I think you can and I know you would agree that if you can tap into a nearly unlimited source of online leads your business will not only grow you could finally take some time off and finally take your family on a vacation or treat yourself to something nice but more on that in a minute first let me tell you about how I've been collecting red-hot local leads for businesses in your area it all started a few years ago when I made a video for my uncle joe's pizza please he asked me to help him figure out how to get more delivery orders and so I took a bunch of pictures of my uncle his pizza and his store and then set them to music and uploaded it to YouTube I also put his telephone number of website address in the video figuring maybe he'd get a few phone calls i guess that people searching for pizza delivery in his hometown would see the video because Google ranks videos higher in search results than they do boring old web sites as it turns out I tapped into a gold mine that works for almost any type of business remember I was just showing delicious pictures of pizza I discovered that telling a brief story with pictures force these customers to imagine sinking their teeth into this amazing food and that response prompted them to pick up the telephone and order a pizza for my uncle the results of this one video he saw a twenty-five percent increase in monthly takeout orders about 150 pizzas subs and calzones at an average sale of twenty dollars a pop that's three thousand dollars an extra revenue he didn't have before all from a simple video on YouTube now I know you don't sell pizza and your services probably cost a lot more than twenty dollars so just imagine how much more money you can make if a simple video got you 10 20 and even 50 new leads this month okay if you're like me you're probably a little hungry but you're also more interested in generating leads without breaking the budget am i right so here's my three-part plan to help you get new customers grow your reach and grow your bottom line without spending tens of thousands of dollars on lead generation projects first I will make a video that will compel local consumers searching for your type of business to call you immediately this is a proven approach that works by giving users video content for the things they are already searching google for the video compels the customers to take action because they are already looking for the services you provide second I will rank your video to the first page of Google and as little as a day meaning you can start seeing new customers more phone calls and online requests in as little as 24 hours and then I will have all telephone calls that these videos generate sent directly to your office telephone number so you can get these inbound leads and not hand them over to your competitors this promotional video will not only help you get more business closed more deals and buy new customers it will also allow you to keep more money in your pocket by saving you thousands of dollars on advertising and allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor just a little bit more let me generate leads for you starting today you could start seeing inbound phone calls in as little as 24 hours look below this video you see my telephone number below you have it now pick up the telephone and please call me so we can get started collecting your exclusive local search leads today you will discover that real lead generation doesn't have to be expensive nor does it require tons of your time to produce real results that grow your bottom line however you must take action right now because I can only help a limited number of local businesses who want to take advantage of this powerful lead generation strategy so look below this video take action now and i look forward to sending you exclusive leads you

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