Video Marketing Secrets To Boost Your Revenues – Part 2

This is the second part of the secrets of
video marketing. I’ll share with you some of the best tips
to help you to create successful marketing videos that will boost your revenues. If this is your first time here and you want
to build a successful video marketing strategy and grow your business’ YouTube channel
start now by subscribing and clicking on the bell icon so you don't miss anything. In today’s movies, you will find that from
the first moment there is action; something that grab your attention and makes you want
to stay tuned to find out what’s happening, why it is happening and what is going to happen
next. As another example, teachers often tell their
students to trim the first page or two when it comes to writing fiction, because they’re
usually full of long, boring intro stuff to set up the first scene.

But when you scrap that off and start with
the action, BOOM – the reader is engaged. Creating engaging videos are the same way. Start with the good introduction and let it
advance from there. 3: Don’t Be Overly Serious. You don’t have to sound like a stuffy, boring
college instructor, although your video might be to educate and inform. Add some sense of humor and fun in your videos. This does not mean injecting jokes that do
have nothing to do with the topic you are talking about. Find humor instead. You just need to look for humor in what you
teach or talk about. It's always there. If you are like most people, you get nervous
when you get infront of the camera. If you practice with a friend, you will find
some funny stuff that comes to mind.

Try it and listen to your friend's suggestions. They're going to tell you which parts to trim. You should keep thinking of the camera as
your friend when you are filming. You are having a nice chat, whether you are
using your phone or using slides. You have the chance to talk. Have fun. When you have fun, the audience would possibly
also have fun as well. 4: Don’t Seek Perfection And Be Human
Nobody's Perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. No one prefers someone who is perfect, or
even someone who comes across as perfect. That’s why it’s normal to make mistakes
on camera. If you do something wrong or you are nervous,
just acknowledge it and move on. For example, if you are showing something
to your audience and suddenly it drops. Make a joke out of it and laugh, pick it up
or whatever, and move on. Be yourself as it will be funny when you admit
to your audiences that you are human and you can laugh at your fails.

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The audience will begin to like you more. You can make a funny mistake on purpose so
you can get the audience on your side. A lot of people are doing this. When done right, it’s a truly effective
technique. Once again, it’s a powerful teaching method,
and everyone loves somebody who can laugh at themselves. If you look at comedians, they are continually
telling audiences about silly stuff they have done. And people love them for it. Thanks for watching. Hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed today's video
and let’s know what you think in the comments below.

I'll see you guys on the next one..

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