Video Marketing Selber Machen – 3 Tipps

You constantly hear rave reports and success stories from companies that get through video marketing suddenly grew exponentially and, with the help of videos, complete their industry dominate? Would you like to do the same, but you don't know where and how to start? In this video you will learn how you can start using video marketing for your company today can start. Video marketing is on everyone's lips right now, but it also has a reputation for being expensive, labor-intensive and to be time consuming.

And that is what keeps most business owners from using video marketing for their own company to start. The fact is that an image film is the best entry into the world of video marketing, since you practically don't have to worry about anything (if you are a reliable video agency booked) and usually see the first results within a few weeks. Nevertheless, such a project quickly exceeds the monthly marketing budget, therefore I would like to give you 3 tips on how you can get started today without great expense or effort start your own videos for your company: Tip 1: Use a webcam or smartphone: Expensive camera equipment is the last thing you should think about, as any today better webcam or smartphone already records excellent videos in HD quality. For a simple “talking head” video, just sit down at your desk in front of your PC and record yourself via your webcam or mobile phone. A small tripod is sufficient to give you the stability you need, and if so If you have little background noise in the office, you can do so without an external microphone work.

Tip 2: Answer Common Questions Another hurdle for many entrepreneurs is that they don't know what to talk about in their videos. Or in the worst case scenario, they produce hours of videos that generate zero interest and Not seen by anyone except your own employees – out of courtesy and Pity. It's so easy to produce video content that really interests your target audience. Take a short piece of paper and write down the 3-5 most common questions that you always have again by customers on the phone or by email.

camera equipment

Voila, here you have served the topics of your first 3-5 videos on the tray. These are all questions your customers are looking for on the Internet every day. What does it mean if you publish these videos on Youtube and optimize them for search engines, then potential customers will find your company directly via Google. Tip 3: Create a welcome video for your website Another video that you can quickly and easily produce yourself is a short welcome video for your homepage. Here you briefly introduce yourself and your team, tell new customers how you can help them can and encourage them to make direct contact. The fact that you present yourself personally as the business owner creates immediate trust and clearly sets you apart from the competition. With such a video you should notice in a few weeks how the number of customer inquiries increase through your website.

And those were the 3 simple tips on how to start using videos for your company right away can get started. You can find even more practical tips on the subject of video marketing in my following videos. Thanks for watching and see you soon!.

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