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If you watch this video through to the end, you will find out the top three reasons why it is worth recording videos. You will find out what you are specific need equipment for this and the number one mistake In my opinion, lawyers keep doing it again and again, which leads to in the end at all no video is created. My name is Julian Murrell for WebTiger Pro Law firm marketing. So, let's take a look: What are the advantages of videos? First: People buy from people. That is, just like someone has a picture of you by reading your reviews on the internet, he looks yours too Photo on. And if you have a video, he'll watch your video too. Secondly: You can increase the so-called Time On Site with a well-made video.

That is, all other things being equal, a video will lead to Your website for certain, selected search terms further up in Google is shown. And that in turn leads to more website visitors Your website will come and, accordingly, more people will come to you Law firm will inquire. Third, you can distribute the video on the internet, on Google My Business, on Facebook, in the form of online Press releases and make sure that your video gets even more people Get face. What exactly do you need for a video? You need an up-to-date iPhone or Samsung cell phone – that's enough – and a tripod. You can optionally use an external microphone, but the latest smartphones are usually more than good enough to record a top video. Finally, you need a space that is suitable for video to record. If your own law firm is not particularly suitable for this, then sit down with a colleague or book a Regus office.


Now, In conclusion, what is the number one mistake of lawyers from my point of view, which leads to the fact that in the end no video is made at all? That is whole simple: perfection. What is perfect is not done. And in the end it stays it's because it's just so big in your head when you think about it: "What equipment do I need and what should I say?" And then the whole thing gets way too complicated. It is better because of you do the following exercise, which I am happy to give you on your way: First, write a one-page video script on a question you ask keep hearing from potential clients on the phone. For example, if you are a family law attorney, this could be the question: "How much does a divorce actually cost me?" Then think about it a page how you can answer this question.

Write the whole thing down feel free to memorize and say the script as well then afterwards by placing your mobile phone on a simple tripod, what you can order anywhere on the internet and watch the video will not be longer than a minute because of the attention span Your potential client is really very short. With this in mind, I wish you all the best and good luck creating your first video..

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