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– In this video we're going to talk about video content marketing and a very efficient process to batch produce videos for your company's YouTube channel, which you can grow into a long term asset that generates organic
traffic and clients. Step five is editing. Once we record all the content, we then spend a lot of time going through it, time stamping it and editing it into
coherent individual videos. The next step is to spice up these videos because just looking at a talking head can get a bit boring. At a minimum, we do fast
cuts which everyone's used to any way, they make the video feel much more dynamic because
they add some motion to it. Next, we can add captions
at the bottom of the screen. add color text to highlight key points and draw the viewers attention,
incorporate stock footage to break up the talking head style video. And even add custom graphic overlays while the person is talking on camera. It all depends on your budget and the speed of your editing team.

The more you do to upgrade
your video, the better. But it's a better idea
to start small budget and upgrade as you go. You don't wanna be
investing too much early on because there's a learning
curve for the ranking algorithms to pick up your channel and
start promoting your videos. So it'll take some time to see results and you don't wanna blow your budget without getting much in terms of results or you may get discouraged, or it may get difficult
to justify the investment if you're not getting
the ROI you expected.


So start small, wait to get
traction and then double down. As long as you have a
minimum level of quality which is fairly easy to achieve. You're good to go. Just make sure you have a
decent sound with a Lav mic and HD camera and good lights. Remember the goal is to
deliver one video per week so it can be uploaded
on your YouTube channel and share it on LinkedIn..

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