We Finally Understand The Entire Office Timeline

NBC's smash hit sitcom The Office captivated 
audiences as it unfolded in a nine-season run   from 2005 to 2013. And now, we’re breaking 
down exactly what happened during the show,   so let’s dig deep into the 
entire story of The Office. Let's kick things off at the beginning, shall 
we? The story of The Office begins in 2005,   when a film crew from PBS arrives at the 
Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin   paper company to make a documentary about the 
shifting landscape of American office life.   There they meet Michael Scott, a former paper 
salesman who's risen through the ranks to   become the regional manager of the branch, and 
the various characters who populate his staff.

Though the documentary crew perhaps didn't intend 
to stay long, they are quickly sucked into the   various shenanigans around the office, including 
the wild ideas of top salesman Dwight Schrute and   the obvious flirtation between salesman Jim 
Halpert and receptionist Pam Beesly. At the   beginning of their tenure, the crew documents 
the hiring of new temp worker Ryan Howard,   and perhaps sensing that there's much 
more drama to mine, they end up staying   at Dunder Mifflin Scranton through major change 
after major change for the next nine years.

Rumors soon begin to swirl throughout the company 
that downsizing may be coming in the near future.   Health care plans are slashed, and 
Michael lets employee Devon White   go on Halloween through a bungled, 
painful display of incompetence. In spite of this, Michael tries his 
best to increase company morale through   less-than-successful means, which include 
a haphazard basketball game between the   office and warehouse workers, an impromptu 
birthday party for alcoholic Meredith Palmer,   and a botched Christmas gift exchange. Perhaps 
the best boost for the employees' attitudes   comes in the form of an undercover 
reading of Michael's screenplay,   Threat Level Midnight, along with a 
healthy dose of office-based Olympics. Around this time, Michael buys a condo 
and begins juggling a complicated pair of   relationships with his realtor, Carol Stills, 
and his superior, Jan Levinson.

Meanwhile,   beet-loving salesman Dwight Schrute and 
uptight accountant Angela Martin begin a   secret relationship, and by January 2006, 
Jim breaks up with his girlfriend, Katy. Not long after this, Michael reveals to corporate 
that he's been in a "relationship" with Jan,   although he manages to explain that it 
wasn't serious enough to warrant termination.   And as spring turns to summer, Jim finally 
expresses his feelings to Pam and kisses   her. However, she stays with her fiancé, 
warehouse worker Roy Anderson — although   they break up soon afterward — and Jim takes a 
job at the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin.   Back in the Scranton office, Ryan 
the temp finally goes full time.

Michael kicks off the fall of 2006 by outing 
and then kissing gay accountant Oscar Martinez,   who gets a three-month paid vacation as a result.   The manager follows this up by dramatically 
shepherding the office through grief counseling   after receiving news of the unexpected 
death of former manager Ed Truck. This all leads to a crescendo late in 
the year when Jan informs Michael that   the Scranton branch is being closed. 
However, when the Stamford manager,   Josh Porter, ditches his managerial duties for 
a job with Staples, the script is flipped, and   Scranton ends up absorbing the Stamford branch, 
bringing Jim back to Pennsylvania in the process.

"We did it!" "We did it!" The merger of the two branches is a rough one, and 
by early 2007, Andy Bernard and Karen Filippelli,   who also happens to be Jim's new girlfriend, are 
the only original Stamford employees remaining.   Later, Pam's ex-fiance Roy is fired when he 
tries to assault Jim after learning that he   kissed Pam. Dwight is also framed by Andy and 
fired, although he's quickly rehired afterward. This period of time also sees a lot of 
drama in the relationship department.   Carol breaks up with Michael, who steers 
into the relationship with Jan as a result.   Salesman Phyllis Lapin [LAP-in] also 
ties the knot with Bob Vance of Vance   Refrigeration and heads off on a six-week 

Soon after the wedding, Michael   interviews with CFO David Wallace to replace 
Jan at the corporate office, but ultimately,   that job goes to Ryan Howard, who becomes 
the youngest VP in the company's history. In the aftermath of Ryan Howard's promotion, 
Jim breaks up with Karen and finally hooks   up with Pam. Angela privately breaks up 
with Dwight after he mercy-kills her cat,   and she begins dating Andy openly. Michael 
continues to date Jan, who helps him organize   a charity "Fun Run" to raise funds for rabies 
awareness after he hits Meredith with his car. Yes, those two events are connected. "Turns out Meredith has been exposed to rabies,   which is like 10 times worse than 
a little crack in your pelvis." Meanwhile, looking to make a splash, Ryan 
attempts to launch a company website called   "Dunder Mifflin Infinity." The site goes 
live in October 2007, but six months later,   it's dead in the water, and Ryan has been 
arrested for misleading the shareholders.

As Dunder Mifflin struggles, Jan sues the company, 
unsuccessfully, for wrongful termination. She also   bankrupts Michael, and then the two break up 
after throwing the world's worst dinner party. "Oh good, I'll be your first customer." "You're hardly my first." "That's what she said!" Throughout the chaos, Jim and Pam's fledgling 
relationship soars. Jim attempts to propose to   Pam in early 2008, but Andy steals his thunder by 
proposing to Angela first at the farewell party   for Toby Flenderson — the HR rep who's leaving for 
Costa Rica. Toby is replaced by Holly Flax, who   immediately hits things off with Michael, because 
the two are just so perfectly dorky together. The rest of 2008 is fairly quiet 
as far as the office is concerned.   The biggest events are the return of Ryan 
Howard as a temp and the transfer of Holly   Flax to the Nashua branch after David Wallace 
discovers that she and Michael are dating.   This effectively breaks the couple up, although 
the two are still interested in each other.

Jim and Pam's relationship also comes under 
serious pressure for the first time when Pam   leaves for three months to attend art school in 
New York City. Jim proposes to her while she's   away, and eventually, she returns after failing 
to complete the course. Not long after this,   Jim buys his parents' house without telling 
Pam and then surprises her with it as a gift. As the year wraps up, things take a major turn. 
Despite the fact that she's engaged to Andy,   Angela has been having an affair with Dwight,   but that all comes crashing down when 
Phyllis exposes Angela's infidelity.   And early in 2009, the two salesmen duel 
with each other over their coworker.

However,   by the time it's over, both combatants have 
decided to bitterly break things off with Angela. In early 2009, Michael and Pam go on 
a Dunder Mifflin lecture circuit where   Michael reveals his masterfully dramatic recipe 
for success to everyone who will listen to him.   Afterward, David Wallace hires Charles Miner 
to fill Ryan's old job. Charles immediately   clashes with Michael, who quits after one 
day of working with the new supervisor.   Having little experience outside of the paper 
market, Michael decides to start his own paper   company and convinces Pam and Ryan to join 


After a short run of artificial success,   the trio uses the Michael Scott Paper Company 
as leverage to get jobs back at Dunder Mifflin.   Pam is promoted to sales, while Erin 
Hannon stays on as the new receptionist. After this, Pam and Jim discover they're going to 
have a kid as they tend to an injury Pam received   at a company picnic. They manage to keep the 
pregnancy a secret until the fall when the   rumor-mill accidentally leaks the information. In 
the interim, Dunder Mifflin closes their Buffalo,   Camden, and Yonkers branches, and it's clear 
the company is on the way to bankruptcy. In the fall of 2009, Jim and Michael are made 
co-managers in order to spread out the increased   workload caused by all of the branch closings. 
The dynamic duo lead the office through the   ensuing months, during which Dunder Mifflin goes 
under and is bought by the printer company Sabre.

As Dunder Mifflin tanks, Jim and Pam's 
relationship reaches new heights as they get   hitched in Niagara Falls, a deliberately-planned 
destination wedding they hope their coworkers   will skip. But despite the distance, the 
entire office tags along for the ride. Once Sabre CEO Jo Bennett and her lackey, Gabe 
Lewis, arrive on the scene, Jim quickly returns   to sales, and Michael resumes sole command on 
the Dunder Mifflin managerial throne. The affable   Darryl Philbin is promoted during this time as 
well, and he begins to fulfill his duties from the   office rather than the warehouse. In March 2010, a 
very pregnant Pam spends an entire fearful day at   the office before being talked into going to the 
hospital where she gives birth to Cecelia Halpert. With the heavy days of perpetual 
downsizing behind them for the time being,   the Scranton office enters a 
period of relative stability.   Toby returns from Costa Rica and Pam, who's 
miserable in sales, creates the position of   "office administrator" out of thin air, and 
then awards it to herself as a promotion.

As 2010 draws to a close, Toby spends a chunk 
of time out of the office serving as a juror on   the case of the Scranton Strangler. This leads 
to Holly temporarily returning as a fill-in,   giving Michael the chance to convince 
her to date him once again, and soon,   the two love birds are back together. Early 2011 
sees the over-the-top romantic couple get engaged   and then move away together to Boulder, Colorado, 
where they plan to help Holly's aging parents. "Hey, will you guys let me 
know if this ever airs?" The departure   of Michael Scott leaves the office scrambling, 
yet again, to fill the void. Initially, Michael   trains Deangelo Vickers to replace him. However, 
soon after taking the job, Deangelo is seriously   injured while performing a basketball stunt, 
and the office finds itself leaderless again.

Sabre CEO Jo Bennet swoops in to the rescue and 
offers Dwight the position of acting manager for   the time being. But Dwight finds himself relegated 
back to the bullpen after accidentally firing   a loaded gun in the office. Jo then sets up a 
search committee, which finally settles on the   uncomfortably eccentric Robert California 
as the new regional manager. He promptly   convinces Jo Bennet to give him her own job 
and then hires Andy Bernard as his replacement. As 2011 plays out, Robert California 
plays mind games with his new staff and   puts unreasonable pressure on Andy 
to push the office to overperform. Andy, on the other hand, takes some time to 
acclimate to his new position of authority,   initially struggling to handle crises 
— like the warehouse workers winning   the lottery and all quitting at once.

He also 
begins dating Jessica, one of the few repeat   characters in the show that actually works 
outside of the office and the greater story. In the meantime, Cathy Simms is hired as a 
temp to replace Pam while she's on maternity   leave with her second child, Philip. 
Angela gives birth to her first child,   who's also named Philip and who she claims to 
have had with her husband, Senator Robert Lipton,   yet another extracurricular character from outside 
the office who met Angela back in late 2010. In early 2012, Dwight leads a team from Dunder 
Mifflin Scranton down to Tallahassee, Florida,   where they work in the Sabre headquarters for 
three weeks on a project led by Nellie Bertram.   The group is tasked with designing a new 
retail store for the printer company. However,   the entire situation goes south when Robert 
California deliberately nixes the idea,   and soon everyone finds 
themselves back in Scranton. It's during this time that Andy ditches Jessica,   heads to Florida to fetch ex-girlfriend Erin, and 
reignites a relationship with the receptionist.   However, when the couple returns to Scranton, 
Andy finds he's been usurped by Nellie,   who's taken the manager position on the grounds 
that Andy had abandoned his responsibilities.

Not long after this, Jo Bennet 
liquidates the entire Sabre company,   just in time for David Wallace to 
return to the scene as a new investor.   He reinstates Andy as the manager, while 
Nellie is allowed to stay on as an employee. In late 2012, Andy receives news that   his family has gone bankrupt, which leads to him 
taking an undisclosed three-month break so that   he can sail the family yacht to the Caribbean in 
order to sell it.

Upon his return, a justifiably   angry Erin breaks up with him and starts dating 
the new customer service rep, Pete Miller. While all that drama is happening, Jim starts 
to work part-time after going "all in" on his   own sports marketing company in Philly, a business 
called Athlead. This new focus quickly escalates,   and by early 2013, Jim and Pam's relationship 
is under serious strain. They begin attending   marital counseling, and eventually, Jim 
realizes that he can't continue dividing   his time between Philly and Scranton. He returns 
to Dunder Mifflin full-time late in the spring. This all coincides with Andy Bernard's third and 
final abrupt departure from the company when he   quits in order to pursue an acting career. 
In his wake, Dwight at long last is truly,   unquestionably crowned as the regional 
manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.   Plus, it finally comes out that Angela's 
son isn't the senator's but Dwight's.

In May 2013, PBS airs the documentary that's 
been "ten years in the making." The Scranton   office is officially no longer being watched 
by a documentary crew around the clock. Over   the following year, new regional manager Dwight 
Schrute makes several changes, including rehiring   Devon and firing accountant Kevin Malone, who 
buys his own bar. Plus, salesman Stanley Hudson   finally retires to a hideaway in Florida, where he 
spends his time alone, carving wooden figurines. A year after the documentary airs, the film 
crew catches up with everyone in order to gather   bonus footage for the DVD release. Dwight and 
Angela are officially married during this time,   and Michael Scott arrives as a surprise guest at 
the wedding, revealing that he's very happy living   his life with Holly and their kids in Colorado. 
We also learn that Pam has been plotting to sell   the Halpert house and move her family to Austin, 
Texas, so Jim can resume his career with Athlead.

With everyone's lives officially moving forward, 
many in directions other than the office,   the epic tale of America's favorite 
workplace finally comes to an end. Check out one of our newest 
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