Web Design 101 – Become Your Own WebMaster in 5 Minutes – Part 1: No HTML

hi I’m David with currency casket hosting.com be reminded that i’m here to show you how easy and enjoyable it is to be your own webmaster to be able to add your own sheets relates words and visualizes to your scatter com website and take them apart anytime you want to this can save you a lot of fund on expensive programmers and enable you to evolve your meanings over time to get imaginative so let’s have a look first I’m opening up my web browser I’m going to go to the top and click on the grey address saloon where turns blue I’m going to reach delete on the keyboard i’m going to type cash chest hosting all one word calm and touched enter on the keyboard as you can see we have a full-featured website now all built on the same technology that we’re going to show you how to use here in about five minutes worth of era so I’m going to go down the sheet right here i’m going to click to view demo site and this ladens are fresh basic website that we start you with so that you can organize your theories your sheets your portraits your connections and get the basics extending and then we can give you whatever look you’re going for so let’s go ahead and click on login the username is guest password will be happy to provide to you if you’d like to try it out exactly get in touch with us okay so here’s our back-end it’s called the dashboard where we add pages and other material to our web page so I’m going to go up to file and click new tab so now I have two invoices open and up in the address disallow going to type the URL of our demo website which is demo cashbox hosting com which is right there in the inner this shows us what everybody else sees we we call this the front end this is the main website the front end of the website and this is your back end so on the front end we can smacked reload any time we contribute something new on the back end we just go back over here we could smacked reload and it shows us what it looks like right now we have two sheets attached here we got about companionship bulletin we’ve got a two links to the top and we got two connections on the side so let’s go back over here to the back end and click on sheets and will its edit the about sheet okay so now we’re going to snap kind in now about our ice cream and now we’ll put in the title this is the title and this is the body where he contributed their own bodies why our ice cream is the best and let’s employ three rationales perceive parts and legend we can highlight this give it a little style some bullets on it just like any word processor we can check our mean no misspellings ascertained let’s go ahead and style the top that the header now let’s give it up some fearless and make it italicized that’s beautiful and so now we can move this down a notch and let’s add a illustrate so this little icon now supplements an image so we’re going to select a record to upload here’s my picture of ice creams open let’s just gonna upload it right now I’m going to go down the page I like this to appear on the right side of sheet a little bit of a textbook fold and then click insert into post there it is click update page let’s go to our back other invoice to our breast and then smacked reload there “theres going” why are ice cream is the best that’s the beginning double website so now let’s go to the back end again and add a tie there is no links received so let’s compute anyone and will call the name is currency box hosting and the at web address is HTTP colon two forward slashes ww money chest hosting com don’t clink Add link and we’ll go and look again at the demo place if you load and there we go right here our favorite joins cash box hosting so let’s click on company news look there’s nothing there so let’s go back and add some report so I’m going to click on poles no posts town so we’ll clink supplement new okay and we’ll put in now our recent spice and we’ll call it cherry chocolate check your spell highlight it bold italicized and we’ll go up and add a video select the record I happen to have a picture cherry ice cream opens uploading there it is this one we want to be centered so we’ll click insert into post there it is let’s publish it let’s go back to our front end and see how that inspects I’ll affect reload there we go our latest flavored cherry-red chocolate savory so let’s go to our back-end again and lend a brand-new sheet because all we have right now our two sheets all about I shouldn’t companionships let’s have another page so I’m going to go down to pages add brand-new will call this another page right here we’ll put blah blah blah we are the best we’ll publish it we’ll go back to our main site and we’ll proceed click click the house button to go to the homepage now we have another page look about ice cream company news and another page blah blah blah we are the best so that you give you a rough idea of just how easy this can be and certainly are other boosted boasts such as browsing carts are just as easy it just takes a little bit of evidencing you how to use it but you can add your own products costs you can hook up with paypal take fees from parties without even having your own merchant account and commit that money in your bank account you can have your own message forum where people can post questions and rebuttals and interact with each other network charts just like myspace or YouTube or Facebook that entire web two detail O thing you can do it for your for your own brand or your own topics in your own nation um we also have helped in search engine marketing you can run your own newsletter with opt-in mailing list where people can sign up for your newsletter you keep their attention that way and dial them into whatever it is that you are offering and like I said you know we can give it the splashings search you want that’s the merriment constituent but we can time make this content presented on the page any road you like so dedicate us a visit at clash boss Fox hosting com cash box hosting soothe and make us talk let your goals and your treats you

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