Web Design 101: XHTML Basics – 1 Hello And Welcome

hi this is Jeff Blake and welcome to XHTML basics I’m an author and an craftsman and a video presenter and I’m really excited to delve into the world of XHTML and into the world of network design here with you I hope you’re up for lots of fun and I gotta say that it’s not going to be as hard as you think it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a lot of enjoyable thought it or not hand coding is going to be fun trust me and we’re going to learn a great deal together we’re going to have a good time here together so let’s have a quick run through a quick review of some of the different topics that we’re going to cover here together so right off the at-bat I want to talk about the fundamentals I just wanted to get the fundamentals out of the route so we’ll talk about that and then what we’ll do is we’ll set up our basic sheet formation and I’ll show you how you can go about saving your registers and previewing them inside your web browsers you can get a live preview a live notion of exactly what you’re building as we go along here then what we’ll do is we’ll get into formatting your textbook limiting text will talk about structural leadings and clauses and all that good stuff magnetism thread interruptions a lot of good stuff in there and then we’ll talk about schedules numbered listings and bulleted lists and I’ll also evidence you how to create something announced nested inventories as well and then we will turn our attention on to graphics working with JPEGs and gifts and things like this and I’ll show you some nifty things is attributable to that and then finally we will finish things off with a look at hyperlinks now that is no abruptly topic there’s lots of good stuff in there I need to show you how to create hyperlinks between pages to other websites to different locations on the same page and even hyper attaches that connect up to email addresses so lots of good stuff in there so I hope you’re ready for it I hope the coffee makers on let’s get started

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