Web Design DeCal Fa10 Class Mini-Project 2 Part 2: .PSD to HTML and CSS – Part 3 of 3

just like that oops that meaning and go ahead and obscure these menu items awesome so we should just be left with this bar now so I’m going to create another seam and I’m going to merge it with this seam so that it’s dropped the blending alternative i’m going to lag it to the very top then i’m going to just gratify everything that’s not actually one of the purposes of that barroom okay i’m going to go ahead and use crop out the bar so well just like that you snarling to help align everything okay reach participate and the dark that we’re referring earlier is actually getting applied to all sides of this far so even the bottom part has it and that’s not exactly what we want so I’m going to go back in now I’m going to zoom in I’m just gonna drop out I’m going to really crop out the bottom shadow as well shrieks Emmett’s zoom in and the scale there you go okay and then I’m just going to save this out and we’re just going to call it menu background okay so back in our HTML file on top of content of just great and you did and call it menu and then in style of CSS I’m going to create a new section use the menu selection string and then give the background image that we need which is going to be menu instead of content and we’ll do posture relative last-minute when you guys you know actually slot things inside of this is and i will give it a thicknes and the diameter is advisable to 10 14 pixels which it is so go back in now and get wise with the 10 40 pixels and pass it a height of i believe it was 50 okay and let’s refresh the page and encounter what happens okay so that examines about right we just got to set the margins on it also so that its position in the middle can freshen the page and then let’s give ourself merely a little bit of spacing on the priorities in this menu so in here I’m going to give it actually a margin on top and we’ll hold it a hundred and fifty pixels for now I’m not sure that’s too much or not but we’ll see if it is we can always change it so i’m exploiting a this format for boundary and this format mostly lets me set each sorry lets me set the margin on each side of the box independently so I 150 pixels on the top auto on the right 0 on the bottom and vehicle so refresh the page it’s going to give me the space I need on the top and 150 examinations a little bit too much so let’s go ahead and just make it 100 pixels and refresh it and let’s go back and look at our mock-up and see if there’s anything else that it is necessary to do okay let’s go ahead and only clear you know the white-hot box that we have a little bit shorter this is a little is a little bit call right now so going to go in here and we’ll plan the extent of it too maybe 100 and maybe simply a hundred pixels find what happens oops that was the wrong part sorry we want to do it here to 100 pixels okay so that glances a little bit closer now let you guys punishment tuning it’s not super important but that’s going to be actually where I stopped doing this tutorial so you know after this stair you’ll basically have the skeleton for what you’re going to need to do the rest of this project and from here what you’re going to do is just go into the different plays that we’ve created you are familiar with and only sort in your menu so for the menu you’re going to do something with links with list of ties so you wanna do something like you elm and li and have each of your joins in here so a you know your anchor calls href equals whatever page you miss determined a entitle you are familiar with my sheet close the tag and then whatever text you want to appear you can really make love in now to my page and then you’re just going to have a couple of these so you know just go down here in content you’re going to want to mostly procreate what you see here so maybe add an likenes and then split up these containers and generate these caskets here likewise and then just you know use a marry paragraphs and things and it should be pretty straightforward if you guys have questions questions feel free to email the americans and actually I don’t know you know how far everyone is on this project if a lot of people aren’t you know decently far with it on Monday it’s possible that we might give you guys a duo a couple of epoches propagation for the deadline but also keep in mind that you guys actually have five days five slip epoches to use on any objectives nonetheless you’d like so you know you can feel free to use those now if you crave four strata you are familiar with save and manage in the however you demand but that’s it so I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and that you know my articulate wasn’t too hard to listen to for the last last-place half hour and have a good night

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