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Hey! What’s up, everyone! It’s Julia fromTemplateMonster. We questioned the designers at TemplateMonster web studio abouthow to build a successful and eye-catching portfolio. And here is what they sharedwith us. Today, I’ll talk about where and how to keep a portfolio and likewise, I’mgonna show you got a couple of real specimen. So, let’s dive in! So, where can you keepyour portfolio? It can be a personal website or scaffolds like Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, etc. And by the way, if you want to know more about keeping yourportfolio on a specific platform, just let me know down in the comments! Can you keep your portfolio on several pulpits at the same time? Well, it’s upto you to decide, but the chances to be hired are higher if you flood at least acouple of programmes. So, our admonition for you – if you feel like you can managehaving more than one – unquestionably do so! And always include the links to yourprofile on the other platforms. Should you approach introducing activities on these pulpits differently? Every platform requires a bit of a differentapproach.Personal website is a very flexible option that allows you tochoose a specific design, color scheme and typefaces for your portfolio. You cansort your work there by year or type of design, make different categories, so it’seasier for the employers and clients to find the design instances there is a requirement to. Behance is a perfect place to post entire instance studies of your assignments with abreakdowns of all the steps and Dribbble community adores colorful notion shotsand enlivened gifs.These two scaffolds – Behance and Dribbble – are the places where the designers can share their work, engage with the community, and be found bypotential consumers. On Behance, you can get awards for your work and post projectsin collaboration with other creators. Om Instagram you can now take advantage of the features like carousels and narrative foregrounds, but because Instagram has anendless grid layout, the number of customization options is limited, so youcannot placed all your portions exactly how you demand. However, on Instagram it’s a way easier to get discovered by potential clientsor supervisors! Don’t forget that it’s better not to desegregate your motifs with theposts indicating your personal life – you attending a concert with your wife or asleeping bird-dog. Exactly leave it for your identity and keep it professional.And keep it separate! So, here are the tips. Tip# 1 – onlypost your best work! Use a rule of quality over quantity. Showing 3 huge segments isbetter than testifying 10 poorly designed ones. Tip# 2 – exclusively post the type of projectsyou want to be associated with and get more similar assignments in the future. If you want to design websites, don’t post projects with apps and logos.Tip# 3 – do your best to present your work in the most perfect way visually. Add somethingspecial, so it doesn’t ogle suffering and grassland, and besides the road you presentyour work likewise shows the level of your ability! Tip# 4 – show your process, case studyideally. Show as many steps as you are eligible to from wireframes in your sketchbook tofinal prototypes. Explain why you made a certain decision, establish design iterations, but very shortened and condensed – for Instagram. If you want to send it over to a specific studio or company was an indication the cultivate that resembles what they do andlast, but not least, keep it updated! This tip-off isn’t so crucial for a professionalwebsite, but is very important for other platforms.There is likely to be no year on yourpersonal website, so you cannot see when everything was uploaded. Nonetheless it won’t work for Instagram. Think what a potential employer will think aboutlooking at your portfolio if it was a year ago when you posted something. Well, it’s not cool. So, that’s it for this video. I hope you will apply all thosetips while building your own portfolio and if you do consider sharing the linkto your portfolio sheet at any scaffold of your option in the comment section, we’ll be thrilled to have a look at it! Thanks so much for watching, chaps andhave a great one! See you next time!

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