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what’s up everyone my call is Garrett and this is code the web and in our final installment of network blueprint tends at least for this year we’re going to be talking about something really really cool and probably one of the bigger tends that’s been broom the person or the world genuinely in terms of web design and that is hero portraits and/ or protagonist spheres so the question is now that’s a new period what is a hero image or a hero country well to answer your question a hero image or a hero neighborhood is a usually um it is big it is daring you typically an idol or a graphic but doesn’t have to be it can be a video it can be text but not just text usually there’s some sort of graphics there in the front and presented right when the user gets to the website it’s usually the first part of the website that the user will see and its enterprise is to explain in a very generalized yet specific fairly road what the content is on the website and what they’re all about so now that we’ve got that straight let’s take a look at some examples we’ve got this first sample for you guys is master and dynamic and they from their superstar image they start sound an instrument for creativeminds likely headphones as we’re watch an image of here so next is this the email design conference I imagine that it’s a powwow about email intends and what emails look like I don’t I don’t really know but it is a really really cool hero image it’s an image of the city with this text right on top of it and yes you can 100% have text not one tonne of it but a line or a slogan or something or merely a overall concept over your superstar persona or a part of it whichever nonetheless you want to do it and too notice that they have this kind of this trash moving in the background over it and that is important to note that a superstar idol doesn’t “ve got to be” static it can’t move it can’t switching it can be a video if you want which is very dynamic so it’s really all up to you and remember you can do whatever you want merely the purpose is that it’s the first thing the user sees on your website and you really want it to suck them into your website and do them want to know more about who you are and what you do this next example is property pages and they allow you to create your arrival sheet for probably whatever you want I’m sorry they’re called Lander app so yeah so the government has some cartoon hand-drawn things and some text and it’s really simple and it it inspects cool and interesting next we’ve got aircraft line and now we have a picture of out of airplane window so it’s pretty cool and actually let’s take a look at what happens if we do this that’s pretty cool that’s really really cool so you can go up to a thousand feet ten thousand feet it’s forty thousand feet and inside so that’s really cool um these people are a web design and digital innovative authority and because of that they’ve got a picture of personal computers with some glass and a mouse likely trying to convey the meaning that they’re serious that they’re hard working and that they’re innovative because they just they are that’s what they want you to believe so that’s them truly I think this one might actually be my favorite actually no yeah that one might have been my favorite but this one other this other one fitstar they are a personal training app for the iPad now on your iPhone and it’s really interesting because their way of doing it is kind of a marketing thing and that frisks a lot into what we’re kind of trying to go for here is this is a picture of a guy undoubtedly doing a push-up and he’s in the act he’s in the gesture he’s doing exactly what it is they want you to do with their app so there is a little bit of sell at play here so my call is Garrett this was the last video for this year at least of network design tendencies I hope you guys experienced the serial expressed appreciation for for watching if you haven’t already clearly agree because I’m coming out with not just a video every week now I decided I’m going to do a video like every two weeks or no sorry that compiled no impression I’m gonna do a video twice a week that’s what I was going for I’m in their video twice a few weeks because I contemplate just once a week is not enough and I’d be getting a good deal of requests for more advanced stuff like actually schooling you guys things so starting next week that’s we’re going to be doing we’re going to be permit some really awesome stuff in the world of web design and maybe even a little bit development extremely so see you guys next week last-minute

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